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  1. Bajan Keith

    Trying to plan for Alaska 2020...which ship?

    We are also planning a 2020 Alaska cruise four or 10th anniversary so I am very happy to come across this thread. This will be a bucket list cruise for us.
  2. Bajan Keith

    Our Alaskan Adventure 08/21/18-08/28/18

    Great Review and fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing!!
  3. Really enjoyed reading this review. Great Job!!(y)
  4. This is not true!! It's bottled right here in Barbados
  5. Bajan Keith

    2020 Alaska Sailings

    Thanks for the info. It will be an anniversary (10th) or us as well. We are really excited to get it booked.
  6. Bajan Keith

    LEGEND ALASKA July 31, 2018 Photo Review

    Great review and Fantastic photos!!!(y) This has made me even more excited about my 2020 Alaska cruise:). Can't wait for those sailings to be released!:D
  7. Bajan Keith

    2020 Alaska Sailings

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any idea when the 2020 Alaska Sailings will come out? We are very excited to cross this item off our bucket list.:)
  8. Bajan Keith

    The First Voyage of the Norwegian Bliss to Alaska

    Wonderful review and photos!! Thanks for taking the time to post. My wife and I were planning to do our Alaska cruise on Pearl but your photos of Bliss have us seriously thinking of doing this ship. This will be a bucket list cruise for us so we are planning to splurge a bit.
  9. Awesome review. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Bajan Keith

    Review of Pearl to Alaska 6-3-18

    Great review and photos (y) makes me yearn for a trip to Alaska even more!
  11. Great Review and Fantastic Photos. (y) My wife and I are doing a bucket list Alaska cruise for our 10th anniversary and this has made us want to move it up!! Great job!!
  12. Bajan Keith

    Taxi to Harrison Caves

    You are both very welcome!
  13. Bajan Keith

    Barbados - bargaining

    While some vendors may play hardball with their pricing if you ask for a better price more often than not they will be willing to entertain "reasonable offers". NB this is relatvie as to what the particular vendor thinks the value of their product is.
  14. Bajan Keith

    Brandon’s beach

    Hi Chris, You can't go wrong with either one. They pretty much offer the same type of expereince. My suggestion would be to pick which ever one gives you more bang for your buck:D
  15. Bajan Keith

    Purchasing items MADE in Barbados

    There is a craft village as you exit the port to your left. Its called Pelican Craft Village and you will find some of te best locally made products there, evertything from craft to local preserves etc.