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    Peggy's Cove Excursion

    If you look at the rewards for various C & A levels, they show benefits for land issues too, not just at sea. It’s offered through Hertz, and the office is right across the street from the pier.
  2. FirstTeacher

    Peggy's Cove Excursion

    I’m also renting a car. I took advantage of Royal Caribbean’s offer ( for Crown &Anchor members) and got a Hertz for around $35. I had also priced them directly through the rental agencies and prices ranged from $65-120. If you’re sailing through RC, it’s well worth it.
  3. We recently sailed on the Anthem, and we had no problem at all with placing luggage tags on the cases of water themselves (no luggage necessary). We made sure to tip the porter appropriately, but he didn’t question it when we took them out.
  4. FirstTeacher

    RCCL - Bermuda & Casino

    Ditto- We just returned, and it was the 9:00 opening.
  5. FirstTeacher

    Review- Anthem 5-Day Bermuda

    I wasn’t looking for that show, but I don’t recall seeing it on the Cruise Compass. There were a few music-based trivia games, however.
  6. I recently got off the Anthem, and the iMessage system is still working. The nice thing is that some of us had iPhones, but others had only iPads. It worked well on both. It did NOT require Internet packages. Another option for the OP is loading the Royal IQ app (from home) and then paying $7.95 per phone for their texting plan. That would work if you don’t have Apple devices.
  7. FirstTeacher

    Review- Anthem 5-Day Bermuda

    I only experienced him at the shows (comedian- quite good btw, WWRY, and Spectra). I found him to be very dynamic.
  8. FirstTeacher

    Review- Anthem 5-Day Bermuda

    Sorry, I didn’t save them. We were on Deck 8.
  9. Just returned from the 5-Day to Bermuda on the Anthem: all-in-all, a fabulous trip. Traveled with 6 other family members (2 seniors, 3 adults, and 2 teens). Embarkation: easy peasy (although driving through Bayonne was a challenge- even with GPS!) Cabin: 2 balcony cabins. Lots of storage, but not much room to move around when the couch is pulled out. Steward Marva was lovely, very available and willing to serve us. Some family members found the shower a tad cramped, but I didn't have any problem. I found the bed to be firm but not hard; the pullout, however, was as hard as a rock- even when just sitting on the couch! It might be okay for kids, but certainly not for adults. Food: We had early traditional dining in the Grande dining room. Out of the 35 meals we had (7 people X 5 dinners), I heard only one mild complaint about one entree. Of course, we're not foodies, but I thoroughly enjoyed every meal there. Our waiters, Wahyu and Deepu, were delightful. They anticipated our needs and remembered our special requests from night to night. The Windjammer was very crowded at the usual times, so we chose the MDR for breakfast most days; very calm and more "civilized"! Activities: My grandson loved the iFly, and my daughter, granddaughter, and I had a ball roller skating. The arcade is not very large for such a large ship, but it never was very crowded. We had reserved a trip in the North Star, but it was on a sea day so we canceled (not much to see). Shows: I loved We Will Rock You; everyone else felt the performers (both singers and dancers) were excellent, but the story line and dialogue were weak. We were all of the same mind, however, for Spectra's Cabaret: it was one hot mess! Again, the performers were amazing, but it had no continuity and made no sense. Excursions: We made our own plans for Bermuda. The first day, we took the ferry over to St. George and had a nice walk around town. We then took a taxi to the Crystal Caves (about $20). We made the mistake of holding off until early afternoon for this activity. By then, the line was out the door, and our reservations were for more than an hour later. We ended up eating lunch at the little cafe on site (another long wait). The caves themselves were quite interesting; we're glad we stayed long enough for the tour. On Day 2 in Bermuda, we took a van ($7 each) to Horseshoe Bay Beach- definitely the highlight of the trip. Soft, clean sand, clear, warm water. We also enjoyed some nice waves (a product of the tropical storm), but had to be wary of riptides. My granddaughter is NOT a beach person, but her quote was, "If all beaches were like this, I could become a beach person!" Internet: I originally ordered just the Surf plan- 1 device, but my son (a special needs adult) really enjoys streaming Tom & Jerry cartoons. I had to upgrade to Surf and Stream; fortunately I used my Platinum discount (15%) so that helped. My husband and I were able to switch users quite easily, and the connection was dependable. Debarkation: Again, easy peasy to get off the ship and into our cars. (Traffic through NYC back to New England was not so easy!) Any questions, I'd be happy to answer.
  10. Thanks so much for posting this video, Carol. We’re doing this tomorrow, and I always like to take a “dry run” to somewhere new. This did the trick!
  11. I have sailed on Serenade twice and Brilliance (sister ship) once. It’s my personal favorite class. The size is so manageable, and the connection to the water (because of all the glass) is a pleasant side benefit. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the larger ships, but that doesn’t matter to me.
  12. I look forward to this answer as I am taking a July cruise on Anthem to Bermuda. We’re hoping to catch the 9:30 ferry also. Although the expected arrival is early enough, I worry about everyone getting off in time (and whether there will be enough room on the ferry to handle all the people wishing to take the early ferry). I wonder if taking the 11:30 trip would be simpler.
  13. Just wondering about Horseshoe Bay Beach- can you use a charge card for either food or umbrella/chair rentals?
  14. FirstTeacher

    WOW band questions

    I’ll be traveling in July on the Anthem for the first time, and I have a few questions about the WOW bands. I understand that they can be used for everything except getting on and off the ship (drinks, cabin doors, etc). Here are my questions: * Where do I get them? Do I have to go to Guest Services, and if so, does everyone need to be there to get theirs? Or can we get them as we check in? * How are they used in the arcade? Do I preload a certain amount on the SeaPass account and it automatically transfers to the band? Or can my son just swipe the band for every use? If that’s the case, how do I control how much is spent?
  15. One question though: I have booked a cruise for 2018 and added the gratuities to my bill. However, I have not yet made the final payment. Is it possible that they’ll increase my bill to reflect the increased gratuities?