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  1. I read the terms and it says you must be able to answer yes to both the booking time frame and the sailing time frame. The booking time frame starts Aug 5th 2020.
  2. I was wondering if anyone here has had this issue with MSC. I rebooked a cruise last week and I never received my booking confirmation email. I can see it online but I still like the booking confirmation email. I have called several times and they all say they sent a new one and I still have received it. There used to be a place on the website that you could get it emailed without calling but that is gone from the site. The last person I talked to said they would send it to the IT department. She had tried another email address and even her email and it was not received. I know it isn't all that important since I can see it online but the website update kinda stinks because a lot of the information you used to see is gone. Looks like it is a work in process. Just wondering if anyone else was having this issue and if so was it ever corrected. Thanks
  3. Every interaction I have had has been very good.
  4. I thought perhaps this might interest a few posters. I had a cruise booked for Oct out of New York that was canceled. I had received a free cruise voucher from a local casino late last year and booked a cruise then for Oct 2020. I had received a voucher and my partner had received one as well. We were able to combine and then upgrade to the Yacht Club for a great price. As we are aware that Oct cruise was canceled. I was curious as to how they would handle the cancellation since it was on a certificate that expired on 12/31/20. I had called and was told that the Casino department was extending the expiration's for certificates to 12/31/21. I was happy to hear that and they said as soon as I get my FCC to call back and I can book. I had read the FCC for the October cruises would be available on 6/19/20 and would be sent via email. I did not receive an email but there is a link on the MSC website you can just download your certificate. I called the casino line to talk about rebooking. The wait on a Monday afternoon was about 3 minutes. I first asked about my FCC. It is linked to your original booking so I did not need anything from my FCC form. I did ask why I only received 100% of what I had paid for the upgrade. I was told since it was a casino booking ie. free cruise it was only 100% of what I paid. This is because the FCC is based on the cruise fare and the upgrade charge is a fee not a cruise fare. I gave the very nice gentleman that I was talking to my new cruise information and he told me he would be able to book and it would be under the original booking number. I told him since it was the same ship could I get the same room in the YC. He said let me check and it was available. I was glad since I had done a lot of research regarding the room I wanted for the original cruise. He said let me transfer over the original booking. This was the only thing that was an issue and it really was not an issue it was just that it took 40 minutes for it to transfer over correctly. He said sometimes it takes a minute other times it takes a while. We had a nice conversation while I was waiting. He reviewed everything with me and it was correct. It was pretty painless and really would have been a 10 minute call if the system was not so slow. He said I would receive an email which I did not because I never seem to receive the emails initially from MSC. I always have to have them sent again. I was able to log on and under my old booking was the new cruise and everything was correct. This is my first MSC cruise. I have always been a NCL person and the last 2 cruises have been in the Haven. They were also casino certificate bookings. I feel that MSC casino department has been far superior. The cruises booked via certificates for MSC include all fees and port costs. Also, the upgrade fees are set and we were given a sheet with our certificate of what the fees were. NCL you do not know prior to calling what the fee may be as it is different based on the cruise. NCL also charges a per day booking fee. I hope this might help someone regarding a Casino Certificate cancellation and rebooking.
  5. I called yesterday, first to regular customer service and I did not have to wait at all. I then had to call the Casino customer service and the wait was 2 minutes. However, to rebook my cruise took almost an hour. But the rep was extremely friendly and got it completed with out any issues. This was on a casino certificate and a resulting FCC.
  6. If you are booked through the Casino on a free cruise certificate and paid to upgrade. I was told today that your FCC will only be 100% of what you paid to upgrade. The reason was that the 125% is on the cruise fare and since the cruise fare is $0 and the upgrade is a fee, you are only eligible for 100% of what you paid. Just wanted to let anyone that was wondering my experience.
  7. They may not be a public company but if they have financial statements that are audited or reviewed by a CPA then a going concern statement would need to be included. However, that does not mean that they have to release that information.
  8. If you listen to this then you should never go out in public again. That is how you actually prevent what they are talking about.
  9. They are running a business. Why would they make the closure any longer then they need to. They can always extend. Also, if they are listening to the President then Easter is the day.
  10. I have been receiving emails from land based casinos regarding this status issue and they are extending time frames. Hopefully MSC will follow suit.
  11. I was thinking late summer. If cruise lines can not sail at all this year, I think it will put most into bankruptcy. Then we will see who makes it out. This is all my opinion not based on any fact. It is all very sad.
  12. There are several YC rooms with the pole on the balcony. It does not seem to be a issue but I know when picking the room I had done a lot of searching regarding what rooms had them and what ones did not. It was difficult but there is a thread in here that was very helpful but at this point I can not remember what one it was.
  13. I do not believe there is a certain gambling level you need to hit during the cruise. I have gambled during my trips so never had an issue. I know a lot of casino offers do have the fine print that failure to gamble may affect future offers,
  14. We received our cruise from a local casino. My partner received an inside room free and I received an oceanview. You then have the option to upgrade for a fee. They allowed us to combine to get a balcnoy for free and on the cruise we selected the upgrade to the YC was extremely affordable so we did it without question. The certificate you receive from the local casino is based on your level of play at that the local casino and is not available to just anyone. We had to pick up on a certain day and the certificate was good for any cruise up to 10 nights for a year period. I have received certificate for other cruiselines but the MSC was better because unlike NCL or other lines you did not have to pay port fees and taxes and the booking fees. Their selling point is free means free. So if we did not select to pay to upgrade we have recieved a balcony room for free. They reason they offer this is that they target people that gamble regularly and they know they will be in a casino during the trip.
  15. I just received my email today. NCL Gold to MSC Silver. I was surprised how quickly they did it.
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