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  1. In Honolulu, the Platinum and above (or maybe just PP and above) were seated with the suite people, but I think that is pretty rare.
  2. Thank you so much for your review. I can't wait to have time to go through the whole thing. I always love your thorough reviews.
  3. Has anyone ever sailed in the forward ocean view cabins with the slanted wall? Does it feel claustrophobic for people who are tall? Also, so all of the ocean view have a "couch" type thing? Do any of the interiors? I read something about a "sitting area" but the pictures looked like the only available sitting was a chair at the desk and the bed. Thanks! Looking to book Europe 2021 on the Escape and trying to decide on a cabin. No balcony splurging on a cold port intensive itinerary for me. Thanks.
  4. We aren't saying get rid of the perks. Just let those of us who don't find them beneficial to book at a lower cost without them and still pick our cabin number.
  5. But I want to pick my cabin. That is why I was hoping NCL would consider adding a fee to simply pick a cabin that is only a small amount over the GTY price rather than hundreds of dollars more.
  6. Am I the only person who wishes that we could go back to the days when there was only a reasonable size difference in the cost of booking a "sail-away" cabin vs the lowest category cabin in that same type? I don't really want any of the freebies. I'm too anal and picky to allow NCL to pick my flights and seats. I don't drink, so the tips and taxes on the beverage package are more expensive than a soda package without a freebie. I am platinum, and our 2 specialty dining perks are sufficient for us. Our self booked private shore excursions are typically cheaper than their NCL counterparts, even with a $50 discount. My data plan works in most countries and the WiFi is typically so slow, I don't care to use it any way. I wish there was a way to pick a room and bypass all the "free" perks and only pay something like $75 above the sail-away prices or something. Am I really alone in thinking this way?
  7. Have you been on the Escape? I love your reviews and am planning Europe 2021 and it looks like Escape is the only ship in the northern part of Europe that year.
  8. I actually wish they would do away with all of the promotions. The price difference between a sail-away balcony and one where you get to pick a category is crazy. We don't want any of the promos, so the choice is, pay for things we don't want so that we can pick our cabin, or take the luck of the draw with a sail-away category. I wish there was a $75 fee or something over the sail-away price where you can pick a cabin number, but opt for no promos.
  9. Thank you all. I am platinum and working my way up to Platinum Plus. We were given breakfast and lunch in Cagney's on POA like KeithJenner and someone else went to walk out when they were giving their speech about how this was a suite only perk. As she was walking out, the manager from Cagney's checked her name on the list and said she was in the right place because of her latitudes member. Cagney's was never crowded, except that last breakfast, so like Keith said, there are so few past members, it is an extra perk they have thrown in. I had also done the Meet and Greet for our cruise, so I wasn't sure about the Latitude level that got people in. Thanks for the info on the other benefits. I used my free laundry for the first time last cruise and it was a nice benefit. Just wish I could switch all of the bottles of wine for bottles of Diet Pepsi or water easier. 🙂
  10. I know every ship does things slightly different, but I was wondering about the following: 1) Do any level of Latitudes membership get breakfast and lunch in Cagney's? 2) This past cruise we received a "priority" tender ticket in our cabin the night before our only tender port and were told this would allow us to get on the next tender at any time. Is this SOP? Do you go to the end of the line, even if it is 3 stories long, or is there a special line? We went so early this last time that they were not requiring tickets yet. 3) Is the priority disembarkation only at the end of the cruise? How does it work? 4) How does the 30 minutes of free Internet work? I didn't need it this last cruise, but it would be nice on a longer cruise with sea days. Thanks!
  11. Keith, Thank you so much for the detailed info. Your dining guide helped a ton with our recent cruise on the Pride of America. When you say that we will avoid school holidays, I am guessing you mean for the UK. In the US, schools are out June through August and sometimes longer. I know in several countries, August is the big holiday period. Is that true for most of Europe? I'm hoping that this cruise won't be our only trip. I'm hoping that the cruise will ease us into European land vacations in the future. Cruises are just so easy since I don't have to make plans on where to stay every night and we can see a lot more places and then decide to go back and spend more time at some. I guess I will be waiting up to a year or longer to make our plans. 😞 I guess as long as I stay outside of penalty phases, I can book on another cruise line and then cancel when NCL comes out with their itineraries if there is something comparable. Thanks again.
  12. Thank you all so much for all of the information. I love the Spirit, too bad we already did our long expensive cruise for this 2 year period. Those are amazing itineraries for this fall. I hope something similar comes out for 2021. I really prefer the smaller ocean ships, but just not down to the river cruise size. As soon as I get a chance to decipher all of this info, I'm sure I will have more questions for each of you.
  13. We want to take a cruise in Europe. We are looking at something that starts no farther south than France and goes northward. I've seen Baltic, the British Isles, and others that all look interesting. Here are my questions: Do you have a favorite time of year for a northern Europe cruise? If so, what is it and why? When are the 2021 Europe schedules likely to come out? I prefer NCL as a cruise line, but I will take others for a better itinerary. What should I be looking for or wary of when looking into an European cruise? I'm sure as I get more into this process I will have more questions. Thanks in advance for all of your help.
  14. Lahaina doesn't have an airport either, so if you are on a cruise ship other than NCL POA, then beware of booking a rental at the airport.
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