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  1. The rescheduled cruise for 2022 is on Sky Princess rather than Regal, but it’s the same size ship. It is what it is, Princess have let us move to the 2022 cruise at the 2021 price point, but I did have a tinge of disappointment about Bergen not being in the itinerary. I do feel that Port Congestion is a convenient excuse. I shall make it my mission to find out how many cruise ships there are in Bergen on Monday 28th 2022!
  2. I suspected Port Congestion might be an easy excuse Kentman. I was slightly irked when Bergen was cancelled from the 2021 schedule but delighted when we could transfer over to the same trip in 2022, pleased wit( the very real thought that Bergen might have been reinstated. We’ve never been there. So 2022 is a direct replacement for 2021 at the point of cancellation, but not at the point of booking. Disappointing.
  3. We were booked on the Regal Princess Iceland & Norway cruise on 26th June 2021 from Southampton. It’s now cancelled, but back in January Princess advised us that the intended port call in Bergen was cancelled due to port congestion. Shame, but that’s the way it goes. We have now taken up Princess’ offer to roll over our cancelled trip to the identical cruise in 2022. I notice that Bergen is still not included as a port call so wondered if there it must be down to similar congestion in 2022? Is Bergen permanently congested???
  4. Let me know how that goes. I’ll be rattling the cage again this week too!
  5. There’s no logic to any of this. Our request was acknowledged on 14th March for our Panama Canal trip on Island from 9th May. People applying for refund and FCC after 14th March and sailing after 9th May have received refunds. Good luck with the Small Claims Court. Be interested to know how that goes. I haven’t encountered the 120 day chargeback issue on UK credit cards, although it will take the card providers at least six weeks apparently to even look at the claim. Its a complete lottery on when and how these rebates arrive, but having been due several refunds from cancel
  6. Pretty much the same here. Cancellation notice 14th March, random “sorry for the delay” message a few weeks ago, nothing since. Seemingly the inefficiencies of British Credit card companies are up there with Princess so seemingly no light there either. It’s not as if ours was a complicated trip. Air fares were independent through BA and refunded within TWO days of request, leaving only the cruise and its excursions to be refunded. There can be no credible excuse from Princess. Hope you get some joy soon, clearly your happy memories of Princess of old are bei
  7. I have monitoring this Board from time to time. I too am generally appalled by the lack of communication from Princess. We were due to sail on 9th May, and submitted the designated form to Princess on 14th March, a couple of days after the central cancellation. So, we’re 83 days and counting, although we did get FCC on May 22nd. My observation here is that the Canadian/US credit card companies are MUCH more efficient than their equivalents here in the UK. I used two cards for my various bookings (the cruise, excursions, extras etc), and in frustration at the endless delay from Prin
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