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  1. DH is Gold. I am Platinum. Called RCI because I noticed our luggage tags showed Gold. They said it automatically shows the lower level, but that it wouldn’t make any diff. on the luggage tags. For grins, I decided to also call Crown & Anchor Society. She said the same thing, but then also asked “did you say your traveling companion is your husband?” I confirmed, and then she said she would make him a Platinum too. Bam!
  2. BillOh - My DH and I were married on the Allure in the Dazzles Lounge while in port @ Ft. Lauderdale on 5/1/11. Your name looks familiar, but based on your signature, your cruise was the week after mine. (?)
  3. For those who are still trying to figure out the value of buying individual drinks vs. buying a package, here is a breakdown of individual drink prices: Basically, there are a couple of wines by the glass for $7, some are $8, but most are $9, and some are higher. Fru-fru drinks, including hard teas/lemonades average $8. Frozen fru-fru drinks average $7.50, as do champagne cocktails and bloody mary-type drinks. Martinis average $9. After dinner drinks average $6.75. American beers average $5. Beers of the world average $4.75. Plus a 15% gratuity for all the above.
  4. Great review! Thanks for sharing. I fully intended to write a review of our last cruise (the Allure, May 2011), but never got around to it. It was FABULOUS, tho! I'm considering a cruise on the Navigator (out of New Orleans) for this year. Not fond of Mexico, nor Jamaica, so probably won't even get off the ship at either of those 2 ports. Grand Cayman is the other port on Navigator/NOLA cruise. I think it's time I returned to Stingray City!
  5. The media is crazy. I've cruised 9 times, and I've never witnessesed a brawl, and I've never seen stupid-drunken people (some over-imbibing yes...myself included...but not falling-over drunk). These things are part of life....they happen EVERYWHERE, not just on cruise ships. Maybe there'll be a positive outcome to this ridiculous show....maybe my 10th cruise will be super-cheap!!!
  6. We're getting married onboard the Allure on 5/1. Of course, this means I won't be able to get back to you with any comments/thoughts regarding our experience in time for your ceremony. But, we have chosen the Dazzles because of pics provided to us by our wedding coordinator. The pics she provided of the chapel were bland/ordinary. We're expecting six sailing guests (maybe 4 more soon) and 10 non-sailing guests (we limited it to 10 because we didn't want to pay for a reception, after all, the 7-day cruise IS the reception!).
  7. Anybody know what the Dazzles equivalent will be called on the Allure?
  8. My fiance proposed onboard the Grandeur in January 2009. We are getting married onboard the Allure in May 2011 while in port at Ft. Lauderdale. Everything is being arranged through TWE. My fiance placed the initial phone call to them and spoke with Juanita. She was very polite and informative. We are hoping for a simple, hassle-free, no-need-to-think type experience. She sent us all the info we should need. As long as we complete/submit everything on time, we shouldn't have any issues (we hope!). So far, so good. We setup a payment plan, and just finished making the final payment. By the way - the paperwork indicates that payments must be sent via fax, but I simply scanned the authorization forms and sent them to Juanita via email. Now that they have our money, we'll see how it goes from here. We've invited several friends and family members to join us on the cruise. You're allowed to have 150 guests (we don't even know that many people), 75 of which can be non-sailing. BUT, if more than 10 of your guests are non-sailing, then you must pay for a reception. We are considering the cruise itself to be a "7-day-long reception", so we've told everyone that we are limited to only TEN non-sailing guests. If more than 10 non-sailing guests indicate they'd like to attend, then I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it (maybe a lottery, maybe first-come-first-served, etc.). I'm sooooo looking forward to seeing/experiencing this ship! And, of course, marrying the love of my life (TLOML --- that's what I'm planning to have engraved on the inside of his wedding band). 216 days to go!!!!
  9. Enjoyed reading your review. We're booked for Allure of the Seas on 5/1/11. I'm really looking forward to seeing the magnificent ship and also very excited about returning to Maho Beach --- what a memorable thrill that was for me too, especially after consuming a few Bushwackers from the Sunset Beach Bar (not sure if the bar still exists...someone told me that a hurricane destroyed it).
  10. BrianAlt - enjoyed reading your well-written and amusing posts! I've been reading some of the Oasis posts because there's not much to read yet regarding the Allure (we're booked on it for 5/1/11). Happy sails!
  11. I've used a TA, and I've booked them myself. So far, I've had a great experience either way.
  12. Thanks for sharing. We're thinking about an onboard wedding as well. In the meantime, I'm trying to read as much as possible about the ins/outs.
  13. If you participate in the karaoke contest (assuming they have one), you could walk off stage in the middle of the song, get down on one knee, then pop the question. If you're lucky, they'll be filming, and you'll get to see it over and over in your cabin.
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