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  1. I'm always the one to book the cruises in our household. My DH and I, together, decide where we want to go, but I am the one to actually call our PCC and book it. I am totally aware that the published price on the HAL website is not what we will be charged, but DH is not. I call our PCC and she then gives me the Mariner#/Casino rate. We just booked a Panama Canal for April 2022 and we saved $978 total with the discounted rate versus the published rate. Then (my favorite part), I go tell DH what the new rate is and he is thrilled! He thinks I possess some sort of cruise-fare-booking voodoo
  2. Same with us! We booked a Panama Canal in April 2022 Nieuw Amsterdam and I turn 60 on the actual day we will be transiting. Such a bright spot on the horizon!
  3. Just booked the following cruise to celebrate my #60 Birthday!! It's a LONG way off but feels good to do something that feels "normal". And crossing my fingers, since it is so far away, it will for sure GO! Embarkation Date: Apr 9, 2022 Ship: Nieuw Amsterdam # Days: 17 Cruise: Panama Canal / Ft Lauderdale to San Diego Who: My DH & I Thank you!
  4. I remember those giant bags. We used to have two of them in the 90's and used them when we would travel to Asia for several weeks at a time for my dh's business. They were huge! They never worried about weight back then either. Once I curled up in one and my dh could almost zip me up in it! I was less bulky back then. LOL - and much more limber. And easier entertained. LOL.
  5. Hi there! My dh and I are booked on the following cruise: Ship: Eurodam Date: Sept 29, 2019 Cruise: 16 day Collector R/T Vancouver - Hawaii Bill & Jeanie Thank you so much!
  6. Thanks - hmmm, with the "1" wine choices probably not good for us. We prefer the "3" cabernet. I appreciate your input.
  7. We purchased the "Sommelier Suite Cellar No. 3" wine package on our last cruise. This is the top tier wine package and we chose it as we particularly like Wente wines that are available in the No. 3 category. For our upcoming cruise in September, I see something available called the "Cellar Master Package" that includes: 2 wine tasting events, 2 evenings at Pinnacle Grill, 6 bottles from the sommelier cellar, a Holland America Line commemorative bottle and wine gift. Would anyone happen to know what category (No. 1, No. 2 or No. 3) is included in this package? OR if you can upgrade
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