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  1. Here are the locations of rental offices with FREE port shuttles. As mentioned, there are no shuttles back to the airport.
  2. Of the hotels listed the La Quinta down in Cocoa Beach has the largest pool. The 4 Points pool is not recommended - basically under the parking garage. Radisson pool is interesting but full of kids (if you are bringing the kids then they will love it!) The others have smaller but funtional pools. Here is video showing all these hotels and more...Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach Hotels
  3. It's quite simply actually! The rental car companies with free shuttles to/from Port Everglades are shown on the map below. These are the locations where your car will be waiting. If you want to meet your car anywhere else (MIA, FLL, etc) you have to make your own way over there!
  4. If GoPort offers a better deal when comparing apples to apples then go for it! In my research they are not always the cheapest option. Therefor comparing rates as you did remains a good idea!
  5. If you want to park off-site in that area, IMO it is better to book the Renaissance Hotel parking garage (you vehicle will be inside a garage). That same company offer this lot.
  6. I live in Cape Canaveral (most of the year anyways) and can talk about barber shops but not hair salons! I ask a lady friend who used Hair Port (near my residence) with good results - https://belindaroldan8.wixsite.com/hairportstudio
  7. If you want to do this on your own (and not using shuttles from anyone), you have several choices: 1. I suggest Uber 2. The FREE Coral Way Trolley has two stops across/near Terminal F - just talk to the driver and tell him/her when you're going. I've seen them stop at the Bayside corner to drop folks. 3. It is a beautiful walk on a nice day! I've done it but please use the north side where there is a barricaded pedestrian/bike trail. Very safe with stunning views of the Miami skyline. You can clearly see the path from Terminal F over the bridge in this video (the path starts at 7:00) - https://youtu.be/_3BWwEiJn-w
  8. Only the 4 Points Hotel (and Cocoa Beach Suites) offer parking in a garage. All others are just parking on the lot. Hotel parking is hotel parking! Anything can happen. Fortunately there's not been issues around here so the stats are on your side.
  9. There are several hotels in Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach that will shuttle you as stated - you book direct with the hotel. Then there's a 3rd party travel agency GoPort as others mentioned that can arrange the same - but compare their pricing (they are not always the cheapest option). You can also rent a car which may be cheaper than you think. You can also book the hotel and transfers separately with the best option for each leg! The best option depends on a few things. What time do you plan to arrive at MCO, for example. If you arrive later in the day then staying near the airport may be a good option. And so on! Can you give a bit more information?
  10. At $3.75 one-way pp the price is right! As Bruce said, the challenges are: Lifting and pulling luggage into a bus, off the bus, into the train, off the train then into elevators or up and down escalators, into a tram and off the tram About 90 minutes travel time Waiting outside (under cover) in the Florida heat It is doable, however, and if you want more info I suggest this article - Tri-Rail from FLL to FLL - what you need to know
  11. Are you are talking about: Free shuttle to Tri-Rail Station, then Tri-Rail to MIA then Free hotel shuttle from MIA Is this correct? While not convenient, it is the cheapest.
  12. If you can show the breakdown of the pricing it will be very helpful!
  13. The 17th St location (inside the Renaissance) does not shuttle to/from the Port. Here are the locations with Port shuttles:
  14. There are fees but those should be included in the quote - you can look at the cost breakdown on the rideshare up to see everything. You pay per day, not per night - so 8 days yes for a 7 night cruise.
  15. You have to get on the free shuttle to the company of your choice. 1-10 minutes away depending on terminal and/or traffic. All the big players are available. There is a video showing a map, the shuttles and companies. https://youtu.be/XSBynZEAUcc
  16. I used the word FREE instead of INCLUDED! Yes parking is FREE when doing a 1-day return trip on Brightline ($8 a day on the SMART package) when on the SELECT package. I believe the cruise package discounts the parking to $5 a day instead of $8. So you pay for parking but still a great deal. We paid extra for the one-way upgrade to SELECT at checkin because I wanted to experience the difference and they were nice to us! Otherwise the upgrade is both ways only. Yes, drop your luggage at checkin before parking because we did not see any porters (maybe I missed them?) You may have to drop a passenger too or perhaps ask one of the check-in staff to keep an eye on your bags. I parked on the 11th floor because my truck is too big and those spaces are tiny! Every floor has a handfull of larger spots but those were all taken on lower floors. There is an elevator on every floor and we took that down to ground level, then walked across the road to checkin. I did not see any special procedures for luggage handling other than dealing with it yourself. About the parking APP. Do not worry about it until you are in the lounge. Then you ask a staff member to assist you if needed. You just need your voucher code (check your email) and car registration number. That's it! Very easy once you can navigate the APP. As I wrote yesterday, we LOVED every minute of the trip. Did not want the ride to end! The lemongrass aroma in the stations, the cleanliness, the Italian drinks (beer and wine), the smiling staff. Everything. And Miami Station is great for breakfast before you head to the ship! It's like you're in Paris or Europe somewhere!
  17. I have not used them but the company is very well-known in Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach. Local bars recommend them, etc.
  18. I did this recently! Ask me anything... We were in Select (business) class going south and standard (smart) going north. The trickiest part was parking at West Palm Beach and figuring out how to get the free stay. Are you planning to park? It is in a building across from the station. You also have to install the Lyft App. Fortunately there are Brightline folks at the entrance to assist you. And parking attendants on the floors to help. But you MUST install the PayByPhone app on your phone in order to get the free parking (using the voucher from your train ticket). The train and everything about it is wonderful. A very positive and happy experience. When you arrive at Miami, order your Lyft ride then escalator down and walk out of the north entrance and you will see huge signs for Lyft at the entrance. Your driver will be there. It is only 6-10 minutes to the Port! Highly recommended!
  19. 8'2" but there is a new open surface lot across the road and one next to the garage used by RVs.
  20. Unless they've opened a sidewalk at terminal B to allow a straight path by the time you arrive, your walk will be closer to 1.5 miles from door to door if you need to walk around the construction. I just checked my GPS mileage from my last drive at the Port.
  21. It is an ugly walk due to the construction of Terminal B. There was no sidewalk when I last drove there a few months ago.
  22. Either one will work but Overtown is a bit closer and you just walk around the corner into Virgin Miami Central (they have a partnership with Lyft BTW so you will see big signs for Lyft at the north entrance). Miami Central is the Virgin Brightline station with very good European-style restaurants on the 2nd level - perfect for a quick coffee or snack before heading to your ship!
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