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  1. I agree with Trapper, any Caribbean adventure will meet your needs as they can be port-intensive and provide something new each day allowing you to get out and adventure or stay put and relax on deck. Do note, find out when Carnival is in St. Barths if your itinerary includes an overnight there. While the island may not fit your needs for diving and/or snorkeling it's a great bay to see millionaire's yachts then sail ashore to enjoy the Carnival parade in the afternoon. It's worth the experience. We're headed to Barbados in March 2020 and trying the southern Caribbean itinerary for the first time.
  2. Once you click on "view voyage" after finding your specific trip, to the left-side of the page you can click on "land adventures" to find what offerings they have during your week.
  3. To confirm, will SD let folks off at VG to do the Baths if they are not doing the paid-for excursion? I thought they only let the paying folks get off at 8:00 a.m. while everyone else waited till arrival in North Sound to catch a taxi. We are planning to do the Baths, but have no desire to do the formal excursion as we don't want to be on an organized schedule.
  4. Yes, flexibility is on our radar and we're prepared. The open water sailing is what I look forward to the most and was just curious if it truly all happened during traditional sleeping hours. I look forward to morning coffee while watching the sunrise as we sail in. Thank you!
  5. Upon waking up each morning during Caribbean sailing should I expect to already be in bay and anchored or will we still be sailing in? I'm in no hurry to jump off the boat each morning, but noticed that anchor time is often not till 9:00 a.m. or later. And is the time listed truly what time one should expect to anchor or what time the tenders start to head on in? I'm a early morning riser and look forward to be awake to see some sailing out in the open waters.
  6. Mrs_Tiki, we are on the same embarking as you. We'll be 10 folks from OKC and two from southern Cali, celebrating a milestone birthday!
  7. Where exactly does SD handle embarkation in Saint Thomas? Also, for San Juan where does SD disembark? Trying to look at hotel bookings this week for an upcoming sail.
  8. Good to hear that SD1 is going through drydock this fall. Any idea on what they plan to fresh/upgrade, by chance?
  9. With SD, how do they handle tendering late at night? Do they always keep one vessel ashore and one at SD and rotate once someone needs a ride back to the yacht? Or do they have a phone you can call/text when needing assistance back?
  10. Did you contact SD ahead of time and request a certain beer to be onboard? Curious how it didn't cost you a dime.
  11. Thank you for your insight. I've always purchased a full beverage package on my cruises and have factored that "idea" into this cruise knowing my beverages were covered. You make an excellent point on less guests and therefore not being able to pour something should it be opened. I hadn't thought of that. Thank you. I am planning this trip for a group of 12 and am wanting it to be perfect, and know my guests are wine drinkers over dinner. At this price per person, one would expect to have more than one option. So while I am not hung up on this situation, I'm just getting all my ducks in a row and planning accordingly. Someone has to have all the details for the group :) Again, thank you.
  12. Thank you for the clarification. I'm very surprised to see such limitations for the price of this experience, but believe it will be a wonderful time by our group.
  13. Am I understanding you correctly then, that each day they only had ONE red and ONE white (and a rose) as complimentary but otherwise I would have to pay a price for something else? For example, if they only had chardonnay that night then anyone in our group who wanted a pinot grigio would pay a nominal fee? This is what I can't seem to find in any research---i is if there is a small list of multiple wines for each meal or are we only offered one or two wines as part of the general beverage options. Thank you for helping me better understand this.
  14. You don't happen to have a picture of the wine menus you saw while on-board that week, would you? I'm curious to see the overall selection they offer, and potentially how many varietals are included without and up-charge.
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