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  1. Another thank you for posting this. I just went on and saved $220 on my flight to Amsterdam and back!
  2. Thanks so much. I actually was able to find it on my own, but I appreciate you going the extra mile!
  3. Sorry, I wasn’t aware of that board. I’ll check it out. Thanks!
  4. I’ve noticed many people on CC mentioning their use of the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Select card to cover their need for trip cancellation/interruption insurance. I’m thinking of ordering one specifically for that coverage. I realize that the Preferred card doesn’t cover medical, so I would get separate coverage for that. What has been your experience? Is it worth the $95 fee?
  5. Hi Gail, we’re doing this cruise next August (cannot wait!). I’m considering the Doubletree also. When you said it was an easy walk to the ship from there, how much luggage did you have (and how young are you!?!). We’re 2 rather fit 70-somethings, and I wasn’t sure if we would attempt the walk with 2-3 pieces of luggage.
  6. We’re doing this cruise next year at the same time (can’t wait!). How easy was it to get to this castle? I know the train station is right near the cruise port in Warnemunde, but is there a train that goes directly there? We were considering a simple trip to Rostock for the morning, then a return to Warnemunde for the afternoon. Is there anything else besides this castle at that train stop?
  7. Following with great interest. We’re doing the same cruise a YEAR from now, so any notes about it will make it come alive for me!😊 We’re planning to use SPB also, their 2-day Highlights tour, a more moderate pace than some others. On their web page, they mention the possibility that Catherine Palace isn’t guaranteed because of its popularity. Did you get in?
  8. In addition to mentioning the problem with Shore Excursions, I would talk to Guest Relations. When I had a problem with an excursion, I spoke to them immediately, and they credited my account for half the amount of the excursion.
  9. For me, I prefer dealing on the phone with a rep. They’re available 24/7, and I have more control over the reservation. I understand that many TA’s offer their own perks, but I’d rather work directly with the cruise line. It’s never been a hassle for me.
  10. This is a really big deal for us😊. Thanks!
  11. No, but I’m not concerned as she described the situation before I could even see the statement.
  12. No, it’s even if it’s cruise only. I just booked on the phone, and the rep told me that even though my paperwork would show that I owed a full deposit, I should ignore that. It was a glitch in the software (no surprise there😉). Perhaps that would explain your problem. You might want to book on the phone to make sure you get it.
  13. Although we do enjoy the large production shows on RC, I think that on this itinerary (port-intensive) we might just need to relax in the evenings. Thanks for the input.
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