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  1. You should ...check in My Bookings print cruise documents ...I rebooked a cancelled cruise with Casino rate that included 200 OBC and received 800 total.
  2. Thanks I will wait for cancellation and take full refund if offered. I was supposed to be sailing on the NCL Bliss Jan. 3 sailing which has not been cancelled yet.
  3. Yikes sorry to hear, thanks for letting me know what to prepare for 😢
  4. Were you able to rebook this cruise or did they just refund money paid ? Just wondering as I have a MyVegas cruise booked for January which is looking like it is going to be cancelled although no announcement as of yet.
  5. Thanks!! I was also told that if I was unable to travel due to the border being closed, I would receive a refund of 100 percent in the form of FCC, which I am Ok with but I prefer this in writing...so basically I think I am going to go ahead and book and hope for the best ! We are getting a awesome Casino Rate so I guess I,m ready to gamble 🤣
  6. I currently have a cruise on hold for August 1 sailing with final payment of May 3 . I read on here that some did not have to make final payment til 30 days out. I am from Canada and the US/Canada border is currently closed til mid May and possibly longer,so would like to know options if I am unable to make cruise due to border closure. Thanks !!
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