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  1. Hello. I was in my account for Princess and I saw that I had a line item under the onboard credits section for $50 in free play in the casino. It says I have to book by 6/17/20 and sail by 5/3/21. I already have a cruise rebooked but it’s for July 2021. Yes, I have played in the casino but not a lot. I had recently made my July 2021 booking from my Goodwill credits from our 4/4/20 cancelled sailing option 1 and just had the refunded taxes and port fees applied for the deposit. (in case anyone wanted to know) This has brought up a few questions that have circled in my mind based on
  2. Thank you for posting this. We booked a cruise last week (using FCC from cancelled 4/4/20 sailing) and the price then for three people was over $500. I declined at the time but looked last night after reading your post and was able to book at the $39 pp for the platinum. After the FCC applied, we still owe $1400 as we decided to get a suite this time. Thank you for the heads up! 👏😁
  3. I really just want to thank everyone for going along with this butter thread. It has really brought smiles to my face. As an essential worker, I needed something to get my mind off the new normal and something to look forward to on my breaks. Thank You! 😃 or should I say 😷
  4. Kerrygold here as well!!
  5. I look forward to one day cruising again and am thinking back to better times and remember all the wonderful butter ball posts. I would like to think that when we return to cruising again, Princess will be so grateful, our butter ball bowls will be overflowing! I’m trying to be optimistic in these times and be a butter ball bowl half full kind of person and not a butter ball bowl half empty person. Stay safe and healthy my fellow cruisers! Cheers! Sarah
  6. Sorry if this has been asked.... I attempted to search and did not find anything for Princess. Does Princess normally have Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals? Thanks!
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