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  1. This week I also received an e-mail moving our Lido deck balconies to a supposed upgrade balcony. I specifically wanted the Lido deck because of the easy access to the swimming pools for my kids. I also had a no upgrade listed. I sent an e-mail to our Princess Vacation Planner and she immediately changed our rooms back. She is the best!
  2. How much in advance are you able to schedule on the app for Dine My Way?
  3. Question - If I have a cruise leaving on a Saturday and will be arriving by plane on the day prior and I am taking the actual test on Thursday and won't have the results until possible Saturday the day my cruise departs - how can I prove the test results when I took the test in my home state and won't have proof of results before Sorry if this is confusing but I'm not really familiar with how we get results to Princess.
  4. I'm confused about offers. I've always gotten casino rate just on any cruises I wanted simply by telling my Princess travel person and she has always given it to me. 35% off interior, 25% off balcony and 15% off suite. The offers I have gotten by e-mail or snail mail and generally are for $ for on board gambling and sometimes a specialty restaurant. I've only once been offered a free interior cabin as I probably don't gamble enough to warrant any more free cabins.
  5. If your kids are anything like mine, they want to be at a beach or the pool. I would check out the pools on the deck plans for each ship and see which location appeals. Princess Cays is excellent for beach time for the day and very safe. Also Cozumel has some excellent beaches along with excursions which would appeal to teens. Jamaica was scary in my opinion and I think Dunns falls is overrated. I have sailed on both Regal and Caribbean and enjoyed both.
  6. I have excellent prices on two of my upcoming cruises. Only problem is that airfare has more than doubled what it was last year.
  7. Just a few suggestions. Bring your own shampoo and conditioner along with a bar of soap. Princess products aren't the best. Hair dryer is not very strong so you may want to bring your own. As far as Club Class - we have done both club and non-club. Advantage of Club Class for us was the fact that you didn't have a set time to be seated and also we felt that the service was far superior to the main dining rooms however I'm not sure if it is worth the additional cost. Club class room mini suites are not any different than regular mini suites. One advantage is that you get priority embarkation but Princess has such an efficient set-up that you really don't need it. Biggest thing I liked on Princess is the Sanctuary however you cannot pre-book it. If you think you might like to do it you need to hot-foot it right away when you board because spaces book up quickly. We enjoyed the Crown Grille and Alfredo's. Crooner's is also nice. International Cafe is great for quick bites. Have fun!
  8. Wow - I didn't think of comparing gasoline prices but now that you mentioned it in Minnesota the cost of regular gas (not jet fuel LOL) today is 2.34 at Costco and in 2019 (average for year in MN) was 2.49 and in 2020 it was 2.60. I'm sure the price of fuel differs greatly from state to state due to gas taxes but my increase in fare from 2019 to 2021 was more than 100%. I'll still check periodically to see if fares comes down before making final payment. I know that airlines contract out their fuel prices months in advance and maybe even longer. I know the airlines have suffered tremendously due to a variety of factors this past year. Thanks all for your input. It definitely gives a different slant to things. I just want to cruise again!
  9. This was based on comparison of 2019 actual purchase and not 2020.
  10. I really should have clarified the costs. Compared to flights one year ago, the prices are more than double. The cruise cost itself is very reasonable.
  11. Just booked our EZ Air for our March 2022 cruise - prices are insane. They are almost as much as the cruise itself. Sure hope the prices come down some before we have to make final payment. Anyone else experiencing this?
  12. I don't think you can go wrong with any of those decks. What you may want to check if there is anything other than cabins above or below the cabin you choose and also where it is located on the deck. Some people have complained about elevator noise but I prefer to be near the elevators and I have never had a problem with noise. Also some complain about being near the laundry and again I have not had any noise problems. Some cabins have larger balconies than others. Mostly the only difference may be the cost as some decks get a higher price for the same cabin.
  13. Hair dryers provided by Princess aren't the strongest. Also the soap, shampoo and conditioner are not good. Bring a multi plug-in because very few outlets.
  14. Soap, shampoo, conditioner. I personally don't care for the Princess provided items. Also multi plug in (not sure exactly what it's called).
  15. - Drinks with a full shot of alcohol. - Lights with USB ports. - Better hair dryers. - Longer times in ports - Decent sized lobster tails. - Actual hot water for tea. - Cold beer. I would give up all of the above just to be sailing again.
  16. When and where are these cruises? Sounds like something we would like to do.
  17. I doubt very much that there will be many cruises in December or January.
  18. Just saying - they don't always put a full shot in the drinks so unless your drinking beer or wine you're probably not getting the equivalent of 15 drinks.
  19. We were to have been on her this week for inaugural cruise Rome to London. Really disappointed.
  20. Not only are we booked on the 6/19 cruise but we also got upgraded (for the first time ever) from a balcony to a mini-suite. Final payment is due 4/20 so I'm holding off making payment because we really don't want that much FCC. Also, if ship isn't ready maybe because we are already booked they might give us a better deal on a cruise later in the year.
  21. We have been upgraded on 2 of our next three cruises and all were booked on casino rate. One of cruises is on very first Enchanted cruise from a balcony to a mini. The only problem is that I'm sure that the cruise will be cancelled as the boat yards in Italy are closed down and I doubt that they will be able to do the sea trials and any further work before the June 19th sale date. The other is for 02/21 and I was upgraded from the lowest balcony class to the highest balcony class (40 sq ft more is the only thing I could see was different but it is in mid-ship so that works great.) We booked the 2/21 cruise with the BSE. We have been cruising for 25 years and this is first upgrades. Final payment on the 6/19 cruise is due 4/20 so waiting to make final payment. Really don't want to have that much FCC.
  22. I just returned from a cruise on the Crown. Loved the ship but as far as drink package - yuck. Drinks had very little alcohol in them. At most 1/2 of a shot. If you like wine or beer it is a good deal.
  23. I wish they would decide soon. We'd schedule something else if this is a no go. Contact me in D327 if you hear anything more. Candy.
  24. If you need air fare use ezair which you can use directly with Princess. Prices are great and if they go down in price you can refare with no penalty. Can also cancel or make changes up to 45 days prior to cruise.
  25. I wear glittery flip flops and have never been turned away.
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