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  1. This makes much more sense. Am I able to apply the excess funds towards taxes and port fees? If the new cruise is less would the overpayment be available as credit I could use for the spa, etc or would that only be able to be used on another future booking?
  2. Hello, Our honeymoon was booked on the now sold Veendam. We plan to take the FCC and use it to upgrade our cabin. After talking to our amazing PCC today I may be way off in guessing how much FCC we could expect and would like an experienced opinion. We had already made several payments (not paid in full). If our first payment was $500.00 but we made additional payments to total $2,000 paid should we be expecting $500 extra or $2,000 extra on top of the total $2,000 paid to date? (Amounts are for examples). I assumed we would receive an extra $500 because I thought our first p
  3. This may sound like a no brainer to experienced cruisers, but by free drinks do they mean a signature beverage package?
  4. Hello, I've been on two previous cruises and am looking to book another. I read a lot last time about booking with a PCC and then transferring to a TA. I've recieved quotes from both with the TA being a few hundred dollars less. Is there still a benefit to booking first with the PCC and transferring or would a seasoned cruiser suggest just going with the TA from the beginning? Thank you for your help!
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