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  1. We had a lounger put out on the balcony and we had no issues.
  2. The Avocado Toast in the Haven on the Escape was delicious
  3. Both times we have come back to NYC it has been around 3 am - 4 am. Sill dark.
  4. Last year when I was booking the Spa haven room on the Escape, I called to change my room to one without the pole. The CSR asked me why I wanted to switch to the room next door I explained about the pole and she started to laugh. She said I never knew some had poles and some did not. She then said well maybe some people would like the pole for some night time activities.
  5. I think your son would like the Choir of Man. We saw several younger people enjoying the show. Also, we liked Escape the Big Top. You just need to be ok with being put with others. They set you up with teams of normally 10.
  6. Depends on the port for security on the ship. We left NYC and stopped in Port Canaveral and the security was at the main entrance of the building. You were able to get soda at the vending machine and bring it on the ship. I assume since Port Canaveral is a normal embarkation port that is why but for us it was just a stop.
  7. That is crazy and honestly a bit dangerous as if the hook was to hook on to a passenger below that would not be good. Also, did they bring their own bait?
  8. It is what we were told. We knew about the one entree and that I understand. There is nothing about a limit in the Apps and Desserts. We ordered a salad and an app, we were told that there would be a charge for one. We talked to the manager and he said yes one is at a charge. I said well nothing we saw said that there was a limit on either a salad or an app. He said he would allow it this time. I am not sure what would have happened if we just ordered without talking to him. By the way, we were not that impressed with the food overall at Bayamo.
  9. When we ate there in March under the dining plan, we were limited to one app (either a salad or app not both) one entree with 2 sides and one dessert. If you wanted more it was charged ala carte
  10. We were in the Haven on the Escape this past March. While not in the Aft, our butler was non existent. So I think it's not so much the location as it is the butler.
  11. The last time I made payments online, I did not receive any type of receipt. I did not receive any email confirming the payment. It was quite annoying.
  12. That to me is unacceptable especially in a suite. I would have talked to someone immediately.
  13. On my last cruise on the Escape, I was going to have something to give them. I decided against it. So when we got the to room I made a list of a few items like empty refrig, ice tea pitcher, lounger for balcony, pub mix. I had left it in the room on my carry on so I would not forget to review it with the butler. When we came back to the room after lunch the paper was still on top of my bag on the floor but all of the items were already completed. When the room stewart came in to introduce himself, I said thank you for addressing the items. I said I wrote them as reminders to myself to review with him and the butler and he said I saw it on your bag and figured I would get a start. I consider that great service.
  14. I loved it when I was on Escape in March. It helps cool down your body after the steam and sauna. You stand in there for a few minutes and it is very refreshing. Make sure to go in when it is "snowing" it is cool.
  15. I was just pointing out that perhaps you should think about your choice of words. Obviously, you do not care and that is your choice. I think that to use such words as an insult is just offensive and displays a lack of education or understanding.
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