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  1. We've done 20+ cruises on at least six different cruise lines but never Marella or Thompson . . . . using P&O as a decent standard and Olsen as about as basic as we would accept where does Marella come in on the scale?
  2. Our annual cover via my previous employer finished recently when I reached 70. I have been online and had quotes varying from £150 to £600 with no clear way of identifying whether one is any better than the other. We were on a Celebrity Cruise last year when helicopters came out to us from Oman to take off a passenger and the story going round the ship of the cost of that was an 'eye watering' figure. I need to be content that I am covered for that type of event but I don't want to pay more than I need to pay. Suggestions?
  3. I choose my wine by illiminating anything from Europe then I look for the highest alcohol content (works for me) :)
  4. After 20 cruises over the past 15 years with various lines I know it's their job to get my money and they produce whatever business model they choose because they believe that models will get them the most profit. 15 - 20 years back there no all inclusive drinks packages and in recent years there has been a trend towards more and more cruise lines offering these packages. Celebrity often throw it in for 'free,' of course I know it's not free, I pay for it in some other way but as packages go the P&O one has far greater restrictions/exclusions than any other I've had which is a shame. I don't expect anything for nothing and as a captive audience I expect to pay a premium but I expect something for something and for example, if I buy 12 bottles in a package I expect a bit more than the possibility of it being a 'better' wine. All that said, it is what it is and I'll probably buy those 12/24 bottles and that will do us. (and then there's the bottles of water (last time they were £1 a bottle, probably £5 now)!
  5. Thanks for the link . . . So, if it costs £6.70 for a 250ml glass of wine why would I pay £20 a bottle (the discounted price for 12 bottles)?
  6. Thanks for the link . . At £20+ for a bottle for wine the £40 a day package starts to look like a option worthy of consideration but then there's the small print . . . . 'An incredible array of beers, single-measure spirits, cocktails and wines by the glass up to £6.95 as listed on our menus' what wines are below £6.95 / what glass size (volume) is below £6.95? 'Alcoholic drinks are limited to 15 beverages per 24-hour period (6am to 6am); Only one drink at a time may be ordered (minimum 15-minute wait between orders)' I am sure we would not drink 15 glasses but I am not sure I like the idea of the 'drink's police' watching over me with a stop watch whilst I am on my holidays! I am beginning to remember why we switched from P&O to Celebrity !
  7. So, what are the current options? We've just picked up a P&O cruise in December, it's been at least 3 years since we were last on P&O (preferring Celebrity). We don't drink during the day but do like decent glug of wine with our evening meal and I do prefer to pay up front and forget about the price. On previous P&O cruises our only option was wine packages e.g. 10 bottles got a xx% discount. What are the current options?
  8. Thanks for the replies . . . . from what I can see Uniworld looks like it's about £750 per couple per day, does that equate to any kind of value for money for what they provide?
  9. Hi We did a (standard) Nile cruise 10 years ago and very much enjoyed it. Having done more than 20 ocean cruises looking back at that Nile cruise it left us with a lot of good memories. We like to do it again and take on some of the tours we missed first time round. I don't recall which boat we were on but it was pretty 'basic' and I learned back then that all the boats have a 5 star rating. We'd like to do it again on a 'better' boat with a better room, better food (and better wine) but searching on google it's sooooooo difficult to sort the wheat out from the chaff. The prices vary massively and I know form our last experience that it's not a simple matter of 'you get what you pay for.' So I am looking for recommendations December, January or February - clean, luxury, balcony of suite all inclusive trips with decent food and drink at a fair price - name that boat?
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