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  1. I'm not saying the whole ship will be all new ideas. Just one thing added. The rest will still be the same, MDR, Theatre, Bar, lounge, etc. If not improved.
  2. Nice idea, might not be practical every week, but each ship could do a few of these a year and with good planning, it will work. Baltics and Norway spring to mind for great destinations to do this on.
  3. Movie under the stars, has the bar. Just outside.
  4. Thanks Nancy, but maybe start a new thread for this discussion as it has nothing to do with this thread. I fully understand the issue, and as there is so many other cruise ships that aren't AI and you can choose your own drink package, then the issue of Marella AI is a selling point for them and won't change. I had a junior suite on Royal and an owners Suite on Marella. Marella was still cheaper, with the AI and flights and tips included, than just Cabin only on Royal. So drinks or not, it is a good price, just higher than the past, but if cheaper than the rest, still worth booking.
  5. This isn't the only forum, group discussion taken place. But thought you all deserve a voice, opinion on the matter. Hate when I see a 'voted best' on stuff and think, how did they ask? Also, based on your other valued comments, a traditional cruise experience could be the unique thing for Marella. How about a venue that is indoors with huge glass viewing windows, comfortable seating and bar, but when looking through the glass at the sights, an augmented display pops up on the glass and explains what you are looking at with more facts. Now voice announcements, so it's a quiet room, and when no sights to see, can be used for guests to have a drink and chat and socialize in.
  6. If the cinema room is already on the ship, then it tends to stay. Not a new feature, not even 4D new to ships.
  7. Not a new idea and they would rather have you use laundry service. Alot safer and most cruisers don't use them as on holiday and don't want to do laundry. Some cruisers love it and pack light to use this. But making it safe and earning money, isn't going to add this to new ships. Sorry.
  8. The buffet can feature a different world dish service area and change everynight. But this is already done on various of other cruise lines. A world buffet restaurant, now that is a good idea and can be a paid surcharge as well. But as Jimmy Buffet failed at this on the high street, the public doesn't want it, and they were cheap.
  9. Spot on Davecttr, thank you. Crazy ideas can lead to profit solution ideas, so are welcome, but we are struggling here with anything original, but alot of 'improvements' which get noted but isn't what the discussion should be. I would live to say "I have a great new idea, and while we are at it, why not fix these issues?" But that killer idea is needed. Get those thinking caps on.
  10. Great idea, I was at one of these on a Costa ship during the Olympics and each screen showed a different event. Worked really well. But not an original exclusive idea.
  11. Understand, that venue can be added, but still need an exclusive idea as well.
  12. Again, nothing new. Another one is planned.
  13. Noted davecttr, but question is about something new, not improving existing venues.
  14. There are plans for Discovery 3 and Explorer 3 as you have mentioned the classes that the ships will be. There is also plans/ideas for a new build as well or instead etc. So the question is for new and rebuilds. So a comfy lounge with full bar. A pub type of place. The Live lounge on Discovery 2 is turning into a Pub and this would fit your requirements. This is being done in the next refit this year. Great idea but not an Exclusive to Marella, as other cruise lines already have this venue. But worth a mention.
  15. When you hand the tip over to the person whom it is intended, they will know who you are. But if giving to someone to share with other staff, i.e. wait staff, then put your name on it.
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