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  1. When and where are these cruises? Sounds like something we would like to do.
  2. I doubt very much that there will be many cruises in December or January.
  3. Just saying - they don't always put a full shot in the drinks so unless your drinking beer or wine you're probably not getting the equivalent of 15 drinks.
  4. We were to have been on her this week for inaugural cruise Rome to London. Really disappointed.
  5. Not only are we booked on the 6/19 cruise but we also got upgraded (for the first time ever) from a balcony to a mini-suite. Final payment is due 4/20 so I'm holding off making payment because we really don't want that much FCC. Also, if ship isn't ready maybe because we are already booked they might give us a better deal on a cruise later in the year.
  6. We have been upgraded on 2 of our next three cruises and all were booked on casino rate. One of cruises is on very first Enchanted cruise from a balcony to a mini. The only problem is that I'm sure that the cruise will be cancelled as the boat yards in Italy are closed down and I doubt that they will be able to do the sea trials and any further work before the June 19th sale date. The other is for 02/21 and I was upgraded from the lowest balcony class to the highest balcony class (40 sq ft more is the only thing I could see was different but it is in mid-ship so that works great.) We booke
  7. I just returned from a cruise on the Crown. Loved the ship but as far as drink package - yuck. Drinks had very little alcohol in them. At most 1/2 of a shot. If you like wine or beer it is a good deal.
  8. I wish they would decide soon. We'd schedule something else if this is a no go. Contact me in D327 if you hear anything more. Candy.
  9. If you need air fare use ezair which you can use directly with Princess. Prices are great and if they go down in price you can refare with no penalty. Can also cancel or make changes up to 45 days prior to cruise.
  10. I wear glittery flip flops and have never been turned away.
  11. Why should cruise lines have to compensate anything to do with this virus? Really not their fault or responsibility. I think it's great that Princess is doing this.
  12. Just waiting now to board on Crown for a 20 day (not a b2b). Just want sunshine and relaxation. Good food a plus but not necessary.
  13. My husband ordered the wristband and it looks like it may not securely hold the medallion. We are returning it once on board. The lanyard actually isn't that bad.
  14. We did the package a couple of years back and they had few of the wines listed.
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