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  1. Ok all you knowledgeable cruisers out there. I would love to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about Bahia Mar. We will be staying there two nights post cruise. We are mostly interested in the beach to walk on, and Los Olos to stroll down. Any suggestions and comments, including places to eat, that would be appreciated. We will be staying there a Thursday and Friday night.



  2. MDavis23, I cant recall when the changes will take place. Lets just say Indigo can seat more people. :D I'm sure you are saved from the changes. I cant imagine those chances will take place that quick. It involves planning and building.


    I'm sure you will enjoy your cruise.


    Thank you for your reassurance. We are looking forward to sailing on the Pearl.

  3. Sestar -- I am hoping yhe changes to the Pearl do not entail cancelling any cruises. We booked the Pearl after many changes to ships on Carnival; not happy at this tine with Carnival. Will these "secret" changes take place before April 2015?


    I love your review and pictures. I sailed to Alaska with my sister and loved it! Beautiful scenery. Thanks!

  4. I have been researching hotels and am getting weary doing so. Hoping that with all the knowledge on these boards some of you may have some great input. We are looking for a hotel on or close to the Fort Lauderdale water taxi route. We would like to go to Las Olas Boulevard as well as take the water taxi to see other sights. There are five in our party, four adults and one teenager. I have found the Doubletree Gallery One Hotel (we can either get two rooms or one room to accommodate all of us), the Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach Resort, as well as the Bahia Mar. I know there are other hotels out there on the water taxi route, but we don't want to pay into the $300s for the one night. Any information, suggestions, input, would be great. Thank you in advance!

  5. We serve blueberry Jell-O shots and tropical Jell-O shots. We also bring toffee from our local candy factory. One thing I loved was the test tubes filled with mixed cocktails. The cruisers purchased them that way. I have also enjoyed the Jellie Bellies from a cruiser who purchased them at the factory. Oh, and Buttershots were awesome; had never tried Buttershots before then. What ever is served, it is a fun time.

  6. Cabin crawls are fun! We have participated in several. Yes, there is alcohol, yes, it can get loud, but it is a great way to see the cabins and meet different people. We make jello shots with our bon voyage vodka, jello we bring onboard, hot water from the lido deck, and little plastic containers with lids. The refrig in the room works great, but you have to keep the door open to allow the heat from the back not to get trapped. If you haven't participated in one, you should. Have fun! :)

  7. cruiseri -- thank you for your distinction about Miami and South Beach. I realized the difference betweern the two, but did not realize that traffic would be so bad. I had also heard about parking being high priced and scarce. We want to come into Miami and also go to the beach, so deciding on a hotel is a big thing.


    Thanks again!

  8. Hi Keith,


    I asked you this on another posting. You probably did not see it, so I am reasking. :)


    Which accomodations between the below would you choose, and why? There are 4 adults (3 women and 1 man) and one 13 year old. We are looking for a place for four nights precruise with a kitchen and pool.


    The Mark on Brickell

    Doubletree Grand

    Viceroy Miami

    Fontainblea II


    Thanks Keith!

  9. Which hotel between the following would you choose for 4 nights precruise and why:


    The Mark on Brickell

    Doubletree Grand

    Viceroy Miami

    Fontainbleau II


    Also, is a car needed, including going to the beach?


    There are 4 adults and a 13 year old.



  10. I am feeling stressed trying to find a place pre-cruise out of Miami. Yes, we have over one year before we cruise, but we will be able to book our flights in four months and I want to have a place to stay chosen.


    I found places on VRBO, and then when I went to Trip Advisor some of them had horrible reviews, like what you see is not what you get, noise, security.


    I have wants for the location, which include: either ocean view or access; pool; internet; full kitchen; parking.


    I am asking because I would love to hear people's experiences, good or bad, and possible places to rent. We need to find a place from Tuesday night through Saturday morning.


    Thank you!

  11. We make a cash deposit prior to cruising for our onboard account. I think we did that directly through Carnival, but I can't remember exactly, don't think it was through our booking or PVP. When we checked in at the ship, the money was showing as already being paid. It was very nice to have paid that onboard money well in advance of cruising and not have to worry about having money or putting a credit card down. At the end of the cruise we have always had a reimbursement for the money not spent in the form of a check the night before debarking.

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