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  1. There are only curtains on 2 sides of the bed but they are easily adjustable. No need to find the attendant. They are a canvas type material so they stay put pretty well but there was a good breeze part of the day we were there so we had to adjust them a couple times when they were blown around.
  2. This. ^^ I generally carry our wine and my husband carries 2 packs of red bull. We have gone through security lines both together and separately, only 1 time did the person at the scanner ask to see what was in the bag with the red bull boxes. My husband started to unzip the bag and she said "Ok, you are good to go." Didn't even see what might have been in the bag. YMMV of course and you could get a security person who actually cares and will confiscate 1 bottle. Up to you how attached you would be to the second bottle.
  3. For the shipwreck in Grand Turk...if you walk all the way down the beach to where the industrial pier is you can get in the water and swim under the pier to the other side. We were in Grand Turk last December and stopped at Jack's Shack (not too far from that pier on the beach). My husband was out snorkeling (not much to see apparently) and swam under the pier to the shipwreck. Not sure if this is against any "rules" but no one said anything to him.
  4. Are you staying the night in Orlando before the cruise? If so I would recommend Go Port Canaveral. We used them this past December and they were great. We were able to get our hotel, transportation to the port the next morning and transportation back to the airport the day we returned from the cruise all for the same price the hotel on it's own would have been. They use nice big buses instead of cramped vans also which was a nice change. https://www.goport.com/
  5. In regards to carrying off your own bags...if you are on the 11th floor you would need to be able to maneuver your suitcases and any other items you have with you down 8-10 flights of stairs as you will generally disembark on one of the lower decks. The staircases can be crowded with people (sometimes even sitting on the stairs). You can try to wait for an elevator but when we disembarked from the Breeze last December we waited about 30 minutes before finally giving up and just using the stairs. After you get into the terminal you will need to haul everything you have down a longish hallway, down an escalator and then through the lower level to the customs line. It can be done but if you are worried about it and have the time to spare it might be worth putting your luggage out the night before and just picking it up in the terminal before customs. We always do self-assist but have seen many people struggle quite a bit and there is very little help to be had the morning you leave the ship as all of the crew is busy "herding cats" off the ship or getting ready for turnaround.
  6. We went to Columbus Cove the first time we were in Labadee (4 years ago maybe?) and there was plenty of shade to be had. We went to Adrenaline Beach (had a beach bed) 2 years ago and there really wasn't much shade at all. We had shade from the beach bed but if you were just in a lounger I think you would be in the sun all day. I would recommend going to Columbus Cove.
  7. We did the 27 Waterfalls excursion with them in December and loved it! Highly recommend!
  8. https://www.spacex.com/webcast This is the most current launch. https://www.spacex.com/news/2019/04/12/arabsat-6a-mission This one is from April of this year and around the 27-28 minute mark you can see the boosters come back down and land. Pretty cool!
  9. I second the library suggestion, this is what we do most of the time.
  10. The ones I remember on Carnival this most recent time were some kind of nut (gluten free also maybe?) based cake which was a bit dry, dairy free panna cotta (no idea how they managed that) and cherries jubilee. I would honestly rather just eat fruit for dessert or nothing but felt rude saying so since they had prepared things especially for us. Next time I will probably let them know at the beginning that I will skip dessert. 🙂 We learn a little something every cruise that makes things a bit easier the next time.
  11. Not lactose intolerant but vegan here. We have had the best luck doing the following: 1. Calling or emailing the cruise line's special needs department before we leave. 2. Visiting the Maitre'd during his "open" hours in the dining room on embarkation day to make sure our needs have been communicated and see if they have any questions. This is also the best way to have dinner the first night go smoothly. 3. Have "fixed" time dining vs what ever incarnation of "my time" the cruise line has. You keep your same waitstaff every night so you don't have to keep re-explaining things. 4. Ordering the next nights meal at dinner. The only time we have not done this was on Carnival last December and they asked if they could just surprise us each night. This went fine, everything was good but it ended up being too much food for me as I don't generally eat an appetizer, entree and dessert. 5. Speaking with one of the higher chef level people at the buffet vs one of the line cooks/servers. I believe if you have an actual allergy they prepare your food in a separate kitchen so that would limit the cross contamination issues more but I think that is why they want you to order ahead of time also.
  12. I have had motion sickness since I was a child. I am worst in cars and some days get sick being in the car for just 30-40 minutes. Weirdly I do not get sick at all on cruises, maybe something to do with the size of the ship and the stabilizers they have now? I always take some non-drowsy Dramamine with me anyway just in case. I would also recommend checking with your child's Dr or a local pharmacist but I know they have children's Dramamine as this is what my parents used to give me for longer car trips. At the time I don't think they had non-drowsy but I would guess they might now?
  13. Did your ENT discuss the Epley Manuever at all? I had BPV rather than MDDS but it could be worth a try. There are several videos online that show you how to do it at home. It is a series of movements so it's non-invasive. One of the vertigo boards mentioned that it helps some people with MDDS but not everyone.
  14. I personally wouldn't waste time snorkeling on Labadee. We have been twice, both snorkeled off of Columbus Cove the first time and husband snorkeled off of Adrenaline Beach the second time. The water is very cloudy from the sandy bottom being stirred up and there is very little to see. Off of Columbus Cove we saw a couple fish and 1-2 extremely small jelly fish. Off of Adrenaline Beach my husband said he saw next to nothing aside from trash on the bottom. He did manage to rescue 2 ship cards and 1 debit card, which he turned into ship security when we boarded. Unless you are just looking for a way to pass the time there are probably more enjoyable things to do on Labadee.
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