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  1. There are many people that will fill the spots of people that don't want to wear a mask.
  2. I have had this issue for months now and from all my research there is nothing that can fix it. I am curious, is this a casino booking from a canceled cruise that you moved? That was what the casino department told me was the issue. They assured me that my reservation was good.
  3. Their Website and IT department are horrible
  4. This is not just a MSC thing other lines are following this path as well.
  5. Unless this is a Covid policy, I find this very hard to believe
  6. Unless it is a Covid policy, I find this very hard to believe.
  7. Whether you are on either side, this is absolutely ridiculous at this point.
  8. I am getting an new error when logging into the US site. So perhaps there are website issues, imagine that!
  9. No Problem, just curious. Thank you
  10. I assume that it is because of the extra staffing and screening due to Covid. Also, as you are seeing every where, they are making up for lost revenue during that pandemic.
  11. Any update as to any delay?
  12. Did you talk to the credit card company? The 60 days window is not true in this case with some credit cards. I did it for another travel reservation a year after the charge.
  13. I would as people have said contact your credit card company.
  14. Did they complete their 3rd sea trial? Any reason given for the delay?
  15. Is there a fee added to what you charge to your room for gaming?
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