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  1. Just curious if anyone else has experienced the same or if it's my imagination. I usually book a midship inside cabin portside. Never had a problem with any loud noises such as music coming from The Piazza area. I just got off the sky princess yesterday, however I was in a mid-ship cabin on my emerald deck like normal except on the starboard side for the very first time. And all I heard all night long each night was loud bass ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump noises coming from The Piazza from the musicians playing and the singer singing. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Could be. But what is wrong with using the Purell. The main ingredient is alcohol. Nothing wrong with that.
  3. Having a random family discussion and would love to hear everyone's thoughts on would you or would you not use public toilets based off of what's going on with this coronavirus?
  4. From my observations cruising on both the Caribbean recently over the summer, and my most recent Sky cruise...… It puzzles me why the brand spanking new Sky Princess does not have the Self Service Juice Machines up on the Lido deck, like the newly refurbished lido area on the Caribbean. I must say that was such a nice feature, and I automatically assumed they would have the same juice machine available on the Sky. During breakfast they had orange juice, and apple juice options. Then for lunch there was ice tea and lemonade options on the dispenser which was great for making virgin Arnold palme
  5. Thanks a billion (as a million isn't worth much these days).
  6. Can someone clarify when the loyalty OBC starts? On the start of my 21st sailing? OR do I have to have 21 cruises completed? I currently have 20 completed and getting ready to embark on my 21st princess cruise in 3 weeks. I know its 21-30 cruises credits is $25 OBC 31-40 cruises credits is $50 OBC 41-50 cruises credits is $75 OBC 51+ cruise credits is $100 OBC
  7. That's not an offer. They think they are doing you a favor. I think not. Now for free, that's a different story.
  8. I'm leaving on the Regal this weekend. Can anyone tell me which movies are currently playin on MUTS. Thanks in advance.
  9. Not worth it! Now, if it were an upsell to a mini suite, then I would take it.
  10. Quick question, when traveling with little ones. Are baby diapers allowed to tossed in the cabin trash can? Or do I need to request the red bio-disposable bags to use to dispose of the baby diapers.?
  11. Hi Sandra md Chris, I'm loving all of your posts on the new ship. Thanks for taking us on the journey with you. I have a random silly question for you. I noticed all of the railings that use to be a wood varnished railing on the older ships, seems to be no more on the sky. Are the railings onboard painted white? Are they wood? Are they plastic? what is the material that it is made out of it. Thanks!
  12. HOORAY!!!!! They burgers are back on the menu from Ernesto! Always nice to have them as an option when nothing else tickles your fancy.
  13. Thanks guys. Yes I know about the even and odd numbers to decipher what side your are on as well as the signage pointing to which was aft or forward. Just a random observation of carpeting. Seems like you have all said, they have done away with the color differentiation.
  14. Silly question here. If my memory serves me correct I remember on the Ruby the hallway carpet where the cabins are, used to be two different colors to decipher if you were portside or if you were on starboard side. As one side would be blue and the other side had a strip of red. has anyone paid any attention while looking at the hallway carpet is there a way to decipher if I'm walking forward or if I'm walking atf. Also on the the Royal class ships I feel like they did away with the different colors to decipher what side of the ship you are on. Yes, I know I observe th
  15. Besides the fact I would never answer the phone if I saw a public area show up on my caller ID, unless it was Guest Services calling. Why would I give someone my credit card info, who calling from a public area phone ? Once again common sense is needed folks, as you would have to be a complete moron to provide credit card information to an unknow.
  16. This is when looking at the caller ID on your stateroom phone would come in handy. Who would give their credit card number over the phone anyway? If guest services would call in regards to your stateroom account they would request you come down to guest services to give them the required info. This is when common sense comes into play.
  17. Oh, I'd say 99.9% actually look at their caller ID when receiving a call.
  18. So, do the bathrooms mimic the Royal Class bathrooms. Also, did the adding of the foot ledge in the shower make it smaller? I just recently got off the CB and those shower stalls were made for a doll house. I don't recall those showers being that tiny of any Princess ships.
  19. When Island Princess had their refurb were all their stateroom cabins and bathrooms updated?
  20. Thanks everybody. Looks like I will give the interior a try and save some money.
  21. Is the soundproofing of and inside cabin equal to a balcony? Or am I going to hear my neighbors conversations and snoring next to me or above me?
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