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  1. We did pre-book for the "must have" shore excursions and we do have pre-paid gratuities. We're not big drinkers, so using up our OBC on at least one shore excursion is the best bet for us. Thanks for all the ideas from everyone!
  2. We will be boarding the Eurodam on Dec. 11 for a Panama Canal partial transit. We have been waiting to book our Puerto Limón shore excursion on board to use our OBC. There are only a couple of excursions that interest us, so what is the fastest, most efficient way to book? Go to the shore excursion desk, book from TV in cabin, or use Signature Suite Concierge? We will also be making our specialty dining reservations. What's the best way to do that? Not as worried about that since we have many more options. Thanks!
  3. There are no umbrellas, only the clamshells. The clamshells are not movable and are lined up along the last row of the loungers against the trees and bushes. If you're on a HAL ship, I recommend you book online before you sail. We were there last March and all the clamshells were reserved by the time we got there.
  4. For our HAL Eurodam cruise in December, the cost for the clamshell is $39.95 booked in advance under shore excursions.
  5. There are no umbrellas for rent. It might depend on whether you're on a HAL or Carnival ship if you can rent the clamshells in advance. You can on HAL. They are listed as an excursion for HMC. We were there back in April of this year with two ships (Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam) and all clamshells were sold out by the time we got to HMC, so I'd recommend reserving in advance if you can.
  6. We were at HMC last April, so I can answer some of your questions. - Drink Package: You can use your room key to pay for drinks. I don't think there's a separate drink package for HMC. Not sure if the regular drink package applies, as we didn't have one. - Snorkeling: The main beach area is just smooth sand (no rocky areas) so does not have any good snorkeling. It looks like the snorkeling excursion takes you off the island. - Shade: There is not a lot of shade along the beach. Some people try to move loungers near the back of the beach strip to get under trees. The best bet is to rent a clamshell. You'll want to do that in advance. We didn't and they were all sold out once we got to the beach. There is plenty of shade by the BBQ to eat and some benches along the walkways are also in shady areas. - There is not a tram to transport from area to area. I don't think it's as big as Coco Cay. - With four ships it might be pretty crowded, it'll depend on the size of the ships. We were there with the Koningsdam and the Nieuw Statendam was there too and it was fairly crowded. We were on the first tender off our ship and the second tender on the island and were able to get loungers right along the water not too far down. But it started getting crowded very soon after that. Lunch wasn't too crowded, but we went to eat fairly early. I'd get off the ship as soon as you could. Renting a clamshell would also help, because you would be guaranteed a fairly good spot on the beach. The clamshells are not along the water, but the beach strip is not that wide. I hope this helps!
  7. Is snorkeling any good from Surfside Beach. I have my own equipment. I realize there are much better places to snorkel, but wondering if there's anything in walking distance.
  8. For the balcony size, we estimate that it was maybe between 6-7’ deep and the width of the cabin. We really, really enjoyed the aft view, both at sea and coming in and out of the ports. The other huge advantage is you have very little wind when at sea. We were on Deck 6 and never experienced any soot, which is sometimes a complaint.
  9. I don’t think the cabin itself is any bigger than the standard veranda cabins. However, we’ve never sailed in one so I couldn’t say for sure. Hopefully these pictures will help.
  10. We were in #6233 on the Koningsdam, sister ship to the Nieuw Statendam, and it was partially covered. Probably about 2/3 covered. There were only a few times during the day that there wasn't sufficient shade. We thought it was a great cabin.
  11. Does the cover charge apply or is it complimentary?
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