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  1. Big vote here for Sugarland Tours. Our family has used Sugarland Tours and we absolutely loved him. If you want to get from point A to point B, there are many others to choose from. Ian from Sugarland Tours takes pride in his island and he has a passion for sharing the history and showing you around. We've taken so many tours on our cruises and he is still my favorite. It was my sister's birthday the day we took his tour and on our tour (on his own), he surprised all of us with a pit stop at a gorgeous beach bar. He ran in and got her a drink and we all sang to her. I wouldn't hesitate calling him if we go back to the island to stay for vacation or on a cruise.
  2. Looking forward to it! I just saw someone's pics of a beautiful underwater shot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. That photo is stunning! Looking forward to snorkeling while we're there [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. We are not bringing any kids this trip, but a donkey sanctuary sounds fun anyways! Thanks for the tips. I'll be reading about these items before we go. [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. There's a Rincon in Bonaire too? I've been to the Puerto Rico one. [emoji4] Thank you for the suggestions. Now I have some reading to do! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The guy we used on St. Kitts is on Facebook and has a website. He was really reasonable, we felt safe at all times, and he was a pleasure to be with. It's Sugarland Tours and his name is Ian. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 75 days and counting.... Tips? Favorite things to do?
  8. We did and found a friend for life 😊 Look for Sugarland Tours Van. It has The Lion King on the front. You can find him online or Facebook. He's amazing! Reasonable and will tailor a tour to what you want. We do this on all the islands we go to, and Ian was especially memorable.
  9. I just posted a separate thread for Sugarland Tours. We had a wonderful time with Ian, the owner. He will show you the true island culture and anything you're interested in seeing. We always like to see true island life and he didn't disappoint. We visited a school and talked with the kids, went to a beach, had local food. It was a perfect day. He has a website and a Facebook page. Highly recommend!
  10. We visited St. Kitts last November ~ our first time. We cannot say enough good things about this island. It was absolutely beautiful. We decided we would just rent a taxi for our group (there were six of us) and explore the island, taste the food, and see the sights. Thankfully, the taxi driver we hired was AMAZING! Great personality and a true ambassador to his beautiful island. It was my sister's birthday and he even arranged to have a group sing to her and gave her a free drink at the beach resort we went to. I still talk with him on Facebook ~ he's definitely going to be the first person I call when we get back to St. Kitts. I highly recommend this taxi if you want to explore. His taxi is "Lion King" and it's called Sugarland Tours. Very reasonable too. http://www.sugarlandtours.com/
  11. I took my Blackberry Pearl, but turned my wireless feature "off" once we debarked. I called my provider before we left and the charges for emails (even if you don't open them) is quite high due to being international. When we were in Key West and Miami, I turned the wireless back on.
  12. Thanks! I had heard stories from a local Jamaican that the jails are awful, very inhumane, and not at all what we have in the US. I also heard that there are people posing as drug dealers and then will turn you in to the cops. The problem comes because the ship is registered as a US ship and we're in an international location, so you have to be detained until the FBI arrives. This means you will not get back on board. I don't know the specifics of the people that were detained, but I know they were drug related. 6169 looks like a typical balcony from the deck plan... people are in their rooms now so I can't peak ~ sorry! This is our first balcony and I'm thrilled.
  13. That's ok. I've seen the balcony cabins on this floor, so I'm assuming yours will be the same. Very nice. Any balcony cabin is GREAT! :) The seas have been very calm. We felt some movement last night and the seas were about 4-8 feet for a few hours ~ other than that no problems. Your Mom will love it. You may want to check out the deck plans and see if the food areas are close enough for you. Lido is where all the buffets are and you will either eat in Universe or Galaxy dining room. If your Mom has any issues with that, you may want to consider a cabin closer to the things she will be utilizing daily, possibly multiple times a day. Getting to Camp Carnival twice a day might be an easier trek for you than your Mom going further to eat, no? Just a thought!! We had a room once at the very front of the Valor and I remember dreading going anywhere. It felt like we walked a lot and I still can get around pretty easily.
  14. Another thumb's up for Phil and his daughter, Tammy. We toured the falls with him this past Monday. He took us to a really nice lunch place that had the best food ~ authentic jerk chicken, pork, sausage and local favorites. We left our belongings on the van with Phil while we did the falls and did not have to worry one bit. He's a kind man with a wonderful sense of humor and loves his country. You will learn a lot about Jamaica and get a very informative tour. Great value.
  15. LOL ~ I am addicted to the chocolate melting cake and I've had it for dessert every night this week. how's that for info?? I just checked the deck plan.. I can't find your room number anywhere! Spa cabins start with 10, Lido is on 9, but 9105 is not there. Can you help? Love, love balcony cabins. I checked out some suites and honestly I'd rather have a wraparound balcony than a suite. We have plenty of room in a standard balcony room. The only plus I saw in the suites we looked at was the rather large vanity area. I would rather trade that for the larger deck. Weather has been fabulous except for today. It's very cloudy and light rain. We had great weather in Jamaica and Grand Cayman ~ bright sun, about 85 degrees. Our cruise director is Jorge and he's the best cruise director we've ever had. I hear he's leaving though... Lesley will take over as cruise director. Jorge just got engaged last week to Kiwi :D
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