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  1. We are on the Dec 4th cruise as well. We are in the Yacht Club and I check my reservation everyday hoping they have not changed our room. What floor was your original room on?
  2. I saw someone on Facebook that said she did get a cancellation and was going to post it but I have not looked to see if she ever did.
  3. I have has some many issues and still do with MSC IT but I was lucky because my match was done in 2 days.
  4. I think that needs to be clarified as the Seashore will be making the trek to the US most likely without passengers. So MSC ships will be doing a transatlantic just without passengers most likely.
  5. Per CNN, in early November the US will ease travel restrictions on fully vaccinated foreign visitors. They will be releasing more information regarding this later today. That is good news for MSC since their ships tend to be more foreign passengers
  6. I hope so for you all as well. I know there is some chatter on different sites regarding the TA.
  7. I think this might not matter anymore because I have seen on a few forums the TA will be cancelled for all guests
  8. I know that the Sailing Order has not been renewed yet. I am assuming that it will be so that means the Seashore with have to get certified, I assume.
  9. I know the cruises are scheduled to start on November 20th but do we know when it actually arrives in Miami? I was just wondering
  10. Was the OP reservation a casino or comped room? I read somewhere that some of the casino rooms now have black out dates so I was wondering how you booked you room. Just a thought
  11. I too was able to get in for my December cruise.
  12. It says In Process and has for 11 weeks
  13. It really is unreal how long passports are taking. My partner sent in a renewal at the end of May and he doesn't have it back yet. We cruise in Early Dec so hopefully it will be here.
  14. Our upcoming cruise will be our first with MSC. We will be in the Yacht club. We have sailed in the NCL Haven 3 times and have had a similar experience. Our first cruise our butler was excellent always checking in on us, but not intrusively. Our second our butler was good but not the same as our first and the third was barely around. However, our room stewards on all 3 were excellent.
  15. I hope the cruise is better then any thing MSC IT related.
  16. This I absolutely agree with
  17. Everyday, I check my booking to make sure that my chosen room has not changed. I was always able to see the room in the check in section but today my booking is not listed in the check in area. I still can see my booking when I just put in my booking but do not log in but it does not list the room details. The check in section when I logged in to my account used to. I still get your cruise is in 122 days at the top when I log into my account but my cruise details and check in say there is no booking and I add my booking id and it gives me an error. It baffles me as to a company that seems to have no regard to IT.
  18. We have been booked on MSC for a while. We have had several changes due to cancelled cruises. We are booked for Dec and I am hopeful. This will be our first MSC cruise. I have to say that MSC is not making a great impression with their website and IT. The website is always having issues. I get errors all the time. I have to log on to my account to do somethings and then using just my booking number for other things. As a large company you would think they could get their IT department to make things work properly.
  19. There are many people that will fill the spots of people that don't want to wear a mask.
  20. I have had this issue for months now and from all my research there is nothing that can fix it. I am curious, is this a casino booking from a canceled cruise that you moved? That was what the casino department told me was the issue. They assured me that my reservation was good.
  21. Their Website and IT department are horrible
  22. This is not just a MSC thing other lines are following this path as well.
  23. Unless this is a Covid policy, I find this very hard to believe
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