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  1. It will be on your sea pass when you check in at the port.
  2. That looks like a good deal with 3 perks already you won't get that many booking onboard. You could book that with yourTA and see what the onboard price is when you get there.
  3. Great thanks I thought that I was only once!
  4. When booking a b2b do you get a 120 dollar credit on both fares, it looks like we did!
  5. We got 20% last winter for our March cruise this year. I’m also waiting, we have two cruises in September that I want to upgrade on!
  6. We went to Murano and the Lawn Club on the Silhouette in March got them both for 30 dollars. The Lawn Club was great good steaks and sides. Murano was nothing special to us I thought it as stuffy and pretentious and the food was nothing special,won’t be going back to Murano,but will go back this September to the Lawn Club.
  7. We went to Murano last cruise and we won’t go back, not worth all the hype in our opinion.
  8. This is another example that when you go to the muster drill you better be paying attention !
  9. Was on the Silhouette last week and the ship waited at least 40 minutes for 2 people in St. Kitts .
  10. We got the Murano and the Lawn Club for 30.00 they were giving discounts all last week.
  11. I would take the Lawn Club any day over Murano.
  12. This is the most entertaining review I’ve ever read, you have a great writing style we are on the Silhouette on Mar. 3rd looking forward to reading more!
  13. I think that it all depends on who is on your cruise. I have been on cruises with very active roll calls and have met alot great people. You just have to have the right couple of people to get things moving, a good organized roll call can make for a good time later on a cruise.
  14. Upgraded from classic to premium for our 12 day Caribbean in March on silhouette for $129 .00 cnd. Ten dollars and change is a good deal I think!
  15. Ocean view Bar it has some shade on a hot day!
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