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  1. We will be sailing on the NCL Getaway in June 2019. Our ship arrival time into Copenhagen says 7:00 am. What is the earliest flight I can take? We are able to easily walk off the ship carrying our own luggage. When looking at possible flights, there seem to be few to none that are later than 10:35 am using American Airlines (which is where I have miles) This seems too early. Will I have to spend an extra night in CPH?
  2. I recently went on the Pride of America in Hawaii. On the Hawaii board there is a very long thread where people have shared their plans. I found that thread very helpful when planning, so I thought maybe we can get one started for the Baltics!! The ports I will be doing next summer are: Copenehagen Warmemunde Tallinn St. Petersburg Helsinki Stockhom Please post these and others for people who have a different itinerary!!
  3. emarismom

    Berlin (Warnemunde), Germany

    Did they just look at your passports? I wouldn't be comfortable letting them hold on to them.:eek:
  4. I booked the Norwegian Getaway 9 day out of Copenhagen on June 7th. They had the free 3rd and 4th passenger available,so I could not let that one pass me by!!
  5. I have booked a 9 day Baltic cruise for June 2019 for a family of 4 with two adult children. We have been to the Med twice. I am thinking about flying into Paris or London for a few days prior to the cruise. Then flying to Copenhagen the day before the cruise. We have never been to London or Paris and it seems that I should try to get to one of them. Is this a reasonable thing to do when factoring in the extra airfare, hotels, and transferring all the luggage. Would it be better to fly into Copenhagen early and do day trips from there?
  6. emarismom

    Hilo Help!!

    Our pick up time is actually 10:40 for our 11:20 flight, so hopefully we will be back to the ship by 12:45, grab a quick lunch and head out for two or three more hours. Is UBER of Lyft available? I know there are shuttles, will they be running that late?
  7. emarismom

    Hilo Help!!

    I will be on the POA next week. Since we will now be sailing to Hilo and VNP is not an option, I have booked a helicopter tour. The tour is scheduled for 11:20 and lasts an hour. They will return us to the ship after the tour. That gives me 4 hours in port. What can I reasonably do in that time. Can I go into the downtown area? What should I visit and how should I do it? UBER or taxi?? Please help.
  8. Are there any attractions with walking distance of the cruise port? Since we may have an extra day in Oahu, I would like to have something nearby to do. We will have three days precuise and to days post cruise in addition to this day, so I am hoping to find something simple that will not be an all day affair.
  9. emarismom

    Bikes to Diamond Head??

    We will be staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in June and I was thinking about using some of the bike sharing bikes to get to Diamond Head. Is this a reasonable idea? It doesn't look too far. Is there a safe route that we can use? There will be three adults doing this.
  10. Is it "necessary" to do an official Luau when visiting Hawaii? We will be staying at the HHV in June and will be see the short hula show there. We will also see the one on the beach on Thursday night (the name escapes me at the moment. These luaus are pretty pricey, so I am not sure if the money could be better spent elsewhere.
  11. emarismom

    Help with Oahu please!!

    Thank you for the replies!! Trucker Dave, Did you find the hotel's location to be inconvenient? I was thinking since we will have already have spent 3 days in Wakiki, it wouldn't be too bad as a base to go to other sites.
  12. emarismom

    Help with Oahu please!!

    We are a family with one 19 year old arriving June 13th. Precruise we will not be renting a car. We will have one post cruise. We are staying at the HHV precruise and at the Hampton Inn Kapolei post cruise. Here is my current plan: Day 1-Wed- Arrive HNL transfer to HHV. Enjoy resort, walk around Wakiki, beach Day 2- Thurs- Beach day, surf lesson, Show at Kuhio in the evening Day 3- Pearl Harbor, Ala Moana Mall Day 4- Sat- Diamond Head Hike, KCC Market in the morning, return to hotel collect luggage and transfer to ship Day 4- 11 Pride of America Cruise Day 11- Sat- Disembark, go to airport to rent car and head to hotel. Drop off luggage and head to North Shore, Dole Plantation, Turtle Beach, Haleiwa Day 12- Sun- Hanauma Bay, Makapuu trail, , Halona Blowhole, shopping in Kapolei Day 13- Mon- ??? Not sure what to do here. Our flight is not until 9 pm so I am up for suggestions. We will check out as late as possible and would like relaxing activities as we will be traveling to Miami. I know staying in Kapolei may not be what some would suggest, however, I have a good rate on the hotel, it includes breakfast, free parking, and has no resort fee. Since we will have a car the distance does not seem to be a big issue. Opinions please.
  13. emarismom

    Maui Questions

    I believe I have come up with a plan that is reasonable for my family. Knowing my husband as I do, he will not want to drive to the summit of Haleakala. I really do want to visit the lavender farm (Thank you Silver Sweethearts) so my plan for day 2 is to pick up our car again from the airport and head directly to the lavender farm for about an hour. From there we will head to the beach at Wailea for two hours with lunch. Then we will go to Iao State Park and the Plantation. If we find other things to see and do in the upcountry area or at the beach, we can just drop the plantation at the end of the day. This also puts us nearer to the ship at the end of the day. Does this sound doable? From looking at a map it seems I will have to back track from the lavender farm to get to the beach. Is there any more direct route.
  14. emarismom

    Maui Questions

    Okay so now you have really complicated my plans;p. What if I head directly towards Haleakala and only spend a short time, then explore the upcountry area and do a drive by at the beaches. (We live in Miami and have traveled the Caribbean extensively so beaches are not a priority. We will also spend time at the beach in Waikiki.) Skip the Plantation and go to IAO if time permits. We are more interested in scenery and possibly a hike than we are in shopping or commercial areas.
  15. emarismom

    Maui Questions

    Silver Sweethearts, I thought that the upcountry area would be a long drive, am I wrong in thinking that? Will the lavender be in bloom in June? I would love to see that.