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  1. Carol, thanks for the tip. I tried to call this morning but had no luck, so I thought I would try a chat. The wait time was minimal and the agent confirmed that I would be getting a refund. Because HAL did not return any acknowledgement of our request, I was concerned that we would be given the default option (FCC). Although it was not possible to ascertain exactly how much longer we would have to wait, I at least have the assurance that a refund is in the works.
  2. I recently read an article about the eventual re-opening of office towers; the number of passengers in any elevator car will be strictly limited, and folks may be required to book a time slot to ride the elevator... (you can't make this stuff up...)
  3. I suspect that many of us have re-evaluated our priorities. Although I am not a fan of standing in a long line or timing my shopping to avoid same, I have come to accept the new normal because I need groceries or a can of paint from the local hardware store. Anything non-essential that is too great a hassle has quickly dropped to the bottom of my list of activities. Sadly, for the time being, that position will be occupied by cruising and long distance travel.
  4. I don't think it's that simple. I'm no expert, but I believe it is the water depth and other conditions near the shoreline that dictate whether or not a large ship can approach safely, not the presence/absence of a pier.
  5. Indeed. I was just reprimanded in a retail store for not following the arrows... If I have to constantly look over my shoulder and check my behaviour then I would rather spend my leisure time in my back yard.
  6. Until travel insurance companies return to full coverage we will be staying very close to home.
  7. Sorry, much as I enjoyed cruising, that new version would not be my idea of a vacation. (Not to mention the extra cost required to cover the lower number of passengers and complex operating procedures).
  8. Which is why we are asking for a full refund. I would much rather leave my kids with something tangible (cash) rather than a useless certificate...
  9. At the risk of sounding morbid, does anyone know if a FCC is transferable to the estate in case of death?
  10. That doesn't sound like a very good idea, since interest accrues immediately on a cash advance - on top of the 3% service charge.
  11. We would also like a cash option, for a few reasons. Thanks to a "heads up" posted by a fellow Canadian last fall, we jumped on a special offer and were able to book a cruise to Alaska "at par", which effectively was a 33% saving. Unfortunately, any FCC we receive would be in a currently devalued currency and would likely require a substantial top-up for future bookings. Add to that the fact that we are both seniors and have some misgivings regarding more stringent requirements for travel as well as insurance once the dust settles. As things stand, there has yet to be an announcement for June sailings, so we are in a holding pattern.
  12. In some business models that would be a "negative option". I'm not being dramatic, just saying that anyone who wants a refund instead of FCC is going to have to work for it...
  13. Yes, the point may be moot for now. However, now that the issue has been raised, it will be hard to get the genie back into the bottle. I foresee a time, once things have settled, when travel insurance companies will be hesitant or even unwilling to insure seniors aged 70 and up who wish to undertake cruise travel.
  14. True, but at least they have made it clear that there will be no cruises to Alaska, Canada and New England until the Canadian ban is lifted. This policy in turn will allow their customers to make concrete plans, including cancelling travel and hotel arrangements. It would be nice if HAL would do the same.
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