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  1. Will this open a door to travel insurance companies having to cover the costs of cancelled trips?
  2. I'm really hoping for this! I have been thinking about it for two weeks! I find it ridiculous that if you book a flight today, you will be able to change your tickets if you need to, but for those of us who bought our airfare prior to the virus issue, we are locked in with no change option available! I have airfare to Europe for this summer, if I could change it, I would!
  3. I am interested in doing some Mayan ruins from Harvest Caye. The only ones available through NCL are Nim Li Pimut. Are these the only ones that are close enough to actually get too? Is Altun Ha too far? Does anyone have a private tour operator that they can recommend from Harvest Caye?
  4. I have read several threads but am still a bit confused about the best way to get from Heathrow to my hotel (St. Georges Inn) next June. There will be three of us arriving at 10:25 am. Several threads say to prebook train or bus tickets, but what time should I reserve them for? How long should I allow for picking up my luggage, going through customs and getting to the pick up locations? Also if I take the train, what station should I get off at? Will I need to change trains and will it be complicated with luggage after an overnight flight? Thanks in advance for an help!!
  5. emarismom

    Blue Hole??

    I will be going to Ocho Rios in January and would like to go to the Blue Hole. I wanted to do it on our own so we are not limited on time. I know there are lots of drivers outside the port, how much would it cost (group of 4) and approximately how long does it take to get there?
  6. We will be in Malaga next July and I am starting my research early! I am thinking about getting the HoHo bus from the port. I would like to visit the Arab Baths, does the hoho go near them? Also, can anyone suggest an itinerary of sorts to see the sights. For example, should get off at particular stops and if so, in what order. Thank you in advance for your help.
  7. So the supper club is free for dinner? Where do we sign up or reserve this? Do we have to wait until we are on board?
  8. I have used the app in the past. I believe the social media package has greatly increased in price.
  9. I have an i phone and so does my my son. I will be on a cruise this summer without him. If I purchase the social media package, will I be able to message him from the ship? Do i just put my phone in airplane mode, logon to the ship's wi-fi, and then message as usual? I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly.
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