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    I was out there for a 4 weeks September through October. Pussers Bar still had scaffolding around it, but was fully operational. I didn't visit Pussers Landing itself, but the west end of the island has not recovered as well as the rest IMHO. Cain Garden Bay is still worth a visit as most of the restaurants etc are back up and running. Although some of the hotels are still under repair. I understand P&O are still doing trips to 'The Baths' which is pretty and quite interesting, as you can walk and swim around the giant boulders on the beach running into the sea.
  2. Thank you. I finally got sorted today with M&S (before I saw your post). 90 days absence as standard, I just had to pay for the extra 9 days cover. And it was a lot less hassle than the others I tried.
  3. Thanks Mary. I have already tried Saga. They came in at 4 times my last years insurance. I haven't made a claim in 15 years, so I'm not sure what is going on. Still trying though.
  4. The 'Tom' will be coming with us 😁. Not much left of value in the house. Still need insurance in case the boat sinks😱
  5. I agree. I wish more people had that attitude. I remember coming out of the gym once, and two people got into the lift, also having just left the gym, and descended one floor! Why would you? We only use the lift now, if it is evening and my wife is in high heels and carrying a drink, otherwise it would take half an hour to get to the MDR.
  6. They cancelled my policy outright, so that is not an option. I might add, the cancellation was purely related to the time away. During the conversation, I explained that my daughter would be house sitting 2 or more nights a week, but that wasn't considered living there. Looking to insure with someone else now.
  7. Thanks everyone. I did think about SORN but decided against it. But I did cancel my Sky contract once, then got a very good 'newby' contract on my return.
  8. Most buildings and contents insurance allow for a maximum of 60 days absence. Even then there are limitations i.e. the house must be visited every 14 days (and evidenced). In winter, the heating must remain on, or mains water turned off, and tank emptied etc. Different companies have other requirements. I was with Direct Line, but they only allow one long absence, and I have done that.
  9. Advice please. I have had my home buildings and contents insurance cancelled, as they do not cover a 99 day absence. I'm having problems getting cover for this period of absence, at a reasonable cost. does anyone have any recommendations? Brian
  10. Winter in the UK or a long cruise in the sun, what's not to like. Arcadia for us in January!
  11. Well the book arrived a couple of days ago. I have to say I'm quite pleased with the result. If anyone else is doing this; we had one issue, not major, but with hind sight I would not print the whole page with one photo, edge to edge. about 5mm of the inside edge (nearest the spine) is lost where the pages are joined. So leave approximately 1cm border on this edge, even if the photo covers the whole page. Or you can upgrade to the 'open flat' book that allows the whole page to be viewed, or even have one photo displayed over two pages without the join in the middle. Brian
  12. In the bathroom there is a round 2 pin shaver style socket. At least one 3 pin socket close to the mirror, and I'm sure there was an American style 2 pin socket in the same area. We always take an adapter with us too.
  13. Good to hear you got the offer code sorted out. I hope the photo book turns out as you hope, with all the hassle you have had. I'm waiting for ours to arrive. Will report back on how it turns out.
  14. I bit the bullet today and ordered the book. It took about 4 hours altogether. Choosing the photos took the most time. Our world cruise resulted in over 4000 digital photographs. We managed to reduce this to 41, to cover the 26 pages. Uploading all the photos was simple enough. Then clicking the box to hide used photos, was very handy, as the number of photos diminished as they were used. Plonking 2 or three photos onto a page and then hitting 'shuffle' was pretty useful too. The code worked first time on checkout. Thanks for all your feedback. It was very helpful.
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