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  1. Hi Sue, We have met a few times on past cruises, and we have just had our cabin confirmed this morning for this cruise on Aurora. We also booked Arcadia RWC 2023 and had our cabin confirmed (E98). When I tried to search for a photo of the window (obstructed view), your name came up on a post on CC. Do you have a photo by any chance, of the window and obstructed view. Hopefully we will see you again on Aurora next year. Brian
  2. Our last cruise was Jan to April this year on Arcadia. On the plus side, we were one of the last passengers off a P&O ship before they stopped all cruising. On the down side, the last leg of the world cruise was 33 days at sea, with social distancing. Hopefully we will cruise again next year. Stay safe everyone. Brian
  3. Thanks! Paid via the TA, refund today apparently. Plus FCC to be moved to another cruise, if they don't keep cancelling them. Brian
  4. Yes it is. We paid our final balance yesterday. Cancelled today. Brian
  5. We booked the 2022 world cruise on Aurora sometime ago. We have manages a couple of world cruises so far, including the 2016 Aurora, and this years Arcadia, although this one (2020) was not really a world cruise (33 days at sea from Australia to Southampton). As someone previously mentioned, the world cruise seems much more relaxed, more of a life style than a holiday. We have mixed both DIY and P&O tours. It really depends what you want to do, and how adventurous you are. There are a few places to see the Koalas in Australia, and the Opera House is walking distance from the ship. Brian & Carol
  6. Just looked at Ventura on 'Cruise Tracker' and the ship looks like it is heading south, toward Bay of Biscay. Brian
  7. So far I have had two Iona cruises cancelled. We should have been boarding just about now, for her maiden voyage. Alas I'm at home doing some gardening. I know where I would rather be! Brian
  8. I don't think the social distancing policy we had on Arcadia, would do anything to stop the spread of the virus if on board the ship. The policy was just for appearances only. For example, the one empty seat between you and the next person in the show, will not prevent the person sat directly behind you, coughing and sneezing all over you. And the passengers in the next 4 rows in front also in the blast radius. In the MDR we sat opposite our dinner guests with the width of the table as distancing. But the reality was that at some tables the back of our chairs were almost touching the chair of the diner behind, distance reduced to just inches. Disembarkation was brilliant though. We all had full use of our cabins all day. Disembarkation times were given and adhered to. A process that took up to 3pm to complete. Not forgetting that we were 700 passengers short of a full ship, and 300 Australians remained, to be disembarked the following day. So it took most of the day to disembark half the normal number of passengers from a full ship. I don't think that it is feasible going forward. Basically; you can't socially distance on a cruise ship, without massive costs involved, as passenger numbers would have to be reduced dramatically. Brian
  9. Social distancing was introduced for the last 33 days of the Arcadia 2020 world cruise. The restriction was 1 metre distancing, not 2 metres as we have today. Maximum 4 people in the lift. Not really socially distanced but they tried. All bars had tape around the actual bar so no passengers could stand at the bar or use bar stools. Max of 2 people, sat side by side, in the bar area, and that was only if you shared a cabin, although this was not monitored. You could still sit opposite someone with a table in-between. Piano Bar and Crows Nest had 'Wait here to be seated' signs at the entrance. In the theatre, every third seat had a sign taped to it to prevent it being used. Also staff conducting passengers to seats. Quite well observed I thought. Show times were changed to 7pm & 8:30pm. Early show - late meal. Early meal - late show. The show was then repeated 2 days later as the theatre capacity had been reduced, to allow all passengers who wished to see the shows, were able. Bridge and Quizzes were all cancelled. Although Bridge lessons were allowed to continue as instruction only (No Cards) and only 2 people per table. Art class also continued as normal. Restaurants: All MDR restaurants became Freedom Dining, and opened earlier. No tables of 6 or 8. Only tables for 2 or 4 were available. Gym: Every other machine, or piece of equipment was turned off or blocked to allow distancing. Corridors...…...Good luck with that, just hope you don't pass anyone. In reality, we were just going through the motions. We knew we did not have the virus on board. I think it would very different now. I hope that covers some of your 'Distancing ' questions. Brian
