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  1. Hi, I have an upcoming cruise with a stop in Freeport and I'm trying to decide on a beach. One thing I really need are the taxi/shuttle rates from the cruise port to the beaches I'm considering. So far, I'm looking at: 1. Taino Beach 2. Lucaya Beach 3. Paradise Cove Beach Does anyone know the round-trip cost per person to get from the cruise poort to any of these beaches. Also, if there is a different beach I should consider, I welcome suggestions (please give taxi rates if you can). This will be my first time stoppiong in Freeport, so I'm not quite sure where the best place to go would be. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I've got an upcoming Carnival cruise that includes a stop in Freeport, and I'm wondering what the best free (non private), beach to visit would be. Ideally, we'd like a place that has access to restaurants, and maybe some shopping, but is not too crowded. Please let me know where you'd suggest. Also, if we'd need a taxi, it would be great to get an idea of the fare to get there and back. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for your reply! I'm actually looking at doing the Parasailing excursion in Nassau that is offered directly through Carnival. (We have onboard credit to spend on it), If anyone has booked parasailing through Carnival in Nassau, were photos offered, and if so what was the price?
  4. Hi, I'm considering doing the Parasailing excursion that Carnival offers in Nassau this December. I have a few general questions: 1. If you've done this excursion was it a good experience and worth the money for the time you got to parsail? 2. A lot of Parasiling companies include photos when you book with them. (They will have someone who takes photos of you during your parasailing flight, and then they give you the memory card to take with you). Is that offered on the Nassau based Carnival excursion, and if so is there any extra fee for the photos? Thanks
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