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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/news/cruise-lines-plan-ban-passengers-224900008.html (from freely roaming the port) One of the best times we ever had as a couple was spending the day in Key West and being able to walk around to Ripley's, get some conch, meet locals, and play in the rain. I am not spending $$ to have someone tell me what to do. You might. To each their own. I went to a Dr. recently and the office asked me if I have recently traveled to a high risk area for Covid. Talk about oblivious. I expect once there is a vaccine, and of course a requirement, this i
  2. There are in the end, three main reasons I love to cruise. 1. Water. Not just any water, ocean water, the beautiful perfectly quiet midnight stroll to the exercise deck where I can just look out and absorb and enjoy my smallness. No boss. No email. No phone. No bills. And the knowledge that unless we completely screw it up, that scene will be precisely the same in 1,000 years is comforting. 2. Ports. I love to explore, learn about new cultures, eat different foods. But now with rumors of port restrictions or refusals, that leaves only the ship. 3
  3. Crashing a car does not generally affect entire populations. Coming off of a cruise ship with an infectious disease could. Our opinions won't be a factor guys. These are just ideas, but by no means do I expect deference to them. The governments, if they decide to step in, are not likely to be consulting us.
  4. I love to cruise. Wife and I both do. Look at my userid! But for the foreseeable future, if there is such a thing, we will not be. Many of our friends are from cruising. Both passengers and crew. The human toll this monster is leaving in its wake is staggering. Yesterday I woke up to the thought that the infrastructure of cruising as a whole could be in liquidation by the end of the year. But it may not have to go down like this. The primary concern I have is not just the virus itself, but getting home. I had no idea that a ship could float indefinitely with no
  5. I look at it like this, I have to make a decision, do I want "big time" entertainment, that requires reservations, waiting in line, or more generic fun shows like Playlist Productions or similar on other lines designed to be fun at the time, but not Cats and something I can walk into at my leisure? When we cruise, it is to have a relaxed and easy good time. If I want big time, we go to Las Vegas. This is us: Vegas=planning=stress. Cruising=ahhh. So if the shows "suck" so what? I still watch pretty people with cool sets sing cool songs and dance around energetically
  6. As long as your goal is to relax and have fun, a positive approach will handle it. So expect to have fun, just like I said, frame it in that context. Mission is not a perfect cruise. Mission is to have fun. i am just being objective based on 21 cruises, a rookie to some of you.
  7. I disagree. MDR food is not the same on each line. It is not even the same on each ship. Lunch in Savor was pretty good. And the burger in Savor vs. The Local was completely different meat. Yes, Beatles Tribute played in theater the last night. I did not attend. Back to MDR food-Princess is better in our opinion, but it carries recipes by Curtis Stone on Ruby and Royal, (maybe others.) It shows. However if I might theorize I believe Norwegian is the only mainstream line that does fully anytime dining. This might affect execution, whereas Princess knows upfront
  8. The big question first, would I book her again? The answer is not in current configuration. I would like to state that this opinion is based on preferences, and should in no way dissuade you from booking, nor give you concern if you already have. Like just about any cruise, count on having a good time. But leave it at that expectation. Broadly, just having a good time. First the Noro rumor thing. Did not encounter it. What I did find was a ship clean enough to eat from the floor. Whether there was Noro or not, I can't say. Seemed fine, and they were very cautious.
  9. I asked a question related to how it affects my family and our cruise if the border is shut down. I did not offer my political opinions on it nor did I request any. I submit that any matter of national security that can affect the procedures of a cruise it is a pertinent question relevant to this site.
  10. What are the consequences if this border is shut down? Will we be allowed entry to Mexico? Will we be re-routed to a Pacific Coastal? What if we go to Mexico, it shuts down, and when we return we are denied entry?
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