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  1. I was on the Breakaway March 7 th cruise which reported 1 case. I didn’t want to go but we weren’t given the option to cancel or postpone and my family wanted to still go. We drove to the port and home. Things began to change rapidly here in the us during that week. I was extra cautious with hand washing, sanitizer, avoiding coughing people, wiping down my room etc. The person who tested positive supposedly went to medical on Day 2 very sick and was taken off the ship on day 4 in Jamaica. On day 2 is when changes like no condiments, menus, self serve, mini golf etc. I was in a FB group
  2. There is a group sharing information on FB. They are not excepting new members since the cruise is done. 9 people say they have been tested. 2 negative 2 positive. One is a father who’s family is sick but his temp was 104 and got the test. He posted that they all had it. Someone also shared two separate tweets from crew concerning the staff quarantine. From what I understand the woman taken to the hospital in Jamaica was flown to Florida on Friday the13 and tested there. The results were probably not in before they let us off the ship on Saturday.
  3. They did take our temperature as we entered the terminal. She must not have had one at that time.
  4. Yes this was reported on the Orlando News. Since then a few more cruisers have tested positive. Others are waiting for results. Two different entertainment staff have tweeted being quarantined on the ship after the passengers got off last Saturday. Although they were able to debark in Nassau.
  5. I agree Whisker2193. What bothered me was that they kept the arcade games open. When we walked by lots of kids were in there playing air hockey basketball etc. they didn’t let them use the mini golf or basket court for health reasons so we were told. If they were really interested in our health the casino and arcade would have been closed as well. A warning maybe. On our FB group it’s been reported that children are among the positives. More have since been tested positive since the initial report. I realize this was a fluid situation but their total lack of communication was negligent
  6. The patient was seriously ill on day 2 of the cruise. I don’t understand how we were able to port at Jamaica or Grand Cayman after what happened to the MSC ship. Cozumel required testing before they allowed the MSC passengers to go ashore. Any flu like symptoms should have raised red flags in this pandemic. We should have been informed. If this wasn’t on the news first, would we have been notified?
  7. Just received an email from NCL that a passenger on our cruise tested positive for Covid 19.
  8. We get off on Saturday. 🤞 The kids clubs were open as of last night. Meet and mingle was cancelled. The cruise started Saturday business as usual but as the week went on more precautions were out in place.
  9. It’s not weather responsible for cancelling activities here on Breakaway. Weather is beautiful. We were told that the glow party is cancelled. They are in the midst of making changes due to the corona virus threat/fear.
  10. Water slides were open yesterday. We made our port stops at Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and are headed to Cozumel this morning. We missed GSC due to weather.
  11. Well the awesome 80’s deck party was cancelled on Breakaway. The weather is perfect. No notice. No staff up there to tell us either.
  12. So on the Breakaway the mini golf, basketball court, ping pong are closed due to virus to keep us safe according to guest services but the arcade games including bowling and skeeball and the casino aren’t???? So if you pay for it it’s open but the free activities are closed. Makes no sense. ????
  13. I’m on the Breakaway now and all activities are going on as usual. No self serve, paper menus, restroom doors left open, crew is wiping railings etc constantly and washywashy in full force!
  14. I’m on the Breakaway now and as on yesterday morning no more self serve and increased sanitation efforts everywhere. The captain made an announcement that the new measures were fleet wide due to corona.
  15. I’m on the Breakaway now. We boarded on March 7 and we unable to cancel since future cruise credit started on the 10th. I had insurance but not cfar. I would have rescheduled if able because of the fear out there and possibility of quarantine. First two days were business as usual. Today they are cleaning and wiping everywhere. Buffet and condiments are no longer self serve.
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