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  1. RMMariner

    Maybe it is just me .........

    to increase their post count
  2. RMMariner

    Maybe it is just me .........

    people make posts just
  3. RMMariner

    Maybe it is just me .........

    I hate when
  4. Agree that the idea is to maximize revenue, but I think customer satisfaction is something that will impact revenue almost immediately. My wife usually bought a card every second cruise. She would usually use the card up over two cruises. We probably will not buy one again unless we are on a very long cruise. Customer satisfaction will show up in the bottom line our first cruise.
  5. RMMariner

    Clampram has cabin fever!

    Love the idea of a guarantee. You can end up with a great deal or maybe not so great a deal. Half the fun is the anticipation. The couple of times we have booked a guarantee have worked out very well. On the other hand, my wife really hates not knowing, so we don't usually book them. Maybe if I had a bad assignment I would think twice, but at this time we have won the gamble both times. Good luck with your assignment!
  6. RMMariner

    Maybe it is just me .........

    I agree. I do care about the captain because it directly impacts on the morale of the crew. We too, have seen a marked change in a crew when the ship changed captains.
  7. RMMariner

    Maybe it is just me .........

    I really enjoyed your comments, and I agree with them, but it just wasn't as good of thread as it could have been. I do not really like the new format of Cruise Critic, and of course this is entirely the wrong font for an observation of this type. It actually impacted on my enjoyment of this thread, but I will still be back on Cruise Critic tomorrow.
  8. The casinos love beginners. They will be more than happy to show you how to lose your money. 😄
  9. RMMariner

    Elite Drink Hour info?

    The food is hit and miss as well. The last two cruises, Princess advertised sushi, but both times it did not arrive. The rest is okay, but it's not hard to find food on the cruise.
  10. RMMariner

    Princess beverage package

    And milkshakes.
  11. RMMariner

    Condition of Golden Princess

    We were on the Golden last summer to Alaska. Sure there were leaks, and the ship looked a little tired, but we booked to go again this year, so things were not that bad. It seems many people are concerned, and thus Golden seems to sail at a discount to some of the other Princess ships. It may bother some people, but I was fine with it, and I don't think my kids even noticed.
  12. RMMariner

    Advance apology-wine question

    The print is clear, but we did not read the print when we purchased it. We just took the salesperson's word. I am hoping it was an honest mistake by them. We know now, but it certainly diminishes the value of the package in our eyes.
  13. RMMariner

    Advance apology-wine question

    The only problem with the wine package in our experience is that it does not transfer over to Vines. We like to drink wine and eat the Vine's sushi and tapas. You are supposed to buy your wine at Vines, and they do not accept the wine package. When we bought our wine package, we were told that it would be accepted at Vines. The people selling the packages misinformed us. We went to passenger service and they agreed to let us just carry wine over from the dining room, and the waiters at Vines served us sushi and tapas, but I am not sure if they will always let passengers do this.
  14. RMMariner

    The End of Coffee Cards???

    I think the emotions in this topic are generated by the feeling that Princess has been unfair in revoking the cards. We are not elite and did purchase a card with punches left on it. We will use it up next cruise, but if we could not, I would feel a little ripped off. Allowing the lead time for expiry worked for us, but probably not for everyone. It has been mentioned in a couple posts - Princess is probably responding to people abusing the cards. Reselling the cards is taking advantage. Much like what happened with the All You Could Drink package where multiple people were drinking off the same drink package. Blame the behaviour of your fellow passengers. Princess may have had better ways of dealing with this, but I can see why they did it.
  15. RMMariner

    Mini Suite with Kids

    Pullout will be fine. Our kids were older and could fit.