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  1. This is from Carnival's website:


    "Cheers! Includes: All spirits (including cocktails), as well as beer and wine by the glass with a $50 or lower menu price."


    The way I interpret this is that I could purchase a glass of scotch that costs $30; is that correct? I thought the drink cost had a limit set on it; you could not purchase drinks for free with Cheers if the drink price was over a certain dollar amount. To me, I would also interpret this that the "Fish Bowl" drink in the Red Frog Pub is included with Cheers? I know that the Fish Bowl has many liquors in it, as does an Electric Iced Tea, but i don't see it excluded.


    I would love clarification.


    Thanks for the input.

  2. I agree with cruisin*tigger, hard to compare. I have done both and enjoyed both.


    On the BTF tour, we did see the crew's dining area, and peeked in one of the crew's room. I was fascinated at how self-sustained the ship is. The refrigeration system is interesting also.


    We did the Chef's Table with a group we met on Cruise Critic and had a great time. The food was outstanding. Everywhere we went, kitchen included, was so clean.


    I am going to do both again on my upcoming Breeze cruise. We are cruising with friends who have done neither the BTF tour or the Chef's Table.


    So, are you a foodie and like wine? Does the operation of things fascinate you? If yes to both, do both! You won't be dissappointed.

  3. Carnival's towels are big. We bring towels we don't mind if they get lost or forgotten. Someone already mentioned this, but Walmart has inexpensive towels.


    Bring any meds you think you may need, and others you don't use very often. Medicine, shampoo, water bottles, anything else you buy on the ship is expensive. Bring a small first aid kit, we bring bandaids, spray neosporine, and wet wipes. We also take a plastic bag for wet items.


    Have fun!

  4. That's odd. From your signature it looks like you were on Norwegian Star which has a teen club on deck 12.


    Zeta3 -- We were just on the NCL Star, and they do have a teen club, but is it SMALL, not one room (chopped up with stuff in the middle; you have to navigate like a obstacle course). The teens room was for ages 13 to 17. If there were 20 kids in the teen room, it was packed like sardines. I am hoping that Vista has a dedicated teen room like their other ships. Anyone know if the Vista will have a dedicated teen room? I do not see a Club O2 on the deck plans.

  5. We are thinking of booking this tour. Our ship is in port until 5:00 pm and the tour ends at 3:00 pm. Would love input from people who have done this tour. We are wondering if you have had any problem with getting back to the ship by the scheduled end time. If you have been late or had any issues, does the tour offer alternate transportation to get you back to the ship? What do you think of the tour provided by Johann & Sandra? Thanks for any input, reviews, or information.

  6. There are several great restaurants on the waterfront at Lake Union. I've eaten at Dukes Chowder House and Chandlers Crabhouse. My BIL is a steak guy and he LOVES Daniels Broiler which is next pier over from the other 2 restaurants.


    Use google maps to get 1150 Fairview Ave N, Seattle then do 'search nearby' for restaurants.


    The Pink Door downtown is excellent.


    If the weather is nice, take the water taxi from the Seattle waterfront to Alki Beach in West Seattle. Salty's is right next to the dock. Fantastic views of the Seattle skyline. There are several restaurants nearby also. A previous thread with photos. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2015908&highlight=alki


    for restaurant suggestions, start another thread ... this thread is titled Silver Cloud so it won't attract much interest.


    I like the idea of taking the water taxi and going to Salty's! You get to see Seattle from the water, and get to have good food at Salty's.


    If you were staying at the Broadway location, I would say to go to Dick's for the best burgers, fries, and shakes. The atmosphere is the Broadway are is wonderful, never a dull moment there.


    Whatever you do in the Emerald City, you will have fun!

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