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  1. Generally like an Old fashioned, Martini, or Manhatten- all of which were done well on our Voyager cruise last Jan. (First Regent cruise). The one drink that was new to me, though, was an Italian getaway- grapefruit, prosecco, and Campari. A little tart, a little sweet, a little bubbly, and somewhat addictive. A great daytime indulgence. Oh,to be on the high seas with one in hand😋
  2. Love reading reviews, esp. positive ones(though it can be useful to read the not so positive, as well). We have just one Regent cruise under our belts, so I am always looking to glean a few more tips from others experience. I was very pleased to read your positive experience in Rio, we are doing that same pre-cruise add on before we board Voyager in Mar 21, and I too, had some slight concerns, so it was great to read that you enjoyed your time there. Many thanks.
  3. Firstly, thank you Jackie for doing this in depth reporting of your lovely cruise😍 Being as we don't have a cruise planned till 2021 I kind of live for these reviews. As Wendy says, I also wish there was more reporting from the basic suites, it would be interesting to know how some people deal with the smallest of suites. For instance I would like a comparison between the two lowest categories on Explorer where you would have to decide between a walkin closet or a larger balcony. For this example the Regent cruise would be the absolute winner, as if you added international business class flights to the Crystal cruise you would be paying far more than the Regent cruise, and that.is not considering the included excursions. I guess you might come close with the window suite on Crystal, but even for us that would not be a consideration, or a fair comparison unless you are looking at Navigator, and I am pretty sure the price for those window suites would be less than the price quoted for Regent.
  4. We did it, and would have been good with 1/2 an hr there. I am so sorry we didn't do one of the tours in town, or even walked around on our own. Did enjoy the old fort(name escapes me at the moment😕- San Cristobal?) which was included in the excursion, but we could have easily done that on our own, as well. By the time we got back to the ship there really wasn't time to do any exploring on our own- we were only in port for 5 hrs. Besides, drinks on the ship were way better😋
  5. Looks like your Dublin stay is helping soften the blow of the cruise being done. Looks just as green as one would imagine, and lots of old world atmosphere. Continue with your fun, we're all watching🙂
  6. That looks like a couple of olives wrapped in blankets of anchovies- 🤢, though the hubs would love that.
  7. So enjoying this Zqueeze, you are a master poster! Certainly agree with you, however that I for one appreciate all reviews whether live or post cruise, and hope that more cruisers will submit.
  8. cAPS- thanks for your review. Sounds wonderful🙂
  9. Yippee, can't wait. Loved your last one😂
  10. I like the idea of the outdoor spaces on PG, but I think I would have a hard time getting over the very dated looking inner spaces! I think if I was not going to do the Navigator I would look at Windstar.
  11. With Bill on this one. We were so pleasantly surprised to have this whole place to ourselves. It was a great place to learn to paddleboard, then relax in the shade of the palm trees with a delicious piña colada, and take pics of the Regent staff serving champagne in the surf (ok, no surf, it was very calm). It was our first full day on a Regent cruise, and a fantastic introduction to the brand. However, if we had to share it with a mega ship, I would just stay onboard, and enjoy that atmosphere.
  12. Yes, we too had this issue on Voyager,we loved it by swishing the water over to the drain as we were showering- still had some water left in there when done, but very little ended up on the floor. Didtalk to others who ended up with a slight flood, and saw some equipment outside neighbors door for cleaning up the water. We did try to keep shower time to a minimum, as well. Maybe others didn't think to use these methods. It was just that once, but I wonder if this tends to be the case any time at anchor? I tend to think not, or I think we would hear a lot more about it. We were on the same cruise as uunetbill.
  13. Looking at your Gucci is making me tear up as she very much looks like our Cooper who sadly left us a little over a year ago😢 Give her a snuggle for me! On a happier note, I would like to add my thanks for many enjoyable days of your sharing your cruise with us! I do hope Ron gets another chance to write that book- looking forward to reading it one day- on a Regent cruise, of course! Safe travels home!
  14. Ok, limes with spices it is! I thought it would be hard for them to come up with fresh figs, but then I remember being blown away by the quality and variety of the fruit we received in our room in Jan.
  15. Dave, can you give me an idea of what you don't like about 642- is it because of that wall that extends out further on the one side of the balcony?
  16. My bad☺️ It is 642. Thanks for pointing it out.
  17. We were in 810 in Jan, and though it is a long way off- we have already booked a cabin for rio to Barcelona in 2021. I have a question about the suite we booked which I hope someone might be able to help me with. We booked 602, as it is low, and midship, which we think will be good for a trans oceanic cruise. I also thought this would be a good choice as it is right up against a fire wall (the life boats are on the other side), and I am hoping it might shelter you a little from the breeze of the movement of the ship. The agent that I talked to from Regent thought that would be a good strategy(and, yes I had it transferred to a TA that is providing a rebate, and obc). I realize we would give up a bit in the way of it blocking our view somewhat, but I felt that was an acceptable trade off. I checked Bill's suite guru, but there are no reviews as of yet of that suite or ones close by. So....does anyone have any comments, or experience with a similar situation, as to whether they think this is a good plan, or if for some reason we should consider changing suites? Debra
  18. Oh yes!😋 That was my favorite dessert on our first Regent cruise back in Jan.
  19. 1985rz1-Well explained! I knew there was a reason the Queen, and I like it🙂.
  20. 🍸Gin, of course! Though I gave a friend a sip once, and she described it as being smacked in the face with a Christmas tree😄
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