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  1. Riviera just got underway on its trip to Eastport.
  2. Gee, doesn't sound like anyone onboard was in a position to tell if he had Covid-19. Thus endeth the conspiracy theory about a cover-up. OK all you Oceania haters, back to work finding something else to complain about.
  3. Just be aware that you can only get the reduced price if there is still availability in your cabin class. We got a total of nearly $7,500 savings on 3 of our 4 booked cruises. None on the 4th because our class was wait-listed. The small print on the "Ultimate Sale" mentions 'subject to availability'.
  4. Does anyone know if construction has begun on the new ship yet? Has the keel be laid down? Is steel being cut? Based on how Regent handled its new ships, mid-summer (July-August) 2022 would be delivery, with a few Med cruises before a trans-Atlantic on November.
  5. Jan and 4Lakes, Thanks. That's great news!! My wife and I were to have dinner with Evan the night he suffered what was thought to have been a stroke. He was medevaced out (very luckily his wife was onboard at the time) and went back to England to convalesce. We heard last November that he was back at work. When we last saw him he was F&B manager and now he's a GM. Looking forward to (I hope) seeing him in a few weeks.
  6. If you are on-board Sirena now, can you tell me me who are the GM, the Food and Beverage Manager, and the restaurant manager? And, could you find out if the same group will be on the April 1 cruise? Just curious, as we've sailed with a few that we really enjoyed talking and dining with and hope one (or more) of them will be on when we are. Thanks!!!
  7. China addict, Who were the new GM and the new CD you mentioned in your post?
  8. Thanks!!! I'll check again in a couple of weeks.
  9. Does Princess release twice a year? When might we see the second half of 2021 and first half 2022 for Fort Lauderdale departures?
  10. Orv, Thanks again. This is good info. I like to be prepared to discuss O issues with my TA with at least a little knowledge so I can ask the right questions. And, you're right, it is all (well, mostly if you still have to pay for air) fun when it's free.
  11. Thanks all for your replies. Orv, when you booked what would become your 20th cruise, you paid in a deposit. When O agreed subsequently that it would be your 20th (after your 19th), did they apply your deposit against the taxes and sundry charges you were still responsible for, and then refund any remaining balance? See, to get the specific cabin we want, we need to book the day the itineraries open for booking, and that's as much as 24 months before the cruise. We'll have 10 of our 19 cruises in top suites, starting with our 3rd, and including 5 of our fin
  12. Just about to book what will be my 20th cruise. I'm booking a top suite, so it will require a sizable deposit. When Oceania does its analysis and agrees to award it as my 20th, closer in to the date, it looks like I'll end up with a big refund to my credit card. Not a bad thing, per se, but is there any way to avoid having that cash tied up for so long? I'm having my TA file my claim (so to speak) next spring after we complete what will be our 18th, with our 19th already booked for late 2021. Or, if we tell O that it will be our 20th now, will there be a reduced deposit required?
  13. I have been told (by someone who knows at O) that the new itineraries will be posted on the O site tomorrow (2/21), with booking opening on Wednesday, 2/26. Plenty of time to review and make plans, and then call your TA. Calm down. Deep breaths.
  14. Rob, I always check flight pricing myself. O's business charge is $3600 Savannah-Barcelona r/t, and the same SAV-BCN multi-city Athens-Savannah. And just got that same rate multi-city SAV-AMS/BCN-SAV. I use Delta, get the flights I want, the miles added to my account, get B/C from start to finish, and have yet to find a better rate on my own. Close, but not better. I know I could fly TAP or Aer Lingus or some such, but not for me. pinotlover, Thanks!! I had not seen that when I poked around O's site. Much appreciated.
  15. If you've used O air and requested a deviation, what's the maximum number of days O has agreed to allow you from your cruise date? For instance, the cruise ends in Barcelona on May 1, and you want a deviation to fly home on May 12. Or, the cruise starts in Barcelona on May 15 and you want to fly in on May 2. Also, have you been able to get a deviation to/from a different city/airport than the cruise start/finish? Example: Cruise ends in Barcelona and you want to deviate to fly home from Rome.
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