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  1. Oasis 100%. There's no pool in the solarium on harmony. And the feel of the ship is different. I'm on Oasis again in January. I don't think I'd book another cruise on harmony.
  2. Depends on when the cruise is. Right now, hibachi on most ships us for vaccinated guests only. Normally, I'd say yes, but I'm not sure if there is a kid's price for hibachi.
  3. I had a balcony on Odyssey for a sailing in November, but my friend and I discussed it, and we honestly never use our balcony. We saw there were spacious ocean view rooms available, and we decided that we'd rather have 215 sq. feet of space with a window, than 180 sq feet of space with a balcony we wouldn't use. Our new room is all the way forward, and I've recently seen pictures that show the ceiling on the front edge of the room is slanted at an angle. I'm now second guessing my decision...
  4. Sailing Odyssey on Nov 28th.. and just moved our room to a spacious outside view.. 11th deck! Can't wait to see the ship and larger room (and if anyone has been in one of the spacious outside rooms, I'd love pictures!) I'm prime in the casino so I'lll be sure to stop by to say hi to Chris!
  5. I'm on Odyssey on Nov 28, with scheduled stops in Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Coca Cay. I know the ship will not be making those stops (as neither Grand Cayman or Jamaica are accepting cruise ships right now). Does anyone know, if they change your itinerary to ports with lower taxes and port fees, do they just refund you the difference? Give you on board credit? I was looking at other six day cruises on the same ship with different stops, and it appears ours has the most expensive port fees and taxes by about $23 per person... Thanks!
  6. then i certainly hope i get a refund lol... it's worth it for the early access to stuff, especially if we' would get internet anyway. but if they don't put it into use, it's cheaper to just do the internet on our own
  7. still waiting for word on odyssey in late november.. it's supposed to be grand cayman, jamaica, and coco cay... i don't know if cruises are going to jamiaca either right now...
  8. I'm on Odyssey late November. We bought the key. It looks like my earliest check-in window is 12-12:30pm. Can any other key members report if they've been allowed on earlier? Are they given faster access with suites and pinnacle members? I was on Freedom in August, and saw that separate entrance. The key wasn't available on that sailing, so it wasn't clear. Thanks! Happy Sailing!
  9. the jerk wings are great. a friend and i had unlimited dining on freedom. got the wings, the nachos with the pulled pork, and the fries. it was all delicious. the wings are on the small size, but they give you a dozen. they're nice and crispy and spicy 🙂
  10. Anyone ever see a sale price less than $23 a day? Just trying to figure out when to buy it... Thanks!
  11. May mean ours is closed for some reason for dinner. I've seen that happen before.... 😞 i guess ill have to just enjoy it on oasis in January instead!
  12. I'm on Odyssey in November. Right now, the app shows Solarium Bistro is open for only breakfast and lunch. Is it the same for you? Or is there a dinner option as well? Thanks!!
  13. depends on if you get there nice and early. if you can snag one of the beach beds, and only pay $79 per person, you've already got a deal. those beds go for $199 anywhere else on the island. throw in the great lunch, private beach, and great pool.. and it's a steal. all depends on what your priorities are. i wouldn't book the beach club again if i was doing something else though. spend the money where you will spend your time.
  14. Hi everyone! I know that if you get the UDP you have a $35 credit at Izumi and a $20 credit at Playmakers and Portside BBQ. But does anyone know if you have access to the tapas at Vintages (Oasis class), at Giovanni's Wine Bar (not the restaurant, but the wine bar that offers snacks) or at the Crown and Compass Bar on Odssey? Thanks!
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