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  1. We had David last Fall. He's in my top 10 WORST CDs. He's wooden, dated, and needs to walk away, IMO
  2. We're not fans at all. Older, low energy, wooden, not very visible. Morning show was beyond boring. 👎👎
  3. He is in my top 5 WORST....LIST. very wooden and insincere. Had him on Serenade last Fall. Absolutely nothing to write home about.
  4. There was talk about December 33rd as his anniversary with Royal but not sure about beyond that date.
  5. Had Clo on Jewel a few years ago. Very good. Lots of energy and very involved around the ship.
  6. Just came off Rhapsody...Bill Bronckhurst was very wooden apparently he's at 35 years with RCCL, and it shows. Greeted us every night at the show with the same opening patter. Came to the Diamond Lounge to "mingle", but never circulated beyond 3-4 couples in first row around the dance floor. Basically invisible. Also only scheduled the M&M for 30 minutes, enough time to give away the same lame prizes (and 3 bottles of wine), and then expected to end the event...does he not understand the word "mingle"? Anyway he makes it to.my top 5 "worst" list. Now I know why he has no FB page 👎
  7. IMO my favorites are: Mike Swajkowski (sp) Michele Scarpato Richard Spacey Clo O'Connor
  8. A comprehensive list is posted once a week (Sunday) so go back through the posts and you can see what information is available
  9. We were on repositioning cruise with him from Australia to Southampton...saw very little of him except morning show (tv) and evening show. Not one of my favorites.
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