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  1. Thank you Dronnygirl and Andy W, thats most helpful.
  2. We are all checked in online for our flight but it says that bag drop is only open two hours before the flight. We have tried to check in the night before but have not been successful. We also got return flight boarding passes.
  3. Not sure but as its an X Celebrity ship it will probably be USA and EUR plugs. We have an Amazon universal plug. The top twists off and you can have any bottom you like, ie you can change between US EUR and Eng pins. Its been very helpful. If there is only one plug then we plug in the USB power pack that charges two things at once and leave them charging overnight. Next day all 3 have a full charge.
  4. Hi Andy we are going soon on Exp2 to Barbados and we also have a late evening flight. Can you please advise how you kept your cabin later? Does everyone have the option or just a select few? Is this something that can be arranged before the cruise starts? Sorry for all the questions but its our first Caribbean cruise, and we have not used Thomson for a few years as Celebrity had more enticing itineraries.
  5. Hi Alan and Pam we are doing the same on 11th Jan then check in on 12th Sunday for our flight out, not long to wait now. We have never been able to check in overnight in Gatwick with Thomson/ Marella, security issues they say. We are on ExP2, what ship and when are you going? You can carry what you like so long as liquids are less than 100ml and are in small clear plastic bays and total weight is less than 10kg. I rather like to have my case overnight in Gatwick then we can put our travelling clothes and heavier coats in the cases and start to get ready for the warmer weather. Hope
  6. Many thanks for the heads up, we have changed our deck 4 cabin to one with cabins above us.
  7. Hi VTcruising, the noise affects all the cabins along the starboard side from 3128 up to 3178, 3126 and 3180 had no noise it was just the ones in between. You could hear it when it was bad as you walked down the corridor thats how I know which cabin numbers are affected. Being as those Cabins are 07 and attract a higher price than 08's I hope Celebrity drop the price for others. We booked 18 months out and choose that cabin to be near to the Magic Carpet but not behind so we could see it in action. Which was interesting after one of our tender days. Not being able to sleep I kept a
  8. Posting Cabin Information: Please copy and paste the following, including the colons " : " into a post. Add your information, including photos or links to photos, if you wish. The information will be transferred to the spreadsheet. Thanks for your participation! Date of Cruise: 30/09/2019
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