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  1. Have you been successful in getting the bar to fill your yetis with ice and soda, or do you keep going back and getting a bunch of small cups to fill it with?
  2. That kind of makes sense. The problem was supposedly massive swells coming in from the north. She probably hid in the lee of the island to give the passengers a bit smoother of a ride through the worst of it.
  3. A little more info … I belong to another group for POA info. This weeks cruise cancelled day 2 in Maui and substituted a sea day due to weather. Someone said they were told that NCL was going to start calling cell phone numbers of people not yet onboard at a specific time. I am going to make sure NCL has good contact info for us, just in case.
  4. I actually use the cup since the cups the bars give you are just as small or possibly smaller and they are easier to spill. I like having something with a lid that seals, but that is just me.
  5. alwalaska

    Platinum disembarkation

    Does anyone know if there is a special line for checking in and/or an area to wait for Platinums in Honolulu for the Pride of America? I've heard that there wasn't anything, but I'm wondering if it is just hard to find.
  6. Hi. I belong to another group (I can't mention where here) and one of the ladies was with an amputee who could not get around without their chair. They met up with the person in charge of accessibility on day one and they said she was super helpful all through the cruise. Additionally (and I would not expect this to happen - just a bonus if it does), they had someone carry her down the stairs to the tender. The scooter came completely apart to make it easier to manage and someone else carried the scooter down the stairs. They were very pleased with the level of service they received.
  7. alwalaska

    Platinum disembarkation

    Thanks njhorseman. I just wasn't sure since when I had been given concierge access (before it was a platinum reward) there was a meeting spot to get off first at ports. Just wasn't sure if that was included now. With the number of platinums there must be on every cruise, it makes sense why it really isn't a benefit. I have found several ships where the tender benefit is useless. They don't police who gets in line and on the tender, so as a platinum, we were told to join the back of the line 4 decks up. 1) They should not call enough numbers at once to form a line like that and 2) they should police the numbers if they are going to use them.
  8. Thank you for the review and all the pics. What were crowds like getting off the ship as soon as it docked?
  9. alwalaska

    Platinum disembarkation

    Thank you all for the great info. Can anyone tell me how platinum priority disembark works at "normal ports." Not tender or final. Thanks.
  10. alwalaska

    Platinum Dining Perk Question

    We're doing 8 days on Honolulu pre-cruise and doing the Polynesian Cultural Center for our Luau. I'm sure we will be back again. Every port has more to do items than there is time to do it.
  11. alwalaska

    Platinum Dining Perk Question

    Thank you. I'm more likely to be canceling and going for the buffet if I am just too worn out to eat a nice meal. :) We are doing Pride of America with a port every day. I want to grab early dining because I know it will be crazy busy around 6, but I also want to be able to easily cancel if it looks like we decide to not bother with the dining room. I am planning our 2 platinum meals for our less busy/early back from port days. I think we will just get CruiseNext certificates with our refund for Moderno. Good excuse to sail again. Thanks again for the help.
  12. alwalaska

    Platinum Dining Perk Question

    Do you know if the refund for Moderno will go back on my credit card at the end of the cruise if I don't spend the refund for my reservation that I use my platinum certificate for? Also, does anyone have experience with how easy or hard it is to cancel or change both main and specialty dining reservations once on board?
  13. Thank you so much for the amazing photos and review. Do you remember which stop on the way up to the canyon had the waterfall over the red dirt? Was it visible from the pull out, or did you find it while exploring a trail? That looks really cool. Also, approximately how long from the time you got off of the ship until you were back in Waimea eating lunch? We are thinking of doing this the morning of day 2 and I want to make sure that we have time to get back to the ship by 1pm when our rental car company closes.
  14. Darn. Thanks for letting me know. Too bad they don't announce it ahead like with the increasing service charges so that we could pre-book. I wonder if onboard individual drink prices are going up too?
  15. alwalaska

    POA - Logistics of car rental at ports

    There is an Enterprise walking distance from the port in Maui. The Hertz is a bit farther but someone posted a video showing it as walkable too.