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  1. PlopPlop

    The Newest SoCal Princess

    We’re really looking forward to this as well! We are booked on the March 30th sailing and have never been on the larger ships with Princess.
  2. PlopPlop

    Princess Cruises Great Escapes Sale

    I called yesterday to get pricing to refare our mini for 3 people and they said my category was sold out and if they did refare it would cost more than we paid. In fact, the lesser category minis cost more than what we paid. Not worth it!! Horrible sale!
  3. PlopPlop

    Any Ideas

    You are correct. I am unable to view as well. When I try to use my account drop down and select upcoming cruises it takes me to a recap of my captains circle information. Looks like it is this Sunday’s glitch..... there always seems to be some type of glitch on Sunday’s.
  4. PlopPlop

    Bathroom Night Light

    We use little battery run tea lights with the on/off switch at the botttom. One goes on the bathroom counter at night and the other goes on the top shelf of the closet. Just enough light is provided. This was a recommendation from a fellow cruise critic member and now I won’t travel without. :D
  5. PlopPlop

    Good Reading the “Destination Collection”

    Mine just came in the mail as well. I’m only at Ruby status but I do have 3 future cruises booked. What is the difference between this and the Cruise Atlas you receive as a perk for Platinum and Elite?
  6. PlopPlop

    Favorite thing about Caribbean Princess

    We were on the ship in June on a B2B and thought it was great! The ship was well maintained and the staff was friendly and very helpful. I agree with other posters about the great things to do but would also like to add participating in ‘The High Seas Heist’. It was so fun! I highly recommend this!
  7. PlopPlop

    Sea lice in Western Caribbean

    I have just returned from a cruise in the Western Caribbean and went to a lot of the beaches and did not experience any issues with bites of any kind. I also never had to “get away” from any area on the beaches because of bugs... and believe me, I would run! We just used regular sunscreen. It doesn’t hurt to bring the special lotion just in case.
  8. I currently see you are able to book through April 2020 for Caribbean Cruises. When does Princess roll out Summer Caribbean sailings? Will they roll out one month at a time based on the current date? Also, Is it typical to find lower fares when the sailings first become available. Thank you in advance for all of your insight. :D
  9. PlopPlop

    Status of Ocean Medallion?

    I was on the Caribbean Princess for two weeks, disembarked 6/30 and both weeks had people with ***** shirts on board running around playing with wire and sticking SIM cards in the Soon to one day be interactive screens on the floors by elevators. Tried to make small talk with one of them once and all they said was ‘one day’ with no ETA....
  10. PlopPlop

    Hot sweaty mess

    We were on a RC ship last summer and they packed us like sardines on an outside deck in the sun. It was horrible! I wouldn’t have minded an outside deck if I didn’t have to be smashed in and touched on all sides. I’m surprised I didn’t get pregnant out there! As for the buffet, they always seemed to close early in the evening. It was either Dinner in the MDR or in the buffet, you could never do both. Sometimes you just want a sweet treat later in the evening.
  11. My husband and I are in our late 30’s as well. We have sailed with Carnival, RC and Princess. We have our second Princess cruise on Saturday. We chose to go back to Princess because of the friendly customer service and the enrichment activities. We’re not sticks in the mud and like to drink and dance...but not just spring break style. I like some of the older ships. I like to be able to feel like I’m on a ship and be able to walk around and actually see the ocean from various decks.... not something you get with some larger vessels. Ultimately, I think your vacation and the fun you have is what you make of it. Try it out and then you’ll know if that is the adventure you would like in the future. Good luck and whatever decision you make... Have fun and no regrets.
  12. PlopPlop

    Best Deal after booking?

    Speaking of Big Box, has anyone ever received an upsell offer when you have your booking through them?
  13. PlopPlop

    No more Coffee Cards

    I have purchased 2 coffee cards for my husband and myself for our cruise next week. I received the email today informing me of the new program effective for our cruise. Now I see both cards are in my name on the personalizer. What a pain.... now I have to remove the 2nd card from my name a have it moved to his name.... If you have prepaid for multiple cards you might want to look at your cruise personalizer and make your changes now as the line onboard at the service counter is usually long enough......
  14. PlopPlop

    Latest Upsell Offers

    How do you know there are 57 cabins available if the website shows sold out? New to this and have never received an offer....