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  1. Going on Escape with other family members. Some chose other perks. We have the dining package. Can we go to one restaurant, and use the other four offers for others in our party? I other words can six of us dine at once using our perk? Thanks
  2. franma

    Summit Bermuda Casino question?

    Not sure you know, but there's a friendly roll call for your cruise. Many have signed up for the connections party. Come join us if you're interested if you haven't already.
  3. franma

    Summit deployment

    Glad you mentioned this one. Looks interesting but pricey. Might watch this one, too. We enjoyed our first Canada/New England cruise, but would like to do it again with Celebrity. Fran
  4. franma

    Summit Dry Dock 2016 Questions and Comments

    I would like to know this, too. Haven't been on X in a while and was looking forward to the t-pool on our May cruise. Can't imagine why they would do away with it.
  5. franma

    Smoking in Casino on Silhoutte

    What I noticed on our last RCL cruise was that some would go to the casino to smoke even if not playing, since it was one of a few indoor venues where it was allowed. At least that's the way it seemed.
  6. Definitely will be watching for your report. Thank you for taking the time to do it. Fran
  7. franma

    Best time to cruise Alaska?

    If you can possibly swing it, do a land portion. Started in Fairbanks and worked our way down and onto a southbound cruise. That's when we saw a lot of wildlife and beautiful scenery. Not sure what NCL offers for that, since we went with another line. It's a wonderful trip. Oh, and we went in June.
  8. We usually book directly with the cruise lines. I know you can move it to a ta if there is some benefit. Is it possible to move a Res that has been booked with a travel agent to a different one that is offering better benefits? There is a lot of time before final payment. I suppose it can be canceled and rebooked, but is that the only way? Thanks.
  9. franma

    Teens on Breakaway

    My two teen-aged grandkids, who will be 15 and 18 next summer, may go on Breakaway with their parents. Was just wondering what your teens thought of the ship/cruise to Bermuda. Would like a teen's perspective. Thanks.
  10. Looks like most of the questions were answered. There's a very active roll call for the cruise. Come over and join us.
  11. Adding my thanks for your entertaining review. We'll be going next month so enjoyed a lot of the details you included even though our itinerary will be different. Thanks for taking the time to share your journal. Much appreciated. Fran
  12. There's an active roll call for that date. If you haven't joined yet, sign in. Looks like a fun group. Go to Roll Calls...then Explorer...then the date. Fran
  13. franma

    Labadee - Dragon's Breath Zipline

    Is it necessary to sign up ahead of time or can you decide once on Labadee? How does it compare to others you have done? Our friends have zip-lined in Alaska and Hawaii and may be interested, but may want to decide after they're there. Thanks. Fran
  14. franma

    San Francisco tours

    We'll be in San Fran a couple days before our Hawaiian cruise. We signed up for Golden West Tours for a four hour city tour that covers a lot of highlights. Gets good recommendations on tripadvisor. Not going until Oct. So can't vouch for it until we get back, but looks good. Can Google for correct website.