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  1. As far as the yacht club restaurant on ocean cay, what was on the menu?? Was it only open a short time? What about the bar, I watched a couple of YouTube videos that showed the restaurant/bar but didn’t show the menu or food. If we are in the yacht club area in lounge chairs by the beach will servers come by for drink service or do we have to go find a bar? Thanks for any input!
  2. I’m interested in these for my July cruise, I’d love to hear someone’s experience renting these!!
  3. Great menu pic!! I see under liqueurs the first two, baileys and patron xo cafe put them together on the rocks it’s an excellent after dinner drink!
  4. Charge for Hendricks?? Oh noooooo!!! I guess as long as there’s tanqueray I’ll be ok!
  5. Thanks for the info! Make sure you report back after your cruise😎
  6. I am lowly bronze on ncl, not much but something!! I did the status match mostly to get the 5%(somethings better than nothing!) when I logged in to see how many points I have/how many I would earn from cruising, they only gave me 1 point! Is this normal? Has anyone else matched to classic and only been given 1 point! Others who have matched to higher tiers, do they just give you the bare minimum points for that level?
  7. After weeks of trying to use the search function and not coming up successfully I decided to start asking some questions!! I am sailing with my husband in July in an interior yacht club cabin on the seaside. the yacht club experience states all drinks within the yacht club and all other restaurants and bars, to me that sounds like no matter the price, we get it, no upcharge. Wouldn’t that include the drinks from venchi also? Does being in the yacht club include a certain drink package? Premium or plus? My booking confirmation states the easy package and internet and $100
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