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  1. To close this: Just got my deposit back. Took about 45 Days. Hope to see you all on a cruise soon. Today we would have been in Begen / Norway on Pursuit....
  2. ...not good. Had been a nice selection of classics.
  3. ...we had a great experience with two young gentlemen in 2015 (Journey). About 15 well behaving kids on board. Crew got above and beyond setting up a "youth progamme" - they showed films and /or prpared hot dogs or a barbeque ororganized a table tennis tournament. Definitvely not a sophisticated programme but very very nice and personal. Our kids loved it - especially that it was not the sometimes "hectic" 24/7 programme from bigger lines. I rememder also (but not shure) that there were some DVDs to be let at the reception. We never used the wifi - much to expensive.
  4. ....this discussion shows in a nutshell the service and the inconsitencies we are experiencing. To calm down the discussion (thank you all!) - AZ states that they are in a discussion to solve the problem. BUT THEY DID NOT EVEN REACH OUT TO ME - and subsequently do not bother solving my problems. And then, after asking about this, they don´t say sorry or at least they reach out to me at last - no - please contact us. This is unacceptable. We are tired. We are not in a position to discuss the term "to reach out" and we are not in the position to discuss the term "nonrefundable flights" (our excellent TA did this three times). We have applied for the refund - and we will look next year for another cruise with a lovely crew on small ships (cf. my avatar - Journey in Bodrum). Yes it can still be AZ - the crew is not responsible for the staff in the headquarters. But it could also be Oceania, Seabourn ….
  5. By which means did you try to reach me? Thanks for a clarification. (There is no mail in my cc inbox)
  6. Yes - that´s exaxclty what our TA told us as AZ´s answer: It´s either: Full refund of the cruise and of the flights this year - OR - lift and shift the cruise and no refund for the "nonrefundable" flights you decided for (and paying for the flights next year). There is no combiantion possible (refund the flights and shift the cruise). It seems that asking as a guest (!) for the "lift and shift" option changes the "cancellation game". Before applying for lift and shift it was AZ´s cancellation. After asking for l&s it´s me (as the guest and not AZ) cancelling the cruise this year. So as I decided for "nonrefundalbe" flights, I cancel the flights and subsequently lose my "nonrefundable" flights. BTW: we told our TA that we would be prepared to pay the difference (if any) in the flights and transfers - no use. It´s either - or ;-).
  7. All the best to you - what are "lift and shift" or other first world problems in comparison to what the staff of AZ is going through in these crazy times. Stay healthy and - thank you!
  8. ...thank you - I think we are more than tired now. Our TA contacted AZ three (!) times (as she just could not believe AZ´s reaction) , the airline one time - no use. It is just not understandable, why they won´t transfer the booking unless we pay for useless flights, they would have to refund anyway. We have around 140 days on board different lines in the last five years (Oceania, HAL, Seabourn, Costa, TUI, Azamara). We have never experienced such an inconsistent service. So we take our refund - and run. If AZ does not want our booking next year - be it. Other Cruise Lines also have nice ships, great routes and competitive pricing. I understand that AZ representatives read these boards - as there was no reaction to my different posts, it seem, that this is the policy. Happy cruising to you all - thank you for your ideas - and stay healthy. (and sorry for one last pun: It seems that the second "f" in "Lift and Shift" is just a spelling error 😉....)
  9. No, it did not work. They insist, that they will only move the booking, if we pay for the flights booked with AZ this year and (!!) the flights next year. No use talking to the airline (as we did not book with them directly the refer us to AZ). Our TA tried her best - asked again - as they would have to refund the flights this year (they cancelled the cruise) - but no. We would not have any problem getting the flights refunded this year and paying for the flights nest year (or paying the difference) but they want both. So they have lost a customer, our TA has lost her commission – and we have lost an otherwise great cruise. Unbelievable.
  10. Thank you - that´s just the point: they will refund the flights - but not move them to next year. (Btw. when booking the flights with AZ for me it´s their job to get in contact with Eurowings) So it´s: full refund of cruise including flights OR Move the cruise and additionally pay the flights this year and the next year. If you don´t understand the consistency - me neither.
  11. ....we have booked the flights with AZ. So we still do not have a reference number.
  12. Booked the flights for this year with AZ. We wanted to lift and shift. Found a nice itinarary next year. AZ would transfer the cruise, but only if we pay for this years flights and additionally for next years flights as they said they are not refundable. As they cacelled the cruise, they have to refund this years flights and loose a custmer for next year.
  13. ...with us Lift & Shift did not work, as AZ insists that the flights cannot be moved. It´s ridiculous: They cancelled and so they will have to refund this year´s flights. Our TA called them this morning and they told her: It´s either lift & shift and your guests pay for flights we have to cancel (btw. the airline states that all flights given the current situation can be changed complimentary 14 days before departure) and again for the fligths next year - or get a full refund - including the flights.... ...still scratching my head in disbelief.
  14. After consulting with the CDC and our partners at Cruise Lines International Association, we will be extending the suspension of global operations for all sailings departing on-or-before 31 July 2020. We’re currently working directly with guests as well as travel advisors impacted by this temporary disruption. >>>so this ist. Why on earth we were not allowed to lift and shift?
  15. No, it does not work. Booked End of July - found a similar cruise in 2021. AZ will rebook the cruise, but isisists that the flights (booked with AZ) cannot be moved as they were "not refundable", although Eurowings offers a free rebooking up to 14 days before departure. So we would loose the money we´ve paid for them and will have to pay again for the flights in 2021. So we will cash (certainly no FCC, only to be used on AZ) out, as soon the cruise will be cancelled. Sorry for AZ which will loose cash and sorry for our great TA, who wil loose her commission. Just a loose - loose situation. Very sad. Btw. seems to me that I have to change my Avatar 🙂
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