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  1. Amber Cove is in the Dominican Republic and there is information on that board.
  2. I doubt it. They could maybe pay for an extra guide to walk all the way up the trail with your group and then walk that person back down but you don't see the falls until you are going through/down them. You can try contacting the park itself, link below. Probably best to pick a different excursion for the group or at least for that person unfortunately. I am afraid of heights and made it (and had a ton of fun!) but not sure a fear of water would be a good match since you are in the water 90% of the time after the hike up. http://www.27charcos.com/index.php
  3. Thanks @Caribbean Beach Bum! Great information!
  4. Great! Thanks for the info! 🙂
  5. Hi all! We are looking to do a DIY trip to Cemetery Beach to snorkel on our upcoming cruise in March. I have found the bus routes and maps online and that it is pretty easy to just flag them down on the road to get back to the bus depot. What I can't seem to find is if the stops listed below are the only places they stop on the way out or if you let them know where you want to go when you get on if they will drop you somewhere close? The Governor's Residence, the Turtle Center and Hell all look to be somewhat of a hike from Cemetery so we may take a taxi out if those would be the only stops. Thanks to anyone that can provide any knowledge! 🙂
  6. Agree with this. We had a great trip with Iguana Mama! We normally DIY most ports but liked the option of the transportation and lunch for this one. To note, even if you get yourself there you still have to pay the park for entrance and for a guide (safety reasons) so it will not be fully on your own any way you go. Here is the park's website for more info. http://www.27charcos.com/index.php
  7. If I remember correctly there is either a ladder or slide option at each of the ones with a jump option. I am afraid of heights and honestly the largest jump was the only one that had me very nervous and the ladder option looked scarier than just jumping. Only personal opinion though. The water is pretty deep in some of the areas (or was when we were there December 2018). I am 5'4" and there were definitely some areas I couldn't touch the bottom. Some of the pools below the higher jumps (obviously you don't want to hit the bottom) and a stretch between a couple of the falls required swimming/floating.
  8. The kind that have a strap that goes around your head? I would think that would be ok but if no strap probably not as they would come off easily when you hit the water. Maybe email and ask either the actual park or the tour operator you are looking at using? We emailed Mama Iguana a few questions before booking and they were quick to get back to us with answers. https://www.iguanamama.com/
  9. Columbus Cove, Adrenaline Beach...not sure if there is one more? As I said in my post above, my husband has snorkeled both Columbus and Adrenaline and really didn't see anything. The water was too cold for me to be interested in getting in. If you just enjoy floating and looking around in the water (as my husband does!) it might be worth it to bring your gear. I know you have a kiddo so I wanted to note that the water over by Adrenaline was rougher than at Columbus. There is a rock break to the right but some largish waves still came over when we were there.
  10. We went December 2018 and really loved it! If I remember correctly the walk to the the first set (7) is not too bad, the walk to the second set (12) was more strenuous and the walk to the top (27) was about the same degree of strenuous as the walk to the second but obviously extended. To note we are both 40, live in Colorado (high altitude), are both in relatively good shape and have both been hiking since we were small. We made several "break" stops on the way up and were provided with a bottle of water (they packed the empty bottles down for us). I am guessing how many breaks depends on the group? We went with Mama Iguana and I would highly recommend them! When you go with them you get 1 guide from Mama Iguana and 2-3 guides from the park. They were very helpful and aware of everyone's needs. I think probably fitness level for the climb up and then stability (agility) on the way down may be things to consider in how many you want to do? The ground going up was a pretty typical hiking train (rough/rocky/uneven in some areas) and for the 27 falls there is some walking in between falls on the way down. You are walking in and along a river bed so it is rocky in some areas. The guides kept a pretty close eye on all of us and would walk with people who looked like they might need assistance. The jumps/slides themselves all felt pretty safe. They are really good about telling you how to jump and where to aim. The highest jump was the only one I felt pretty nervous about (I am scared of heights!) but I am so glad I did it! It was a real rush! There is the option to climb down a ladder if you don't want to jump but for me I think that might have been worse! Take either tennis shoes you don't mind getting wet or Keen/Teva type shoes. Again you will be hiking up a trail and walking on some rocky areas so make sure they are comfortable. The park will also provide their special shoes for you for a small fee if you prefer (or if you show up with the wrong shoes). One couple on our excursion came in water shoes like you would wear to the beach and the guides basically made them use the park's shoes. They argued for a bit about it but at the end I asked the guy and he said they were very glad they listened to the guides and used the park provided shoes. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
  11. We have cruised vegan before on Carnival (2) and Royal (2) so have a pretty good idea of the best way to get our needs met as far as the buffet and main dining room go. I am wondering about Celebrity Specialty Dining, specifically on the Reflection but welcome experience from other Celebrity ships as well. We are taking our next cruise in March 2020 with my in laws. My father-in-law would like to take us all to dinner one night at one of the specialty restaurants but wanted to know if my husband and I would have any options. Has anyone had any luck with vegan options in specialty dining? We are fine going to talk to the maitre'd the day or evening before but I wasn't sure if that would help in this situation or if they really just serve the menu they have available without a lot of substitutions/special requests.
  12. We used Go Port Canaveral last December and had a good experience. We stayed at the Hampton Inn Gateway Village. Cost of the whole thing (hotel and port transport to and from) on Go Port Canaveral was the same price as just the hotel would have been. The hotel had a shuttle from the airport and they would also take you anywhere within 2 miles (I think 2 but maybe 5) of the hotel. There were plenty of food options within walking distance as well (2 or 3 just across the parking lot). Go Port Canaveral picked us up in a touring type bus the next morning and took us to the port, then to the airport when we returned. Simplest stay and transfer we have ever had cruising! https://www.goport.com/
  13. Sapphire! Not crowded, beautiful water and great snorkeling if you go out from the beach a bit! We took a taxi last December but don't remember the cost.
  14. Stairs unless I am dressed for formal night! Too dangerous in heels and carrying wine! 😉
  15. Last December I emailed the below email address about 2 weeks before we sailed to very politely request a table for 2. I never received a reply but we did indeed have a nice table for 2. 🙂 brmaitred@carnival.com
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