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  1. It sounds like HAL was caught off guard by the announcement. I just received a glossy, multi-page booklet from them showcasing their 2021 Alaska cruises. A most unfortunate waste of the cruise industry's limited funds...
  2. I guess there was something wrong with the survey after all; I received an apology from HA earlier this week, explaining that there was some sort of glitch but that my answers had been recorded.
  3. Thanks Rich. I just tried again and to my surprise the list of possible countries includes Canada along with a number of other options. I swear it was not the case yesterday... Anyway, I started to respond and according to the progress meter I had completed 67% when I was stymied by the lack of a "next" arrow at the bottom of the page. That put an end to the survey. Early on I was asked if I was currently planning a cruise, to which I responded that I was NOT. Nevertheless, every subsequent question referred to the cruise that I was planning; I probably should have quit while I was ahead. LOL
  4. I was most enthusiastic about responding to the survey sent to my email address yesterday. However, as the first question relating to my location only gave three options: "United States, Australia, UK", I was unable to continue. Just wondering if any fellow Canucks had the same frustrating experience?
  5. I'm not sure about the procedure in other jurisdictions, but I believe that in our community the test results are available via a privacy-protected website where individuals can presumably download and print their results.
  6. While one may have the best of intentions when deciding not to purchase cancellation insurance, it is also true that "stuff" happens. Friends of ours were only hours from departing on a holiday when a senior parent was involved in a serious accident, a situation that required the couple's immediate attention. It's bad enough to have an injured parent and a cancelled holiday without having to experience financial loss as well... As to coverage, our annual travel insurance policy has been revamped to include direct and indirect covid-related coverage for medical issues but not for cancellations. The way I read it, if we decide to travel to a country that is open to foreign visitors, we will be covered should we fall ill. However, if we decide to book travel to a country that may be open now but becomes closed to us before departure, we will not be reimbursed. In any case, it's all moot at this point since we will be staying put for some time to come.
  7. I believe that in the case of Canadian companies, until the advisory is lifted, there will be no out-of-country insurance available for any and all medical emergencies, not just Covid-19.
  8. So, basically, stay in your room, sit on your balcony, and watch the scenery.
  9. It might be quite an adjustment if, despite all of the precautions, the virus is detected on the ship and guests are not allowed to disembark. I am more concerned about that scenario than I am about actually becoming infected.
  10. I also got my full five year renewal; sadly, I likely won't be getting a full five years' worth of use out of the card this time...
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