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  1. I did this excursion a few years ago. Yes, there is a tram. You check-in at the excursion hut near the entrance and then wait for the tram to take you to the "ranch" at the far end of the island. I'm 98% positive there were platforms because I am also short and I don't remember having a problem getting on or off the horse. Once you get off the tram they will have you wait under a hut w/cool drinks available until they get the horses together and start matching rider and horse. I tipped one of the staff and had him take pictures since I was alone on the excursion. He did an excellent job and I didn't really need to buy the Carnival portrait they take (I had read the photographer isn't always there) even though I purchased it anyway. I try and do trail rides whenever I travel and this was the BEST one I've ever experienced.
  2. The tourist attraction/restaurant is called El Eden. Went there many years ago. It is high up in the jungle and the road is extremely rough. You can pick your own cuts of meat at and tortillas are made fresh at the restaurant too. You can catch a van/driver from the pier.
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