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  1. How do these refreshment packages work on ships that don’t have the freestyle machines? Do you still get the souvenir cup? I purchased for my sailing, thanks
  2. It would be a huge help, we are booked in one of these cabins, but don’t know if we will stay booked. Thanks for all the great photos!
  3. The reduction in port hours makes me want to believe there is a propulsion issue going on. The fact that they are leaving early on various cruises as nothing to do with port congestion. With the reduced speeds it will take longer to get back to cape liberty, thus them needing to leave earlier.
  4. Just read on other website that the number of people affected by norovirus on the recent sailing of oasis has increased to nearly 500. Is this true, it seems very unlikely to me that it would spread that fast.
  5. Looks like they have already removed part of deck 11, to make room for the new staterooms?
  6. This review is making me even more excited for my navigator of the seas cruise next year. I booked one of these new junior suites with a 535 sq ft balcony. If this is only about 75sq ft can’t imagine how big it will be. Anyone who is stayed in a js above the spa has noise been a problem?
  7. I was thinking about booking the new junior suites on deck 11. I noticed that the balcony is 567 sq. Ft is this a typo? Also it says the room is 235 sq ft. Which seems incredibly small for a js?
  8. Does anyone know if harmony is scheduled to get the new app? If so when? I sail on her in 58 days. Any information would be great!
  9. Hello all, My family was interested in doing this class on our upcoming cruise. Is it worth the money? We are on the fence as we don’t know what the selected menu is. if anyone has done this class and could offer information that would be great. Thanks in advance!
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