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  1. I’m guessing you have more than 2 people in your room and the capacity for the Haven Spa room is only 2.
  2. There is a thread that tried to do that, but it didn't go very well...
  3. It was a very aggressive bid. We really wanted a separate bedroom. I talked with another guest on our sailing who bid 1500 from a Mini Suite to the Haven Aft and they did not get it. They only had 2 people and were Platinum. They ended up in a Haven Courtyard. I Have a theory that our spending before we sailed nudged things in our favor. We still saved 1650 (with additional perks subtracted). I am officially out of the bidding game now. I was a little too obsessed. 😂
  4. Dec 28, 2018 NYE 9 day Cruise on Escape Winning bid: $1440pp for Aft Haven Suite. High-fair range on the bid meter. Original room: Mini Suite with Large Balcony. Paid $5772 (fare, port fees, and taxes) Other Considerations: Three people. A lot of Havens were available when bids were awarded. Latitudes: Bronze (turned Silver during the cruise) Pre-purchased items before cruise: Premimum Unlimited WiFi, Small Cabana on GSC, and swim with pigs ________________________ 2017 Spring Break cruise on Breakaway Winning Bid- $810pp for Haven Courtyard A tick above “fair” on the meter. Original Room- Mid-Ship Mini Suite. Paid $6286 (fare, port fees, and taxes) Other Considerations: Three people. A lot of Havens were available when bids were awarded. Latitudes: Bronze
  5. If you Google "cabin availability revelex", you'll find a discussion about Cabin Availability. The advice is to search on sites that use Revelex. This will show a more complete inventory beyond the 15 cabins NCL displays if you do a mock booking.
  6. I was thinking that the lower bid range is for Haven guests who are bidding on other Haven Suites. Maybe the application was showing both widgets accidentally...Does bidding for an H3 start at 300 for those who booked lower-level Haven rooms?
  7. You can also start typing https://upgrade.plusgrade.com/ in your web browser and you might see the full link auto-fill (unless you cleared your search history).
  8. If there are fewer than 15 rooms, it will show the same rooms as a mock booking on NCL. It's only helpful when there are more than 15 rooms available in a given category.
  9. I noticed if I refresh the bidding page on my laptop, the minimum bid goes back and forth each time, but only for one room category. It’s a weird glitch.
  10. The banner on my account is gone, too. Our cruise isn't until Dec 28th. My bids still say "pending" when I check them on the link from my Upgrade Advantage email. Don't lose hope, Sassy8282! I think they just rotate the banners. Sending you good luck for your upgrade!
  11. Me, too! We can be friends when they put us away for cruise tracking syndrome. :)
  12. Figuring out cruise availability is contingent on who is able to publish all the cabins available
  13. This happened to me last year, too. NCL hid my sailing from their site, so I searched other travel websites, and was able to see available cabins for our cruise. Hope it works for you! They will probably add your sailing back on the NCL site in a few days.
  14. Did you check other sites? Sometimes NCL hides a sailing from their website, but you can still see the inventory elsewhere.
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