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  1. RMMariner

    Just how bad is Princess’ food?

    A previous poster mentioned the differences between ships. We have travelled on Princess a number of times and always enjoyed the food to varying degrees. Last cruise was two weeks on the Golden. The food was not good in the buffet. It seemed like the only spice used was salt. The MDR was hit and miss. That had never been our experience before. Even the sushi at Vines was below other ship's standards. We have been on the Star, Ruby and Grand. The food was definitely better on those ships. I really think that Princess should look at why this happens. I believe it probably starts with the head chefs.
  2. We have been on the Star several times. The current machine was working the first time and not functioning the last two times.
  3. RMMariner

    Golden Princess Problems Aft Dry Dock

    We are on the Golden in August and September. Hope to hear that the ship's problems are temporary.
  4. Our first cruise was on the Grand. It is a little tired, but we really enjoyed it. Alfredo's and the indoor pool are big pluses.
  5. RMMariner

    Princess cruse bait and switch

    So pretty much the normal course for a thread on these boards. Enough of this, lets talk about tipping and formal nights now. :D
  6. RMMariner

    Do we BOTH have to get the beverage package?

    But that is not all that will be said.:)
  7. RMMariner

    Juices and Milk - Free of Charge?

    10 year old thread. Everything old is new again. I too, am still waiting for the machines like Celebrity has.
  8. RMMariner

    Does a 49 day trip get boring ?

    At this stage in my life 49 would be much too long, but when my business wraps up, and our kids are all grown and gone, I think it would be great. I would need there to be a minimal number of sea days to really enjoy it however.
  9. RMMariner

    Help with I'd problem

    It is careless, but I think most people live in fear of this. It can happen to anyone if you are not careful. One cruise, my wife and I had our passports (or so I thought) set out, and were getting ready to go. Just before we left the house, I checked the passports one last time. Somehow we had our two sons' passports. One of us had grabbed the wrong two passports off of the desk. If we had not checked, we would have missed the cruise. Always triple check!
  10. RMMariner

    Port of Vancouver

    The plan, I believe, is to create a cruise ship terminal in Delta (which is about 30 km) from Vancouver. It already has facilities for freighters, you would not have to go under the Lions Gate and the water is much deeper than the Port of Vancouver. The downside is you would be landing in Delta. It would make it harder to embark for those of us who live here, but there really is no alternative. Canada Place is just not capable of handling the volume of passengers anymore.
  11. RMMariner

    2019-20 Hawaii, Mexico and California Coast

    Thanks for the info. Looks like Vancouver is getting a cruise to Hawaii and California. Thought Princess might be discontinuing those.
  12. RMMariner

    Happy Hour

    Interesting. I suspected this might be the case, but I did not want to overstate my argument. What you are saying just strengthens my belief that the elimination of BOGO is a mistake. Redoing the numbers means that Princess will be losing even more than I thought. Thanks for the information.
  13. RMMariner

    Happy Hour

    When I was younger, I was head of security for a number of bars. If you were tipping like that, the service most definitely would improve. The staff always remembered the big tippers, and the entire bar went out of its way to make sure the tipping customer's night was amazing. The customer would jump front door lines (in Vancouver that could be a couple hours at a hot bar on a busy night), get drinks comped by the bar, have their alcohol upgraded, their pours were very generous, and they were always the first to be served by waitresses and bartenders. They did not need to tip $ 100 every drink, but often it was a couple hundred over the course of the night. Money well spent if you wanted to have a good time.
  14. RMMariner

    Happy Hour

    I have said this before, but I really believe Princess is going to cost themselves money with the escalation of drink prices and the removal of BOGO. People will cheat more (two sharing a Drink Package, smuggling alcohol on), We will not do this, but Princess has made this option more attractive for some people. More importantly for Princess, people will just drink less. We often went to BOGOs and would have a couple drinks each time. It was a nice time to meet up with friends (both old and new). Now that we feel like Princess is being overly greedy, we will certainly drink much less. I would think Princess would pay very little for their alcohol (duty free, and bulk buying). Say a drink costs them $2. (Just guessing, but I cannot be that far off.) If they sold 8 drinks for $10 (4 of those are BOGO), that is $28 in profit. Or without BOGO, they would sell 2 drinks, and make around $16. In our case they will probably sell no drinks. The bars were already very quiet. They were only really busy during BOGO times. They have cancelled a pleasant social time that must have made them money. As a passenger I am not happy, and as a shareholder, I am not happy. Princess is banking on people just accepting the increase and carrying on. I am not sure that this will happen.
  15. RMMariner

    Free beverages on Princess.

    Morning juices are good, but the lemonade and iced tea are both awful. At least in my opinion.