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  1. Just watched this 30 min video from Celebrity all about the Edge. It shows the construction, the design etc and is quite nicely done. Hope we get an Apex one. Enjoy
  2. Which is why I always use ships excursions. The ship waits (had this twice) or the cruiseline pays to get you to the next port.
  3. On average you need to be drinking around 6 drinks a day to make it worthwhile, dependant on the drink you are drinking. Most Marella cruises don't have many sea days so most of the time you are ashore. Take this into account and see if you can drink enough not to break even but to make it save money.
  4. Questions, what did you actually do? That list is long. Some new things I didn't know about and sound fun I know want to do, like 3 and 4. Planning to do 1, 2, 6 and 11 anyway. I make spreadsheets on what I want to do and when to do it. Sometimes we go off plan and do something unexpected. That's the fun of cruising.
  5. What things didn't you do that are on your list?
  6. This excites me that there is more you want to explore. or the fear that the ship is badly designed and overcrowded for public spaces and a bum fight for seats in venues. Hopefully, it's wanting more. I did Anthem of the Seas in its first season (she was only 2 months old) and had to go back for another little visit (a long weekend) as she was one of the best ships I have sailed on. Also loved Oasis but not as much as Anthem. I have no comparisons with Celebrity but can compare it to the other cruise lines I have sailed. I normally choose where to go (Itinerary) rather than ship but Anthem was about the ship and so is The Apex cruise (but don't tell the wife that as she thinks it's all about the Wedding Anniversary we are celebrating). I have visited Lisbon and Le Harve before so not really bothered about doing excursions on these ports of call and this might give me the extra time on board needed to explore all the wonders. She isn't the largest ship, so I feel I can manage it.
  7. very nice, so no q&a needed. I might be asking you questions instead.
  8. Happy to answer any questions after we have cruised or anything to check out whilst on board. The first sailing is 8 days with a nice mix of sea and port days, so plenty of chance to sea every inch of her.
  9. The next two edge class ships for 2021 and 2022 are going to be larger anyway and already are planned to be slightly different. It is more about the planned differences that they have in mind and it is quite easily to change a restaurant or theme at this stage of building.
  10. looking forward to seeing what does change on the Apex. Booked the inaugural cruise in April for our 10th Wedding Anniversary treat, first time on Celebrity.
  11. I love reading stories like this on Cruise Critic. This is what this website is all about. Someone has a problem and the helpful advice actually is helpful and people get problems resolved. Enjoy the cruise.
  12. You go get your straws and you suck Away, then when the oceans aren't safe to use anaymore then we know who to blame.
  13. Went through the BoB in July and it was so calm that we got to Gibraltar 12 hours early. I have seen it rough and calm. Just like the North Sea should always be rough and I've seen it calm like a pond.
  14. Just a thought, How about we have a drink without a straw at all?
  15. You will need an internet package to use WhatsApp. Recommend an unlimited package as it can be data hungry, especially if sending/receiving videos and pictures.
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