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  1. During dinner in the main dining room where you guys handed actual menus or did you have to scan a QR code to pull up the menu on your phone?
  2. Cruise lines make tons of money through casino spending and liquor sales. So for those cruise fare only passengers, they still most likely buy drinks, and gamble in the casino even though they didn't opt for the plus package. And we have no idea how much they are spending in shops, excursions, specialty dining, etc. So you can't exclude them, by saying that they're not going to spend a single penny while they're on board. Theoretically, the cruise lines are losing out by offering the Princess Plus package if you want to talk in terms of being profitable, They are charging half the price for th
  3. Food for thought. How about this scenario... It has always troubled me and made me question when a solo passenger gets their own cabin, why do they still need to pay for double occupancy? Grant you I understand that everyone in the world would want to have their own room, and even some spouses as well would want separate rooms for the extra space (depending on the couple). Totally understandable. But..... I feel like if a solo passenger's already paying double occupancy, they may as well just give them the plus package on the house since they're already going above and beyond paying for a crui
  4. Just curious what is the 35% casino discount on the cabin? Does that mean you are a high roller in the casino. Please excuse my ignorance as I am just wondering what that discount means?
  5. They do offer a specialty coffee card where you can get 15 coffees or teas. I have seen several people at times order 2 cards. Now they no longer over physical cards, but it will be all preloaded on your medallion account.
  6. I agree! I too don't see it as a winning proposition for those who really are not going to order an over abundance of drinks
  7. I personally think dependent on what type of cruiser you are the Princess Plus fare is not a winning situation for most who opt for this package. I am sure that some can meet the daily quota of beverages in a day to break even. But I don't see most people breaking even with this package as you would have to drink like a fist all day. Whether it's mocktails, alcohol, soda, coffee or juices.
  8. I strictly book with the princess saver (cruise Fair only), because I only drink water on board unless I'm getting juice in the morning with breakfast which is complimentary.
  9. Yes I too would be very interested to see if they will be changing around any of their dining options to accommodate the North American clientele. I looked at that Harmony menu and there's not a single thing on there I would even touch. I as well enjoy my New York style pizza up on that lido deck hopefully that will be available.
  10. I agree!!! I'm having the same problem right now and I'm not a happy camper. Where are my tables for two? I refuse to eat up on the Lido. Bring back our traditional dining for us early diners!
  11. Just curious if anyone else has experienced the same or if it's my imagination. I usually book a midship inside cabin portside. Never had a problem with any loud noises such as music coming from The Piazza area. I just got off the sky princess yesterday, however I was in a mid-ship cabin on my emerald deck like normal except on the starboard side for the very first time. And all I heard all night long each night was loud bass ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump noises coming from The Piazza from the musicians playing and the singer singing. Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. Could be. But what is wrong with using the Purell. The main ingredient is alcohol. Nothing wrong with that.
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