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  1. I've only been to Coco Cay & Half Moon Cay. While I loved Coco Cay with it's beauty and the warmest water I've ever been in, Half Moon Cay is my favorite. Beautiful!
  2. My favorite excursion of all time! You don't need to be a good swimmer. The swimming distance was relatively short and with the life vest on the best I could do was dog paddle anyway! Just about the time I was wondering if I was going to make it, I hit bottom(and I'm short). You do, however, need to be steady on your feet and relatively mobile.
  3. sportscruiser

    The "hill"

    This is "the hill". To me it looks worse than it actually was walking it and I'm not in shape! The port exit is just a short walk once you reach the top of the hill and the taxi's/vans will be just beyond the exit
  4. I've been trying to learn how to post pics here for awhile. Most seem to use photobucket or other paid photo site. If it's been this easy all along...ugh!! Trying to post a pic here: On my preview it looks like it worked, if so THANKS!!
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