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  1. smoosh21

    Transatlantic Rookie has Questions

    I haven't done a TA with NCL, but I have done them with Royal and the fares for the one way are significantly cheaper with the Cruise line. I think that they make deals with the airlines. I have flown a few times from Barcelona back to the US for less than $600, most of which was actually taxes. I also was able to fly to London for only about $550. It would have been around $1600 to book on my own And as others have said, check out IcelandAir, they are a good alternative if you live near a city they fly to
  2. smoosh21

    Can't bring soda on board anymore

    THis is my biggest disappointment. I like bringing my Coke Zero on board. I don't drink Pepsi. I really hope that other cruise lines don't attempt this
  3. I understand. I dismissed what the barmaids said while on the ship, even though they were pretty insistent it was going to happen. It didn't sound like they were making things up because when I asked about the concierge lounge, or access to Diamond lounge at other times of day, they said they didn't know anything else. I only put weight into it when I saw this post and thought that maybe what they said was true.
  4. It was the bar staff themselves. They told us that they had been told it was ending soon, in the Diamond lounge. just the evening receptions. They would no longer be serving drinks in Diamond Lounge in the evening. So, I guess I am now that guest who heard it from the Bar Staff who is passing this information on to other passengers. And I actually hadn't put much stock in it until I read this post
  5. The bar staff who were working in the Diamond Lounge. They told us, that they had been told the evening receptions in the Diamond lounge would be ending soon (well, the drink service would be ending), and that we would just use our 3 drinks on voucher
  6. smoosh21

    Asia 2017

    Does anyone know when they are going to release more schedules for Asia in the second half of 2017? (August to December) There are over 100 sailings scheduled for that time in 2016, but hardly any in 2017. I am guessing that there will be ships over there and that Royal is not giving up on the area. I have done several Europe Cruises now, and I figure it is time to see Asia via ship. I am a planner and want to start thinking about next years trip. Thank you to anyone who has information on this.
  7. Sorry if this was already mentioned, but this is a big thread. We were told on our cruise earlier this month that what is happening will be No more evening event in Diamond Lounge, it will be vouchers only. This was on the Rhapsody, were we took over the entire Shall We Dance lounge every night. Everyone Diamond and Diamond Plus will still have access to lounge, but they will not have a special reception with the food and service anymore. They mentioned nothing about changing breakfast or access during the day for the better coffee maker and such.
  8. smoosh21

    Spa Mini Suite Epic

    I have just signed up for a Spa Cabin on the Epic. The Website very specifically states you get access, so I will be very upset if they even try to pull something to tell me that I would have to pay extra I certainly hope that this was an anomaly
  9. smoosh21

    Anything new on Harvest Caye?

    Yikes, I just booked a cruise on the Getaway mostly because it stops at Roatan, but I liked that we would go here instead of Belize City again. It is for Thanksgiving week, so with all the delays, we still may not make it. I am hoping this time they erred on side of caution and put a date that is later than they think it will actually take now
  10. smoosh21

    Cruising Norwegian waters in summertime?

    well, we did a Norway Fjord Cruise last month (June) and the weather never went above 55, but also never went below 49. I wore Jeans and a hoodie over a t-shirt or a long sleeve shirt most days on excursions.
  11. Are they also arriving earlier? I realize that if you made independent plans it might mess them up, but the cruise line also usually still wants to get as many shore excursions in as possible, so have the moved up the arrival time a few hours as well?
  12. Hey there So are there any other LGBT cruisers going on the NCL Breakaway on Nov 1? This will be my first time solo cruising. I will be sailing as part of the DNR listener group
  13. Why not just give the standout crew cash?
  14. smoosh21

    Are fumes a concern with aft cabins?

    Never had fume problems with an aft cabin
  15. Just boarded the Serenade in Copenhagen. Everything is 14 which includes gratuity. I did a Europe cruise on Celebrity last year and drinks were same price as US ports. These new prices are ridiculous. I hadn't been reading the boards lately so I didn't know these huge increases occured. I had to come here to investigate. These will greatly reduce what drinks I buy, if any.