  10. Our last cruise was the 2020 Arcadia world cruise that wasn't. Quite eventful really, as we mostly didn't go where we should have. First leg went to plan with a trip through the Panama Canal to SF. Second leg we had 2 cancelled ports, Tonga and Samoa due to measles outbreak. Auckland to Sydney was fine. Our 3,4,and 5th leg of the cruise saw us visit just one port from the original itinerary, Brisbane. Then we turned south and travelled around Australia making several ports of call, ending in Freemantle (should have been Hong Kong). We then set sail for Dubai. Diverted on route to Durban. By the time we got to Durban, South Africa was in lockdown. That became a 'technical' stop for fuel and supplies. After 5 days waiting outside the port, a doctor was lowered onto Arcadia, from a helicopter, dressed in a hazmat suit. He checked people in sick bay, some cabin isolated passengers, and three South African nationals crew, who wanted to leave the ship in Durban. We were given the 'all clear from Covid19' and were allowed to dock for fuel and supplies. A good job too, we were totally out of lettuce, and I'm sure the lobster was running low! We set sail for Cape Town but we were not allowed to stop (end of leg 4, should have been Dubai). Then back to Southampton after another 'technical' stop in Tenerife. 33 consecutive sea days (not sure if that is a record). Arrived back on Sunday. Well that was our last cruise. I wasn't going to write so much, but I couldn't stop myself.😀 Brian & Carol
  11. Not so much what I like to drink, but where...….Andersons on Aurora for me. Mind you, my better half is partial to a Bramble in the East Bar at sunset on Arcadia. Brian
  12. I got off Arcadia today. When I looked out this morning at 3:30am she was manoeuvring onto the berth. Disembarkation is over 3 days. Most of us got off the ship today with disembarkation times up to 4pm (as no one was waiting to board). We had full use of our cabins right up to disembarkation. The most civil and organized, debark I have ever experienced. No crowds, and no real queues to speak of. Social distancing was being adhered to by just about everyone. We were allowed to leave the ship and enter the terminal in small groups. There were approx. 1400 passengers on board, so we were about 700 short of being a full ship. Also the Australians on board will disembark tomorrow, and will be coached up to Heathrow. Many of the crew will be leaving the ship on Tuesday. Today was the first time I set foot on dry land since leaving Australia. 33 sea days, including 2 technical stops for fuel and supplies. Overall an interesting cruise that won't be forgotten in a hurry. Brian
  13. Otter18


    Currently on Arcadia in Albany. Next stop is Fremantle. Sri Lanka has been cancelled. The whole of the onward itinerary is now a mystery. We have been promised an update from the captain before Perth. Loving Australia though, looking forward to where we go in the next 35 days.
  14. We are now spending a second day in Hobart, Tasmania due to weather and not being able to tender. Sun is shining here and a great place to spend a couple of days. Onto Adelaide next.
  15. We are tendering today, and moving to dock at the OPT, where you are now, at midnight tonight.
  16. I’m on Arcadia, in Sydney today. The revised change over port that was Hong Kong will now be Perth. Overnight stop and same date. From Perth we travel to Colombo Sri Lanka and resume our original itinerary from that date. 21 days in Australia to come!
  17. Otter18


    I was out there for a 4 weeks September through October. Pussers Bar still had scaffolding around it, but was fully operational. I didn't visit Pussers Landing itself, but the west end of the island has not recovered as well as the rest IMHO. Cain Garden Bay is still worth a visit as most of the restaurants etc are back up and running. Although some of the hotels are still under repair. I understand P&O are still doing trips to 'The Baths' which is pretty and quite interesting, as you can walk and swim around the giant boulders on the beach running into the sea.
  18. Thank you. I finally got sorted today with M&S (before I saw your post). 90 days absence as standard, I just had to pay for the extra 9 days cover. And it was a lot less hassle than the others I tried.
  19. Thanks Mary. I have already tried Saga. They came in at 4 times my last years insurance. I haven't made a claim in 15 years, so I'm not sure what is going on. Still trying though.
  20. The 'Tom' will be coming with us 😁. Not much left of value in the house. Still need insurance in case the boat sinks😱
  21. I agree. I wish more people had that attitude. I remember coming out of the gym once, and two people got into the lift, also having just left the gym, and descended one floor! Why would you? We only use the lift now, if it is evening and my wife is in high heels and carrying a drink, otherwise it would take half an hour to get to the MDR.
  22. They cancelled my policy outright, so that is not an option. I might add, the cancellation was purely related to the time away. During the conversation, I explained that my daughter would be house sitting 2 or more nights a week, but that wasn't considered living there. Looking to insure with someone else now.
  23. Thanks everyone. I did think about SORN but decided against it. But I did cancel my Sky contract once, then got a very good 'newby' contract on my return.
  24. Most buildings and contents insurance allow for a maximum of 60 days absence. Even then there are limitations i.e. the house must be visited every 14 days (and evidenced). In winter, the heating must remain on, or mains water turned off, and tank emptied etc. Different companies have other requirements. I was with Direct Line, but they only allow one long absence, and I have done that.
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