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  1. Well I think they're cutting their own throats, BUT I agree if there is another outbreak they are probably done for good. Having less people on the ship would actually ENHANCE the experience, but then they have to manage dining, shore excursions, embarkation, disembarkation. Again that's just not going to work with social distancing. It's just not possible. So they can try it, but it's going to be a miserable experience for everyone involved, passenger and crew alike.
  2. Well again that takes me back to it no longer being the cruise experience. Folks let's just lay it on the line. Social distancing and the traditional cruise experience are incompatible. They just won't work together. So basically one of three things has to happen: 1) Cruising is done until a vaccine/highly effective treatment is created. 2) Cruising resumes with all kinds of new protocols that completely change the experience to where it is no longer cruising. 3) Life goes on and people have to choose their risk tolerance while the cruise lines figure out SOME mitigation strategies without seriously altering the experience. I'm not convinced the cruise lines will survive scenarios 1 and 2 above unless that vaccine happens sooner rather than later. People may give it a go under #2, but IMHO, it's not sustainable.
  3. Yes because they can do exactly what HAL did on my last cruise. They had a buffet, but they had staff to serve the food. Passengers didn't touch the serving spoons or anything. At least most of it, there may have been a thing or two that was self serve. But that could be changed to all served by staff. There may very well NEVER be a vaccine. Obviously we all hope there is, but there's no guarantee. It's also possible this damn thing may become seasonal and sticks with us. So either we're going to have to live life or not. IF they change cruising so much that it's not cruising any more, why bother? And for me, the buffet is part of the experience. Your mileage may vary. When buffets on cruise ships are ended, I will end my cruising because it will not longer be the experience I've enjoyed for the last 20 years.
  4. Well I guess I would be one of them. I'm actually booked for a cruise out of Tampa on HAL for January of next year. More than the virus, what I fear is the cruise lines changing the experience so much, that I just won't enjoy it. For example, I see RCL is floating the trial balloon of not having a buffet. Last year when Carnival changed from Coke to Pepsi, I could not believe the absolute uproar that caused among a lot of cruisers. I couldn't really relate to the angst. I asked myself at the time, what could a cruise line do relative to food and beverages that would make me say "Nope." Well I guess not having a buffet is it. LOL
  5. I'm trying to not overreact to this news, it's just one cruise line, and it's possible this is a temporary measure. But if this spreads to the industry as a whole, and becomes permanent, it's just one more thing that's going to change the cruise experience, and not for the better. My gut tells me they would like to get rid of the buffet anyway, regardless of the pandemic, and this is just the excuse to do so. I think they will find this is a mistake. ESPECIALLY if the other lines don't follow suit.
  6. I'm afraid this won't be too helpful, but I think the short answer is nobody knows for sure. You may have seen that Carnival has plans to restart sailing on a limited basis starting 8/1. But MOST "experts" out there claim there's just no way. It's just too uncertain, in no small part due to what the CDC may decree. Or other nations and their ports. You still have a little time and hopefully the picture will be a little clearer by July 4th. Good luck!
  7. You know I've been saying much the same thing to a friend of mine who loves to cruise. But when I see my own thoughts in writing, it seems a little grim. But you're right about the experience. There is NO WAY to keep the current cruise experience AND maintain social distancing. It just won't work. And I think if they change the experience too much, it will be the end of the industry. Because I believe new customers are going to be VERY difficult to come by so it's vital to hold on to the existing customer base. But if it's not the experience we've come to love, then will we go back? My guess is no, especially when you figure they're going to HAVE to raise cruise fares. Imagine being in the cruise business right now. Damned if they do, and damned if they don't. IF they implement new changes to incorporate social distancing, then they run the risk of alienating their customers. IF they don't, and then IF an infection breaks out on one of their ships, well then they're shut down again. Perhaps permanently. One can only hope either an effective vaccine or effective treatment is discovered soon.
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