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  1. gtaylor's recommendations is probably the best way to go but we did it a little differently and it worked well for us. We went into town first (via Water Taxi for $3 right at the pier) and spent a few hours shopping. We took the water taxi back to the ship to drop our stuff off, have lunch on the ship, change into bathing suits and then took a taxi to Orient Beach. Signs all say $18 for 1-2 people one way but our taxi was $10 one way for 2 and we got the same price coming back. There were 8 ships in St. Maarten the day we were there but had no trouble at all getting chairs at the beach arriving around 1:30. Many people do beach first, then shopping but I ddin't want to go into town shopping looking like a drowned rat and in my bathing suit so our plan worked for us!!! Either way, you'll have a great time!!!
  2. geekgirl

    Best Beach to swim & how do I get there?

    We just got back from the Mariner of the Seas 7 day Eastern which included a stop at St. Maarten. This was our favorite port ever!! I can't speak for the other beaches but we went to Orient Beach and absolutely loved it! Easy to get a cab/van from pier to beach and back, lots of places to grab a cool frozen drink, restaurants although we had lunch on the ship and were glad we did. The restaurants we saw were really expensive like $15 for a cheeseburger and fries! I'm sure there were other places to eat that were hopefully less! Tons of beach chair umbrella set ups. They were $10 per day for 2 lounge chairs, a little table and umbrella at Bikini Beach (part of the stretch of beach at Orient Beach. The sand and water were beautiful and they had tons of water sport items for rent. Again, I have nothing on St. Maarten to compare Orient Beach to, but I can't imagine anything any better!! Hope this helps and have a great time!!
  3. In case anyone is interested, Royal Caribbean finally posted some info about Freedom of the Seas on their website. Not a lot of info but at least it's a start. Here is the link http://www.royalcaribbean.com/findacruise/highlights.do?pagename=freedom_highlights&shipCode=FR