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  1. I'm curios if when you book this where does it show in your manage me cruise documents that you are confirmed or does it not show there you just go by an email confirmation?
  2. I was going to suggest this too. I had this happen to me and I deleted the cookies and the old page view came back. I find I have to delete cookies if I have gone to the FAQ page too much too.
  3. That and depending on the card there is a fee to do a cash advance.
  4. We pay ours online. I book either with a rep or online and pay as I want. I had this issue with my card getting declined two years ago and it was a glitch in Carnival's system. I have had where the postal code is entered wrong and when corrected it goes through. I also don't pay full cruise at one time. Just the deposit and then when I have funds charge it and pay back as soon as I know the exchanged amount. I also prepay everything I can. I prepay tips, excursions, drink package, transfers and pre-load cruise cash. We also only use a cash account on the ship.
  5. Doesn't look like it but there is for cheers.
  6. Edited the post cause I obviously didn't read the thread lol. Someone already told you the info. I hope you have fun on your cruise.
  7. The coffee shop had the nice blue ones. Next Cruise!
  8. If you go to manage my cruise page and click on cruise details for that cruise. Click the "my guests" tabs and it will list special occasions. I did it for our last cruise in may as it was my birthday and I received shortbread cookies, a $50 spa gift card and mirror in stateroom was decorated. No singing in dining room but hubby or myself did not tell them it was my birthday but I know in the past we have told the waiter about our son and they sang to him and brought him cake.
  9. We were on Paradise in May and the tumble was extra...discounted cost us $6.72 for tumbler including tax because we were still in port when we bought it.
  10. We had to fill one out for Tampa last week
  11. Our passports have middle names too but we have never added them to cruise documents. I don't think you need to.
  12. We are on Magic out of Miami in Feb 2019 and I just snagged it. Guess it depends on the port too.
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