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  1. Many thanks for the photos, it will be most interesting to know how 200 passengers are going to enjoy viewing the icebergs as they cruise Antarctica. It appears the best view will mean going outside into the cold. We had a fantastic voyage to South Georgia and Antarctica onboard Seabourn Quest and although twice as many passengers the viewing from their observation lounge was amazing. We also had a great view from our cabin and balcony, as I guess the best option will be on the Eclipse, but it is always more enjoyable to be seeing the view on both sides of the ship and in a warm and fun environment. It will be most interesting to read more reviews as time goes by.
  2. When Scenic first announced that they were building a cruise ship, we made a booking which was later cancelled due to the construction delays. As soon as the first plans were issued and also prior to the build, we raised the question as to the forward visibility because it looked then that this would be an issue. We raised this both in Scenic information sessions and also by email directly to Scenic. The replies were always that it would not be a problem. Amazing to have no actual observation lounge.
  3. Thankyou Goorawin for your feedback. Our Antarctica cruise was cancelled and we did not rebook due to the new price being dearer than our original cancelled booking. It is good that the Eclipse is finally sailing. Can you tell me if the forward view from the observation lounge inside, is good, as it seemed like the height of the bow would hinder the outlook? Can you enjoy the view without having to stand up? As others have said, we really appreciate the time you have spent reviewing and reporting everything, thanks again.
  4. The above post is from Facebook. Hopefully all will now be ok. Our Antarctica cruise was cancelled but we were fully refunded and able to get onboard Seabourn Quest. Only just home and must say don’t miss South Georgia. Seabourn was a fantastic way to see Antarctica and their expedition team were excellent. we hope to still be able to try the Scenic Eclipse one day
  5. We have now been refunded the final amount which was for the cancellation costs for our flights. Our TA had to show proof of the cancellation and the amount that was non refundable and Scenic then refunded that amount. I can understand Scenic not refunding costs if there is no proof of cancellation or that an amount was nor refunded. If you are still out of pocket, get the airline or your TA to show proof that the tickets were cancelled and that you were not reimbursed in any way, then submit that for a refund from Scenic.
  6. We have received nearly all of our money back from our March Antarctica cruise. The balance has been approved but just going through the system atm. We were able to get a suite onboard Seabourn Quest for this Christmas and New Year in Antarctica so very happy as we love Seabourn. We were unable to rebook any Antarctica Scenic cruise in the time frame given in the category that we had previously booked and not paying even more than previously. i wish everyone well who are still booked, it will be a lovely ship amd maybe one day we may get another opportunity to be onboard. The attached photo and news is dated 6 December so hopefully all is well
  7. Is there also an option of taxis waiting at the terminal that will take you to Santiago. We we don’t want to have to rush off the ship and the ships transfer costs are very high.
  8. Unfortunately we paid by bank transfer 😞 The payment was to our TA not direct to Scenic
  9. Unfortunately we paid by bank transfer 😞
  10. Unfortunately we paid by bank transfer 😞
  11. We tried to rebook another similar cruise at a later date to utilise the 25% discount but as there were no cabins available in our category and we were asked to pay for a spa suite which was the only availability left. With our former loyalty and expo rewards not allowed this time and a shorter cruise without the free night, we were expected to pay even more for the next shorter trip even with the discount. This is not working with us to ensure we can make an alternate booking. We also would need to pay either in full or a very healthy deposit prior to the ship being launched. I feel sorry for the problems Glen Moroney is having nut surely he should be making sure his loyal clients are taken care of. We can only hope that our refund is not delayed.
  12. So do I, we will be soooo disappointed ☹️
  13. I do feel for Glen Moroney and all the problems he has had to face with the building of the Eclipse. I just hope that we are able to enjoy our cruise on this fabulous ship and really feel for everyone who have had their trip cancelled. Hopefully we will receive good news soon and get to see the progress of the fitout.
  14. I have had no further news which is disappointing. Twice I have messaged Scenic with my concerns and also asked when will we hear something about the submarine as one helicopter has been delivered but no info about the sub. I just got a standard answer about how great the ship will be. The lack of updates is a real concern and all booked passengers should be getting a weekly update regarding the fitout. I don’t think the office has any idea unfortunately. I have also noticed that Scenic now refer to Eclipse’s maiden voyage as early 2019 not end of January. We will be so disappointed if this trip is cancelled, here’s hoping all will be ok. It must be a very stressful time for the Moroney family but wish they could let us all know what they know. Surely they would not keep taking our money is they are aware of the cruise date being cancelled.
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