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  1. Great fun to see them happy. Pre or post pandemic? I hope it was recent?
  2. Crystal Guest Relations let me know that there would not be dance teams or instructors aboard. This decision because of social distancing. I am disappointed, and am re thinking my three bookings.
  3. This is the info I would really like to see too. The Latin Dance Teams have become my favorite entertainment on Crystal.
  4. OK, thanks for trying. There is nothing yet on the site.
  5. I don't think I have booked a cruise without looking at the "Onboard" section for Captain, Cruise Director, lecturers, etc. first. If someone on the board has knowledge of the staffing for the initial Bahamas cruises I would appreciate a link. Thank you, Pat King
  6. No. It is the etc. that I am interested in.
  7. Does anyone have info about the "View Entertainment Programs" for the Bahamas cruises? It is hard to commit the down payment without knowing who is onboard for the sailings.
  8. I know there is some really good reason why it can not happen, but could not Symphony sail across the Atlantic, re-stock at that special place, and sail back? It could re-stock from another ship, no? As long as we are doing the Bahamas, why not some TAs?
  9. Years ago I booked our first cruise together for my wife's big birthday. I had a choice between Silverseas or Crystal. I knew nothing about either one. I did not want to go on a cruise. I would have paid someone to go in my stead, like in the civil war. Crystal had the itinerary so I booked it. I discovered they had something called formal nights. I had to make a special trip to Men's Warehouse. I had no dress up clothes at all. Three days into the cruise and I believe I called the Crystal fashion police because one of the cruisers was wearing a yellow suit instead of a dignified dar
  10. I an loathe to admit it, but I have begun to think of Crystal Serenity as a particularly good place to surf. We have booked one cruise in July and back to backs in September.
  11. You know, I would just be happy to be there. To share the experience of the crew getting back together after such distress and heartache, no matter what the service. They wouldn't have to do anything. I'd be pleased if they took a lounge chair and asked for a drink. I'd do my best. And I'd try to remember their name and drink preference.
  12. I think this would be a perfect time to find out if I liked the life of a live-aboard. Is that positive enough?
  13. And, I hope I am not being naive thinking that on a perfectly vetted and vaccinated cruise, no masks will be required? A good idea for for some people, but no longer a COVID requirement? I am excited about the prospect of a cruise to nowhere of historical significance. I am usually shamed into going ashore to look at sights. .
  14. Thank you Vince. That is what I was after. Imagine the turmoil of re-staffing. As an aside, we were on the last cruise in Singapore when the entertainment had to be improvised because the regulars could not get aboard. It was a fine change. I hope Crystal does more of these less scripted, more spontaneous shows. The staff talent is so deep.
  15. I there access to the "Onboard" info? Captain, Cruise Director, entertainment etc.? Barring a catastrophe, we will be booking 14 days. We are really interested, as are all of us, in what staff will be aboard. Many familiar faces we fervently hope.
  16. I am missing something? If everyone on the ship is vaccinated, we can behave normally, with no need to wear a mask. That sounds like the start of cruising to me. Per CDC you can: Visit with other fully vaccinated people indoors without wearing masks or physical distancing
  17. Great news in the CDC guidelines!
  18. Amen. Well said. I even researched yesterday if hugging was OK, for when we get back to the ships and see our friends.
  19. Yes, that is exactly it. Thanks for putting it so well. I have given up trying to describe how I feel on that gangplank, and hearing the ping of the check in.
  20. Keith, this MedCram video from a few hours ago talks about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and gives very hopeful news about it's use against variants and reduction in severe disease. 100% efficacy after 49 days for severe cases. Room temperature, one dose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13qT7wLxkvU
  21. Keith, this is a Med-Cram post from yesterday. It is long, but life and death important. We can end the pandemic with rapid at home testing, sooner than we can with a future still-necessary vaccine. It is not in place of a vaccine. I hope that fellow CC'ers do not respond with an opinion without watching this, and if skeptical check the credentials of the authors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjphzlV5DYo
  22. Keith, here is the update on the Moderna vaccine, with a comparison to the Pfizer. The MedCram lectures are meant for the medical community, but are understandable nevertheless. The info on transmissibility is important for any cruise planning.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZvsqBCvB00
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